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"L'instant décisif" : texte de Cartier-Bresson. Urban Photographer. J’ai inconsciemment découvert la photo de rue en 2009 lorsque je vivais en Chine où j’ai fait des milliers de photos souvenirs et quelques dizaines de photos urbaines, que j’ai depuis redécouvert d’un autre oeil.

Urban Photographer

La photo de rue est aussi délicate que passionnante, mais toujours surprenante. J’essaie de vous la rendre plus simple en vous partageant mon expérience acquise dans les rues Parisiennes ! Aujourd’hui, j’aime particulièrement photographier l’humain dans son environnement, non pas naturel, mais celui qu’il a bâti: la ville ! Street Photography - David Gibson. La photo de rue - Michael Freeman. La photographie de rue connaît un regain de popularité et intéresse de plus en plus d'amateurs et de professionnels.

La photo de rue - Michael Freeman

Les sujets abondent à tous les carrefours, et à chaque instant des scènes inattendues se présentent. Burn My Eye. Un-posed. That's life. Street Photographers. iN-PUBLiC. Terrified of Street Photography? Here's How I Do It. By Mridula Dwivedi.

Terrified of Street Photography? Here's How I Do It

An Interview with Martin Parr - "Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds" (2007) Interview with Martin Parr – Conducted by Maarten Dings and Joachim Naudts, members of RE: for Extra, the magazine of the Fotomuseum of Antwerp, Belgium By Maarten Dings and Joachim Naudts On the 25th of October of last year, Magnum photographer Martin Parr was a guest at the Profiles event at the Antwerp FotoMuseum.

An Interview with Martin Parr - "Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds" (2007)

He gave a reading and participated afterwards in a roundtable on the ‘Photographic Magazine as Medium.’ FotoMuseum extra Magazine had the chance to talk to him earlier that day. Just like his work as a photographer, Parr’s work as a curator and editor stands out thanks to his unconventional take on the medium. As a photographer, Martin Parr is more than happy to keep his distance from the pompous, academic approach to photography.

Extra: As a documentary photographer, you don’t seem reluctant to get involved in the commercial scene. Martin Parr: No, not at all, photography is a commercial activity. Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes. Photography has generally been defended on the ground that it is useful, in the sense that the McCormick reaper and quinine have been useful.

Lee Friedlander / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes

Excellent and persuasive arguments have been developed in this spirit; these are well known and need not be repeated here. It should be added however that some of the very best photography is useful only as juggling, theology, or pure mathematics is useful --- that is to say, useless, except as nourishment for the human spirit.

When Lee Friedlander made the photograph reproduced here he was playing a kind of game. The game is of undetermined social utility and might on the surface seem almost frivolous. The rules of the game are so tentative that they are automatically (though subtly) amended each time the game is successfully played. 10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography. In my opinion, Lee Friedlander is one of the most under-appreciated (or simply unknown) street photographers when it comes to the internet/social-media sphere.

10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography

Of course Friedlander is one of the pillars of photography and is known to every student who has gone to photography school. However when I started photography, I had no idea who he was or never even heard of him. When I first looked at his photographs of the stark urban landscapes, I didn’t really “get” them. However over time, I have began to appreciate his vision and genius when it came to capturing what he first called in 1964, “The American social landscape.” If you aren’t familiar with Friedlander or simply want to learn more about his work and philosophy – read on. 1.

10 Lessons Lee Friedlander Has Taught Me About Street Photography. Street photography. Street photo composition. Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography. I'm a lover of street photography.

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

It's what inspired me to pick up a camera and shoot. It became fairly addictive. There is nothing like capturing or "stealing" a moment. So many special things happen day to day, which are just fragments in our lives. I find it interesting to watch people, observe and capture a brief snapshot of their lives. I'm fascinated by the lives of others. I started my photographic journey on the streets of Manhattan, usually whilst pushing my son in his stroller with one hand, shooting with an old Nikon 35mm SLR in the other. Travel light and bring the right lens for you. Don't carry too much equipment. Color versus black and white. I like to simplify my photos to give more focus to the subject matter.

Steal a moment. Watch people's behavior and body language. Look for multiples. Often I find multiples or repetition interesting in a shot, so look for scenes with this type of rhythm. Freeze frame. I caught you! Don't be afraid. How to Approach Street Photography in 12 Easy Steps. Many photographers are timid about “shooting strangers” on the street which keeps them from even trying.

How to Approach Street Photography in 12 Easy Steps

Street photography is all about telling a story in a single frame and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s normal to be reluctant or shy, but these 12 steps will gently ease you into the wonderful world of street photography that exists in your hometown or anywhere else your travels take you. There are lots of stories out there waiting to be told. Get your camera and let’s go! There are stories waiting to be photographed everywhere you go. 1- Do I need permission? In most countries, as long as you are in a public place, it is perfectly legal to photograph people for either editorial or fine art purposes. 2- Hit the streets with a friend.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Street Photography. If you are a beginner in street photography, all you need is this guide to get started.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Street Photography

I was quite frustrated when I started street photography. I had no idea what camera to use, what settings to use, what to look for, how to approach strangers, and most of all– how to overcome my fear of shooting in the streets. Petit précis de Street Photography. M-à-j: 10 juin 2012 50051 visiteurs depuis février 2007.

Petit précis de Street Photography

ESchon Photo de rue. iN-PUBLiC. Le Paris d'Eugène Atget ou l'ancêtre de Google Street View. L’Éclipse, janvier 1912, Eugène Atget. What Makes A Great Street Photograph and How Do We Create Them. This post is written by James Maher – author of The Essentials of Street Photography – an eBook currently onsale at SnapnDeals (25% off). Pushups, Rucker Park, Harlem. Growing up I obsessed with basketball. L'histogramme en photo numérique : définition et utilisation. EmailPartager En photo numérique, l’histogramme est un allié de poids. Eric Kim Street Photography Blog. Khipwkgj Shared by ActuaLitte. Street photo et Cie. Urban Photographer. Street Photographers.