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Web. Internet. Understanding Data. Semi automated... Idées à la con (mais on ne sait jamais) Technomancy. TICS. BibSonomy. Chris Blackwell's Domain. Jeniffer Thompson - Author Websites, Internet Marketing Consultant - home. Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography. The problem of sending messages securely has troubled humankind since the dawn of civilisation and probably before.

Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography

In recent years, however, physicists have raised expectations that this problem has been solved by the invention of quantum key distribution. This exploits the strange quantum property of entanglement to guarantee the secrecy of a message. Technology transfer, intellectual property, and cockroach living. Radical Conceptual Innovation In After Virtue, Alasdair McIntyre points out an argument made by Karl Popper–that new technology cannot be predicted with any specificity: Some time in the Stone Age you and I are discussing the future and I predict that within the next ten years someone will invent the wheel.

Technology transfer, intellectual property, and cockroach living

Cool Websites, Software and Internet Tips. Technology and Programming News. SecureIndex. Free Vectors & Graphics for Download. Automate your Dropbox. Flash. Widgetbox. Keeping your Mac locked down: a Mac OS X security primer: Page 1. Apple's approach to security can be a little bewildering at times.

Keeping your Mac locked down: a Mac OS X security primer: Page 1

It's a well-trumpeted aspect of the OS, marketed in detail on the website. Mac OS X has integrated smartcard support and Apple has certified the OS under the Common Criteria guidelines; a section of Apple's developer site is devoted to the subject of security. At the same time, Apple didn't offer cryptographically signed software updates until its hand was forced in July 2002. The company is notorious for boiling down release notes for software updates to "provides bug fixes and security updates" (although the separate mailings posted to the security-announce list do tend to offer a little more detail).

While other Unix distributions tend to patch holes in open-source code relatively quickly, Apple sometimes delays rolling out a security fix in the open-source components of Mac OS X for months or even years. The phrase "security through obscurity" gets tossed around from time to time when discussing Mac OS X. Mac OS X: Rebuild Your Mac with 20 Useful Downloads. Hacker Factor: Gender Guesser. The words you use can disclose identifying features.

Hacker Factor: Gender Guesser

This tool attempts to determine an author's gender based on the words used. Submitted text is evaluated based on two types of writing: formal and informal. Formal writing includes fiction and non-fiction stories, articles, and news reports. Informal writing includes blog and chat-room text. (Email can be formal, informal, or some combination.)

PDF gratuits : des PDF gratuits pour tous ! Basics of APA Style. Alojamiento web. Tinkercad. Technology. FTP Client. Geek meditation session. The Joy of Tech is a comic about technology and pop culture, created by Nitrozac and Snaggy, and updated three times a week.

Geek meditation session.

We like to feature the people and events that are making today's tech news. We've been making comics on the web since early 1999, and The Joy of Tech just celebrated its 10th anniversary. We're very proud to be featured regularly on places like AllThingsD (from the people who publish The Wall Street Journal), Bloomberg Businessweek, Macworld UK magazine, Folha in Brazil, and others, both on the web and in print. We currently live on Vancouver Island, Canada, where we have a lovely perspective of the silicon valleys to the south. We make The Joy of Tech using Apple computers, mostly on our MacBook Pros, running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

The evolution of the web. Expressing Technology: A Roundtable With Sir James Dyson. Sir James Dyson at Wired's NYC office.

Expressing Technology: A Roundtable With Sir James Dyson

Photo: Dave Mosher/ On Wednesday, Sept. 14, Wired hosted a roundtable with Sir James Dyson at our New York offices. Dyson and his staff began by showing off their new vacuum cleaner (the DC 41) and Dyson Hot, a new fan/space heater, which was being introduced later that day. Internet Encephalography : Art of Failure. Apptastic. Articles de fond. Botnet TDL4. Le L∞p. Deep Web Research 2010. Bots, Blogs and News Aggregators is a keynote presentation that I have been delivering over the last several years, and much of my information comes from the extensive research that I have completed over the years into the "invisible" or what I like to call the "deep" web.

Deep Web Research 2010

The Deep Web covers somewhere in the vicinity of 1 trillion pages of information located through the world wide web in various files and formats that the current search engines on the Internet either cannot find or have difficulty accessing. The current search engines find about 200 billion pages at the present time of this writing. L’attaque de l’année !

Même dans des situations où on pense que son système de sécurité est infaillible, les hackers font preuve d'une imagination sans limite.

L’attaque de l’année !

Dernier exemple avec la société Netragard qui a pratiqué un audit chez l'un de ses clients, dont le système informatique était hyper sérieux, avec tout un tas de règles très strictes sur l'utilisation des réseaux sociaux, des téléphones, et sur l'accès physique aux ordinateurs. Planet RDF. Socrata. News. F.lux: software to make your life better.

Application Portal. NordForsk aims at bringing together prominent research groups in order to strengthen and increase the quality of and collaboration within research and research training.

Application Portal

It is important that PhD students and young researchers participate actively in the network. A Researcher Network should aim at establishing joint research training in a given field, consolidate research as a basis for joint Nordic, European or international projects, and thereby establish excellence in its field of research. Thus, the intention should be to continue the established collaboration beyond the grant period. - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence? Fry, Ben. Zamzar. 7 outils indispensables de ton PC que tu n'utilises jamais.

Bon, j'exagère, tu en utilises sûrement au moins un.

7 outils indispensables de ton PC que tu n'utilises jamais

Et si tu es un bon élève, peut-être plusieurs. Mais pas tous, ou pas régulièrement. Trois outils pour vous aider à faire du contenu unique sur Internet. Tout le monde le sait pour émerger dans les résultats des moteurs de recherche il faut de la pertinence mais aussi de l’unicité. Produire du contenu unique est essentiel et parfois il faut s’aider de quelques outils pour être encore plus différent dans la rédaction de votre article. Voici trois petits outils à mettre en favori et à utiliser selon le besoin. Removing Your Personal Information From Google. As our culture continues to move online, personal information about us that previously may have only been seen by our friends and family is increasingly shared in public spaces on the internet.

What can you do if you search for your name on Google and find information you’d rather keep private? Or find yourself or home in Google Street View and want it blurred? Read on for instructions on how to get it removed. NOTE: If you want content removed from Google that’s located on a site that you do own, see Removing Pages from Google: A Comprehensive Guide for Content Owners for details. Why Google Generally Won’t Remove Your Personal Information. Le Tekos. The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology. My Favorite Smallware - StumbleUpon. Books. Barcelona, centro neurálgico de las apps. El mundo de las aplicaciones para smartphones está en plena efervescencia. Las hay de todo tipo. En este escenario de espectacular crecimiento, los servicios de las ciudades son uno de los ámbitos más activos y Barcelona se quiere posicionar como uno de los actores más dinámicos, tanto en la creación como en el papel de territorio privilegiado para la experimentación de nuevas apps.

La capitalidad mundial del móvil entre 2013 y 2018 es un acicate que la administración, los emprendedores y las empresas quieren aprovechar. BIBLIOTHEQUES CALIBRE. Download calibre. Free Icons. Arduino. Players, Downloaders & Converters. Apps. Technology Blogs & Websites. Keyboards. Technology. Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7. Computerworld - IT news, features, blogs, tech reviews, career advice. Keyboard Shortcuts to use in Microsoft Word. 100 Unbelievably Useful Reference Sites You’ve Never Heard Of. Beyond Google, Wikipedia and other generic reference sites, the Internet boasts a multitude of search engines, dictionaries, reference desks & databases that have organized and archived information for quick and easy searches.

Pdf4Eclipse. Pdf4Eclipse enriches Eclipse with a pdf reader. One of its notable feature is a complete integration of SyncTeX, which allows forward and inverse search in pdf files. This makes it a perfect viewer for documents created with TeXlipse. Homepage. Import/Export/Copy Lists. One of the challenges I'm currently trying to solve is related to the site directory. Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis. File Dropper. How to dual-boot Linux and Windows. Many of us like to run more than one operating system on a single machine. It's a great way of experimenting with how the other half live, testing new distributions and even playing a few Windows-based games. But dual and triple booting has always been considered something of a dark art. This is because it involves the double jeopardy of messing around with your disk partition tables and playing with a pre-installed operating system.

Electronics. The App Fest. AntennaWeb. Utility Linux. Keyboard shortcuts for Windows. Función social de la Abogacía en la era digital. Linux - OS Tools. AltaVista. Technology. Junar · The Open Data Platform. 6 Volt Battery Hack - Science - Science Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Cool Videos. World IPv6 Launch.