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Create flashcards set. 2 Comment créer vos propres flashcards avec Cerego? Je continue ma série d’articles sur la mémorisation des cours avec Cerego : et aujourd’hui, j’examine avec vous comment créer vos propres jeux de flashcards.

2 Comment créer vos propres flashcards avec Cerego?

Et en particulier, des flashcards pour étudier les langues. Dans mes articles précédents, je vous ai montré comment utiliser Cerego pour mémoriser vos cours et comment gérer vos répétitions espacées avec la Memory Bank. Aujourd’hui, je vous invite à faire un pas supplémentaire et à créer vos propres jeux de flashcards. Création du jeu de flashcards, pas à pas Je vais vous décrire, dans les paragraphes suivants, toute la procédure pas à pas pour créer votre propre jeu de flashcards Cerego. 1. Pour créer votre premier jeu de flashcards, cliquez d’abord sur le bouton « Create » à gauche de votre écran. Ecran d’accueil de la partie « Créer » Comme vous n’avez encore rien créé, votre menu « My Content » (Mon Contenu) est vide. Cliquez sur le bouton « Create a new set« . 2.

Ajoutez une description 3. Sélectionnez une catégorie 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 Comment mémoriser tous vos cours avec Cerego. Comment mémoriser le contenu de tous mes cours ?

1 Comment mémoriser tous vos cours avec Cerego

Rapidement et pour longtemps ? Essayez Cerego. Cette application de flashcards se base sur les répétitions espacées. J’ai déjà évoqué la théorie des répétitions espacées dans plusieurs billets de ce blog : notamment un article sur la mémorisation avec les répétitions espacées. Cerego est une application en ligne basée sur les mêmes principes. Cerego présente de nombreuses fonctionnalités intéressantes et agréables. 3 Comment mémorisez tous vos cours avec Cerego : utilisez la Memory Bank.

Guidelines Cerego. Blog Cerego. Cerego. Cerego is an adaptive learning technology platform based on principles of neuroscience and cognitive science.[1] Cerego’s patented technology uses the scientific method of spaced rehearsal as the basis for memory retention for content available via their website.[2] They are located in Millbrae, California.[3] Cerego has partnered and collaborated with various organizations and institutions including The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [4] , Edx [5] and Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31.[6][7] In 2013, Cerego partnered with Elsevier to provide nursing and healthcare students an adaptive learning solution for their educational content.[8] See Also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]


3 Best Free Flashcard Apps for Students. According to an article on about the best and worst learning techniques, active learning methods (e.g. writing) are far more useful for long-term retention than passive learning methods (e.g. highlighting or underline words).

3 Best Free Flashcard Apps for Students

One of the best ways? Surprisingly enough: flashcards, according to research from the Association of Psychological Science. In this article, we review the top 3 flashcard apps based on user ratings, website and teacher reviews, as well as direct interaction. While there were many available apps dedicated to specific topics like math or vocabulary, we focused on apps that featured customizable flash cards that are usable across multiple subjects. In this category, there were nine total. 1. Cram, available for both iPhone and Android, is the graphically the most beautiful app on this list. Signing up is quick. Studystack - Flashcards. Incorrect cards (0) correct cards (0) remaining cards (29) Save retry fix restart shuffle help To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key.

Studystack - Flashcards

Retry the cards in the incorrect box restart all cards Embed Code - If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page. Flashcard Machine - Create, Study and Share Online Flash Cards. 10 Tips to Use Flashcards in eLearning. In this article, I'll share 10 great tips to use flashcards in eLearning.

10 Tips to Use Flashcards in eLearning

If you are planning to utilize flashcards in eLearning courses, these tips will give you the opportunity to not only boost the excitement factor for your learners, but to also enable them to acquire and retain more effectively the knowledge offered during in the process. Creating exciting, yet informative, eLearning experiences for learners can be a challenging feat even for the most knowledgeable and experienced eLearning professionals. This achievement often includes a blend of engaging learning materials, a carefully planned curriculum, and a variety of eLearning tools.

Historically, flashcards have been the go-to tools for educators, as they help to prevent cognitive overload and actually make the learning experience enjoyable. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you may want to keep in mind if you're trying to get the most benefit from the flashcard creation tools that are available today. The 5 Best Free Flashcard Creation Tools for Teachers. - Online Cornell Notes, Flashcards and Study Groups. Brainscape: What would you like to learn today? - Feed. Test Prep with Virtual Tools: 10 Flashcard Apps for Mobile Devices. 8 Great iPad Apps to Create Flashcards for your Class. 6 Flash Card Apps For Android, Compared: Which Is the Best?

Flashcards are an incredibly useful tool for studying, but they aren’t always convenient to make and carry around; that’s where your smartphone comes in.

6 Flash Card Apps For Android, Compared: Which Is the Best?

Making flashcards on your Android device would be ideal: you probably have it with you most of the time, you’re not constrained by physical size limitations, you don’t have to worry about running out of notecards, and the right app could even throw in a few extra features to help you study. Best of all, using the correct spaced repetition software (SRS), these apps can even cut down your total studying time by only quizzing you on the things you are about to forget. Well, there are several apps out for doing this job, and we’re going to take a look at 6 of them. They’ll be ranked on the following criteria: ease of use, customizability, aesthetics, syncing with the Web, extra features, and SRS implementation. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

AnkiDroid AnkiDroid is probably the most customizable of the apps on this list. Flash card apps: All 145 apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Quizlet. Memrise.