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Calais CHAOS: UK-bound ferries held after 46 migrants storm ship heading for Dover. Witnesses said 100 migrants had broken through the perimeter of the port of Calais last night, at about 8.30pm.

Calais CHAOS: UK-bound ferries held after 46 migrants storm ship heading for Dover

Passengers stuck on ships were told, preventing boats coming from Dover to dock. Two of the asylum-seekers trying to get to Britain fell into the sea, prompting a rescue. The Calais port remained closed for a little more than an hour, while concerned Britons were either trying to get on a UK-bound ship or attempting to reach France. Among the ferries being delayed, there were the MS European Seaway and the Spirit of France, both P&O ferries, and the MS Côtes des Dunes, a ferry operated by DFDS Seaways. The situation was brought under control just before 10pm. But on Sunday morning four more immigrants were found hiding on the upper deck of the DFDS Seaways-owned MS Côtes des Dunes, French newspaper Nord Littoral wrote. A spokesman for the Port of Dover confirmed that Calais was “dealing with a situation” at the port and that some vessels had been unable able to dock in France. EU news: Austria IGNORES EU demands to increase benefits paid to immigrants.

Austria shrugged off the EU’s “letter of formal notice” where Brussels branded unfair for some people in Austria to pay the same taxes but receive lower benefits.

EU news: Austria IGNORES EU demands to increase benefits paid to immigrants

But Wien defended its position, saying the policy simply recognises there are lower living costs in other countries. Responding to Brussels in a letter, Austria said the reduction of benefits is “compatible” with EU laws and, actually, maintaining the old system would represent a breaching of Brussels’ regulations. It said: “According to the principle of equal treatment, unequal circumstances should not be treated equally.

“Treating different living costs equally would therefore be a violation of EU law.” Austria had announced its decision to cut benefits to immigrants’ children living abroad in late 2018, and on January 1 it started indexing the child benefit payments to living costs. READ MORE: EU CIVIL WAR: Brussels takes legal action against Austria after cutting foreigner benefits (Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg) Migrant chaos: Clashes as thousands march to Greece after false rumour of open border. Greek officers fired tear gas as angry migrants hoping to make their way to northern Europe hurled stones and bottles after being barred from reaching a nearby border crossing, witnesses said.

Migrant chaos: Clashes as thousands march to Greece after false rumour of open border

Syrian refugee Yaser said: “We don't want to fight with the Greek police. We want to go to Europe, we don't want to stay in Greece.” Wife Fatemeh, who was carrying their six-month old baby, said the family was determined to stay at the makeshift camp. She added: “We will stay here until the borders open, we don't have any other choice.” Spurred by a fake rumour about border openings that had spread on social media, hundreds of migrants and refugees arrived and pitched tents on Thursday in a field next to the Diavata migrant camp near Greece's border with North Macedonia.

Schengen FAILS: Austria rejects EU free movement with border checks for 18 MONTHS. Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) I am an illegal immigrant in UK: How can my stay become legal - whoah a company for illegals - they should be reporting them not helping them. bet the lawyers are all immigrants themselves. As you may have noticed, there is seemingly an ever more pressing push by the British government to deal with illegal immigration in the UK.

I am an illegal immigrant in UK: How can my stay become legal - whoah a company for illegals - they should be reporting them not helping them. bet the lawyers are all immigrants themselves

This has resulted in the so-called "hostile environment" that currently exists and has been such a big news story. It is the principal reason that if you are currently in the UK illegally, you will need to try and fix your status as soon as possible. In this article we will look at the options for illegal immigrants who wish to stay in the UK and some practical advice for those who need to fix their status in order to remain in the UK.

What is the situation for those people who made it to the country illegally? In this sense, those who have made it to the country illegally are considered asylum seekers until the point that their application is either approved and they are then considered a refugee or rejected at which point they will be potentially removed from the country. Tax credits 'turned UK into a honeypot for EU immigrants' The true scale of tax credit benefits for EU migrants to Britain is revealed today – amid warnings that it is turning this country into a ‘honeypot nation’.

Tax credits 'turned UK into a honeypot for EU immigrants'

Figures published last night by the Open Europe think-tank make clear how taxpayers are subsidising low-wage migrant workers. A migrant worker with two children earning the minimum wage sees their basic income of less than £200 a week propped up with an additional £330 in tax credits and other benefits. MPs Keith Vaz and Mark Reckless greet an Eastern European migrant on January 1, the day temporary restrictions were limited.

Polish migrants living in Britain claiming £21m in child benefits for children left behind. Britain's taxpayers are forking out more than £21million a year in child benefit for youngsters living in Poland, official figures reveal.

Polish migrants living in Britain claiming £21m in child benefits for children left behind

A loophole in EU regulations means migrants from other EU countries who are seeking work in the UK can claim state handouts for children they have left behind in their home countries. The total benefits bill for the Treasury is likely to be closer to £50million a year when other Eastern European countries are included. In addition, ministers refuse to reveal how much more is being paid out in tax credits. Last night, the revelations prompted demands for a shake-up of the rules, with critics complaining of a "Government-sanctioned scam" at a time when millions of British children remain in poverty. Tougher language test - the assessors are liberal women perpeually letting people off - how many are being deported because they fail? ZERO. Public dont know about this, think checks are actually being done as stated.

The Home Secretary proposed a series of reforms to British citizenship today (Tuesday 2 October).

Tougher language test - the assessors are liberal women perpeually letting people off - how many are being deported because they fail? ZERO. Public dont know about this, think checks are actually being done as stated

The reforms include tougher English language requirements for people applying for British citizenship and proposals to reform the Life in the UK test to give greater prominence to the British values and principles expected of those wishing to call the UK their permanent home. A public consultation will be brought forward on the Life in the UK test, which is the test an individual is required to take as part of their application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK, and accompanying handbook.

The proposals would ensure that the test is more relevant to daily life and culture in the UK. In addition, the level of language proficiency expected for adults seeking to naturalise as British citizens will be raised. New start-up visa route announced by the Home Secretary. The new route, announced during London Tech Week, will widen the applicant pool of talented entrepreneurs and make the visa process faster and smoother for entrepreneurs coming to the UK.

New start-up visa route announced by the Home Secretary

It will replace a visa route which was exclusively for graduates, opening it up to a wider pool of talented business founders. It will require applicants to have acquired an endorsement from a university or approved business sponsor, including accelerators. Entrepreneurs play a key role in creating jobs and driving economic growth in the UK and the changes announced today will ensure the UK remains a world-leading destination for the best global talent. The visa route has been designed following advice from the Migration Advisory Committee and feedback from the tech sector and other stakeholders. The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, said:

Leftist belief: "Immigrants are not a sap on finite resources" writer thinks they 'pay it back' over generations - hang on, why give them a loan in the first place, and ZERO EVIDENCE any of them do 'pay it back either in full or part. The rule change—long in the works, and long opposed by anti-poverty nonprofits, legal-aid groups, immigration advocates, social-justice organizations, and many others—is a technical one.

Leftist belief: "Immigrants are not a sap on finite resources" writer thinks they 'pay it back' over generations - hang on, why give them a loan in the first place, and ZERO EVIDENCE any of them do 'pay it back either in full or part

The 447-page proposal would make caseworkers consider the legal use of public benefits as a “heavily weighed negative factor” in considering whether to grant an immigrant entry to, or the right to remain in, the country. It would affect 400,000 people a year, the administration estimates, among them prospective and current legal immigrants. Immigration experts anticipate that the maneuver would make it harder for low-income families to come to the United States and would scare immigrants away from the safety net—with profound repercussions for their health and well-being, and a profoundly disparate impact on communities of color. Among those who would likely avoid seeking government aid, they said, would be the millions of mixed-status families, with both citizen and non-citizen members, already here. Grooming-gangs-asian-muslim-across-country-uk-girls-children-women-bradford-rotherham-newcastle-a7987381. Grooming gangs across the country are repeating the horrific abuse exposed in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and most recently Newcastle, victims and investigators have warned.

There are mounting calls for nationwide action to combat sexual exploitation, with authorities accused of playing catch-up after ignoring victims “for decades and decades”. Sammy Woodhouse, who was abused as a teenager by the Rotherham ringleader Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain and has waived her right to anonymity, said abuse was underway “all over the country”. We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view. From 15p €0.18 $0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras. “It’s an issue for every town and city, more people are being failed,” she told The Independent. Germany: Migration Crisis Becomes Public Health Crisis. Reality Check: Do we really know the scale of UK migration? - BBC article written by none other than an IMMIGRANT, tweeted by Kamal Ahmed Editorial DIRECTOR an IMMIGRANT. Latest figures show that net migration from the European Union is at its lowest level since 2012 - but how are the numbers gathered, and how reliable are they?

Reality Check: Do we really know the scale of UK migration? - BBC article written by none other than an IMMIGRANT, tweeted by Kamal Ahmed Editorial DIRECTOR an IMMIGRANT

The system the UK used to use to estimate long-term migration was, in the words of the Office for National Statistics, "stretched beyond its purpose". The system's critics have been a little harsher. They say it offers at best an educated guess - and at worst is deeply flawed. Every three months the Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes a migration update. And at the heart of that report is the International Passenger Survey (IPS). This enormous exercise was launched in 1961 to help the government better understand the impact of travel and tourism on the economy - but over the years, it became a rather useful way of estimating who was coming and going for broader political purposes.

So how does the IPS come up with its figures, and why is it so controversial? Video of most shameful moment ever in German Parliament goes viral. A video of leftist German Parliament members sabotaging a moment of silence for a girl murdered by migrant has gone viral. It has been viewed 30,000 times in the last 24-hours. The video shows the moment that Germany’s right-wing AfD fraction tries to honour the girl by starting a moment of silence. (Read further below) During the honourable moment Germany’s leftist Vice-President of the Parliament, Claudia Roth, interrupts the moment and even receives applause from leftist fractions for her disgusting action. The moment can be seen as the most shameful moment in German Parliament. "Spain is becoming the Third World," American tourist almost killed by migrants speaks up.

Voice of Europe reported on the 45-year-old American tourist who was almost killed by african migrants in the streets of Barcelona. He’s now speaking up against the Spanish elites, El Periodico reports. José Bravo, 45 year old, is an American living in Miami, who decided to spend his holidays with his family in Barcelona. Migrant joke about working Germans and migrant benefits goes viral.

Asylum seekers barely work: An overwhelming majority lives on benefits and endangers the welfare state. Do Migrants Find Jobs? It is often argued that migrants cause economic growth. It is said that they benefit the economy and that overall a nation becomes stronger. A Dutch article published by Elsevier in 2017 shows something completely different: Migrants are highly over-represented among the unemployed.

At least, when we are talking about asylum seekers, or refugees. The Data – The Netherlands The Netherlands is a rich European country with around 17 million citizens. Terror-free Slovakia completely refuses Islam and won't allow a single mosque. Slovakia is the last EU Member State without a single mosque, TRT World reports. Previous attempts to build have been halted by politicians. The country does not recognise Islam as a religion and only have a few thousand Muslim residents.

French teen dies after ‘refugee’ stabs him 23 times for no reason. Life sentence for Afghan refugee who raped and burned Finnish girl alive. Finnish Supreme Court decided on Thursday, that the life sentence for the murderer of a 17-year-old girl will remain in force. The Swedes become second-class citizens as migrants receive preferential treatment with housing and jobs. The Swedes bow down to the new upper-class of migrants and are starting to look like second class citizens.

In Sweden, migrants are given priority on the housing list, air travel paid by the Swedish Migration Agency, prepaid debit cards for travel throughout the EU without valid travel documents, subsidised jobs in the open labour market, immunity to certain laws, generous state and municipal contributions to themselves, their communities and associations. The number of Muslim migrants from the Middle East and North Africa without valid asylum grounds is steadily increasing.

So far this year, the Migration Agency has granted 106,995 residence permits. About fifteen percent of all residence permits were granted due to protection needs. Third German teen girl murdered by an Afghan migrant: She refused to convert to Islam. Another migrant murder has rocked Germany. In Islamised UK town diversity has completely disappeared as almost all inhabitants are Muslim. Iraqi murderer of German teen girl bragged: Everything is for free here, no working and a salary from the state. The murderer of the German teen girl Susanna, bragged about Germany to his relatives in Iraq. EU: Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are "too many happy white people" The EU jury of the European Capital of Culture contest (EKF 2023), said that one of the participating towns is “too white and there are not enough migrants”, Hungarian news website “” reports. With only seven semi-finalists left, the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár made a promotional film for the jury.

The film shows the town’s most beautiful places, a happy couple and some kids playing. But the EU’s jury rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants,” the jury said. Top manager loses his job for telling the truth about Sweden's fake child migrants. It is not a secret that at least 80% of Sweden’s child migrants are actually adults. But a Facebook discussion about the topic cost the senior head of Swedish railways (SJ) his job, Fria Tider reports.

Brilliant Ann Coulter wrecks Norwegian journalist: "Mass migration will end all cultures" New cases of child rape revealed in Finland - President says asylum seekers brought evil with them - Voice of Europe. 20,000 armed migrants attack Croatia’s border to move into the EU, official warns. The Bosnian-Croatian border is under continuous attacks by an armed mob of more than 20,000 migrants, an official tells Austria’s Kronen Zeitung. The border at Velika-Kladusa is only 224 kilometres from Austria and more than 20,000 migrants hope to break it to move into Central Europe, the expert states. According to him almost all migrants “are armed” as “almost all have a knife”. Migrants stole Swedish woman's puppies, beat her unconscious and tried to break her neck - Voice of Europe. Italian girl dies after being raped by ‘Africans and Arabs’ in Rome.

German "refugees welcome" activist murdered after hitching ride with Moroccan truck driver. Beautiful German town ‘unrecognisable’ after it accepted 1,200 migrants. German teen girl needs surgery after being violently raped by a Syrian refugee in a cellar. Another murder rocks Germany as African with German passport confesses to murdering teen girl. EuroParl Boss: Stopping Mass Migration a ‘Betrayal' of Europe. UK Commitment to UN Migration Pact All But 'Violates' Govt Pledge. Update - The UN Migration Pact - Generation Identity. Theresa May MP: Stop The United Nations Migration Pact - being called the Open Borders Pact. French Generals Face Disciplinary Action After Accusing Macron of “Treason” For Signing UN Migration Pact.

Belgium’s Prime Minister Resigns After Revolt Over Migration - The New York Times. The BBC is poisoning our children's minds with pro-immigration claptrap. The BBC’s immigration extremism – Biased BBC. Bubonic plague 'could return to the UK' Bubonic plague 'could return to the UK' Adil Rashid: Paedophile claimed his Muslim upbringing meant 'he didn't know it was illegal to have sex with a girl of 13'

The BBC’s shameful silence on the Telford sex scandal. Refugee who walked through Channel Tunnel loses bid to have criminal charges dropped. Grooming gangs of Muslim men failed to integrate into British society. Activists helped thousands of migrants illegally cross the Greece-Macedonia border - Telegraph. Angela Merkel refuses to change 'open-door' refugee policy in face of migrant attacks. Fake passports for Isil terrorists 'found in Greek refugee camps' Britain will be 'forced' by Brussels to accept Mediterranean migrants - Telegraph. Migration crisis creating 'wave of criminality' as gangs turn to people-smuggling - Telegraph. Immigration statistics show record level of UK net migration – as it happened - Telegraph.

Immigrants create overcrowding and fuel tensions, report finds - Telegraph. Home Office fails to investigate vast majority of tip-offs about illegal immigrants - Telegraph. Britain cannot deport dangerous immigrant criminals say EU judges - Telegraph. Italian police arrest illegal immigrant over murder of American woman in Florence - Telegraph. Illegal immigrant sex offender wins compensation - Telegraph. London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest. Spanish coastguard rescues 600 migrants in 24 hours, amid surge in arrivals via Morocco.

Thousands of illegal immigrants win right to stay in Britain under 'squatters' rights' - Telegraph. EU migrants with criminal convictions get jobs denied to British workers under new criminal records regime - Telegraph. Migration is ruining our peaceful city, say Peterborough councillors - Telegraph. Migrants 'reliant' on benefits - Telegraph.

Backlash at '£6bn benefit' of migrant workers - Telegraph. Nine refugees accused of Austria gang rape, stoking election fears. Windrush scandal being used to undermine fight against illegal immigration, says Amber Rudd. Romanian immigrant caught shoplifting twice during first days in Britain - Telegraph. Sweden was overwhelmed by influx of child migrants – we should heed their lesson  Iranian migrants rescued from dinghy in English Channel as mobile phone alerts passing ship. Migrant who entered UK illegally raped woman on her morning commute after being allowed to stay. Inside the squalid new migrant 'jungles' of Paris. French police powerless to stop British gangs smuggling migrants from Dunkirk - Telegraph. Migrant crisis to cost Germany €50 billion by 2017 - Telegraph. Nigerians' reputation for crime has made them unwelcome in Britain, says country's president - Telegraph.

Illegal immigrants caught in Britain's countryside trebles in three years as 27,000 suspects are arrested  Middle class migrants paying £10,000 to be smuggled into Britain by speedboat - Telegraph. Asylum-seeker arrested in Iraq over rape and murder of girl in Germany. EU migrants commit 500 crimes a week in UK - Telegraph.

Crime gangs import new members on work visas - Telegraph. Swedish music festivals hit by reports of rapes by 'migrants' Illegal immigrant murdered man in Hyde Park after Home Office repeatedly failed to deport him. Violent past of migrant worker who beheaded victim - Telegraph. France smashes 'yachts to UK' migrant  smuggling ring. Hilltop town in Tuscany in revolt over plan to take in 50 refugees  Deported three times, but migrant came back to kill - Telegraph. Illegal migrants from Tunisia and Libya flood the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa - Telegraph.

How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants - Telegraph. Romanian migrant raped woman in the UK days after release from prison in his home country. Police chief warns of migrant crime impact - Telegraph. Migrant workers importing crime, say police - Telegraph. Calais migrants 'becoming more violent' in attempts to reach Britain - Telegraph. Home Office loses 56,000 foreigners liable for deportation - including convicted criminals and illegal immigrants.

Crimes committed by European migrants 'up by 800 per cent' - Telegraph. Violent crime jumps 27 per cent in new figures - Telegraph. Germany admits 130,000 asylum seekers 'lost' raising fears over crime and terrorism - Telegraph. Italian island of Sardinia alarmed by increase in number of migrants arriving on its shores.