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WINE. Beer. Homebrewing. Grow Your Own Coffee. GAULTMILLAU. Stoquage. Nestl Nespresso: The Art of Espresso, Exclusive Coffee ... Repeal the Drinking Age - Jeffrey A. Tucker. Somehow, and no one seems to even imagine how, this country managed to survive and thrive before 1984 without a national minimum drinking age.

Repeal the Drinking Age - Jeffrey A. Tucker

Before that, the drinking question was left to the states. In the 19th century, and looking back even before — prepare yourself to imagine horrific anarchistic nightmares — there were no drinking laws anywhere, so far as anyone can tell. The regulation of drinking and age was left to society, which is to say families, churches, and communities with varying sensibilities who regulated such things with varying degrees of intensity.

Probably some kids drank themselves silly — and we all know that this doesn't happen now (wink, wink) — but many others learned to drink responsibly from an early age, even drinking bourbon for breakfast. Really, it is only because we are somehow used to it that we accept the complete absurdity of a national law that prohibits the sale of beer, wine, and liquor to anyone under the age of 21. Do we really believe it? Espresso, símbolo de la modernidad. F.A.Q. - Kombucha America - Frequently Asked Questions Page. What is a Kombucha Mushroom?

F.A.Q. - Kombucha America - Frequently Asked Questions Page

The Kombucha Mushroom is not a true mushroom but pseudo lichen. It is a fibrous cellulose spongy membrane that is formed by the various Kombucha bacteria and yeast cells that live in the liquid sugary tea. It is primarily grown to act as an evaporation cap to keep the tea from evaporating and also to prevent other microorganisms from getting to the sugary tea. It has no sex, and produces no seeds or spores for the purpose of reproduction but within the cells of the membrane are contained the same bacteria and yeasts cells that exist within the tea. When your transfer a newly formed mushroom to a new batch of tea you introduce these bacteria and yeasts to the new tea which quickly colonize it, cause the tea to ferment, and grow a new membrane on the surface.

Can drinking this tea harm me in any way? Is there any relationship between the quality of the tea and the growth size of the new mushroom? No, not really. Absolutely not! What does the tea taste like? Kombucha. Kombucha including the culture Etymology[edit] In Japan Konbucha (昆布茶?


, "kelp tea") stands for a different beverage made from dried and powdered kombu (an edible kelp from the Laminariaceae family).[2] For the English word kombucha, first recorded in 1995 and of uncertain etymology,[3] the American Heritage Dictionary suggests: "Probably from Japanese kombucha, tea made from kombu (the Japanese word for kelp perhaps being used by English speakers to designate fermented tea due to confusion or because the thick gelatinous film produced by the kombucha culture was thought to resemble seaweed).

"[4] The proper Japanese name for what English speakers know as kombucha is kōcha kinoko 紅茶キノコ (literally, 'red tea mushroom'), compounding kōcha "black tea" and kinoko 茸 "mushroom; toadstool". A 1965 mycological study called kombucha "tea fungus" and listed other names: "teeschwamm, Japanese or Indonesian tea fungus, kombucha, wunderpilz, hongo, cajnij, fungus japonicus, and teekwass History[edit] How to Make a Big Batch of Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage popular in Russia, China, and elsewhere.

How to Make a Big Batch of Kombucha

The culture forms a leathery skin called the "mother" that floats on top.This week's Instructables TV episode shows how to wrangle the jellyfish-like "Mother" and make Kombucha 5 gallons at a time. This method produces a fizzy carbonated kombucha that tastes very much like hard apple cider. For background on this bizarre beverage, read Arwen's Making Kombucha Instructable and the Wikipedia Kombucha article. Some confusion arises from the existence of a Japanese kelp tea also called "kombucha". Back to the blob:For me it all started when my friend Anne Harley went to Russia, made herself fluent in the language, joined a band of gypsy musicians, and went on tour with them.Did you know Russian Gypsies have a caste system that dates back to their origins in India?

Since then I've made hundreds of gallons of Kombucha for my friends and myself. Anne's Recipe:6 tsp tea6 cups h2o = 1.5 quarts1 cup sugar. Stock Your Bar for $100. The Internet Cocktail Database. Bar Tools, Bar Accessories. Kombucha Remix. New methods of brewing, mixing, and imbibing put the fun back into this fermented favorite. Tart and effervescent, polarizing and mystical, kombucha has taken the fermented beverage market by storm with its uniquely vinegary flavor and alleged ability to treat everything from arthritis to dull hair to liver disease. Whether concocted in your kitchen, sipped in a cool cocktail, or slipped into a culinary creation, this versatile elixir made from tea goes way above and beyond natural-foods market shelves. Here are a few new ways to enliven your obsession with this quirky quencher.

Brew Your Own BatchMany find this fizzy drink’s invigorating qualities near addictive, but at $3 to $4 (or more) per bottle, it can be an expensive habit. Fortunately, DIY methods are simple and cost-efficient, requiring only a few ingredients and a kombucha mother or “SCOBY”—Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast, that is. De cócteles por Barcelona#more236543. Mixed Drink Recipes. Mixed Drinks Mixology Guide. Bar Tricks. Mixology. Drinks. Alcohol. Drinking games. The Portal Two (Portal 2 Cocktails) Ingredients:... The Portal Two (Portal 2 cocktails) Ingredients:Blue CuracaoVodkaLemonade CointreauRum Orangina Small tumblers Directions: “This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game.

The Portal Two (Portal 2 Cocktails) Ingredients:...

For the blue version, get a small tumbler and pour in 10ml of Blue Curacao, 10ml of vodka and top up with lemonade. For orange you’ll need another tumbler, this time filled with 10ml of Cointreau, 10ml of rum and Orangina. If you fancy, you can jazz the glasses up with coloured sugar rims. The finest beverage breakthroughs from the Aperture alcohol research labs. Drink created by James Dance of Loading for an article in The Guardian. The Sangria Diaries. Eat Drink Chic. Beer. Wine. 1001Cocktails. 15 ways to use vodka. Keyboard: S - next A - previous R - random 15 ways to use vodka Share on FB 55920 Below Random Pics that horribly slippery slope Share on FB 160 it's the alpha and omega Share on FB 54 what superman batman and spiderman think about the iphone???

15 ways to use vodka

Share on FB 256 that's alot of milk Share on FB 153 bet you havent had this in dinner Share on FB 88 reading a good book best dog outfit ever! Share on FB 98 women Share on FB 19 it's frida! Share on FB 120 Home Page Top Month Previous Next. How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!) Home Hacks. Previous image Next image A creamy spoonful of foam We love a bit of creamy foam topping our morning coffee, but haven't really wanted to invest the funds or the counterspace in an actual milk steamer.

How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!) Home Hacks

Here's how we get around it with just a jar and a microwave! What You Need IngredientsFresh milk EquipmentSmall jar with a lidMicrowave oven 1. 2. 3. 4. We first heard about this technique in Harold McGee's book On Food and Cooking, but didn't believe it would work until we tried it. Do you like foam on your coffee? Related: Coffee Talk: Cafe Au Lait, Cappuccino, Latte, and Machiatto. Our office at CellarVie Wines is very much founded on an Anglo-French axis.

Christopher’s wife Dominique, our graphic designer Emeline, her predecessor Sophie, and Cordellia, who is currently on work experience, are all French. Jonathan is moitié français (half French…according to Google Translate). Mr Robins and I are quintessentially English (in desperate need of sunshine) and therefore none the wiser when the office breaks into in a crescendo of French vocabulary.

Yet the phonetics of the language is something I have always enjoyed being surrounded by; words like cambrioleur and asperges, never to my knowledge used in the same sentence, roll beautifully off the tongue. And this brings me nicely to my What We’re Drinking selection; Les Abeilles Rouge, Côtes du Rhône, by Jean-Luc Colombo . Lo único bueno que trajo una guerra.

The Drunken Moogle : 9 of 14. Ifeelthecosmos: Margarita Surprise (GrimGrimoire cocktail) Ingredients:1 1/2 oz Tequila1 oz Cointreau1 oz Strawberry red pepper puree*1/4 oz Lime juiceDirections: Shake all ingredients with ice, double strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lime and jalapeno, or a frog gummy.

The Drunken Moogle : 9 of 14

*To make the strawberry red pepper puree, blend 1/4 cup red bell pepper, 1/4 strawberries, and 1/4 cup simple syrup (or two tbsp each of sugar and water). If you want it to be really, er, surprising, you can toss in a couple pieces of jalapeno as well. Frozen Variation (Makes 4): 6 oz Tequila2 oz Cointreau 1/2 cup Frozen strawberries1/2 cup Red bell pepper1 oz Lime juiceSplash of simple syrupHandful of crushed ice. Blend well. "Oh come on now, don’t be so damn proper! " Drink created and photographed by Mer, of I Feel the Cosmos.

(via ifeelthecosmos-deactivated20140) nintendrunk: Ingredients:12 oz. bottle Angry Orchard Dry Apple Cider1 oz. A note from the creator (nintendrunk): Power Hower: The World's Most Advanced Power Hour Timer. 21st Birthday Shots That Taste Good. Face it, on their 21st birthday, most people celebrate by going out and having a few drinks.

21st Birthday Shots That Taste Good

Shots, inevitably, will be part of that. While the trend of drinking 21 shots is dangerous and not recommended, having one or two commemorative shooters can be fun. However, the urge to stick newly of-age friends with a disgusting or bad shot is common, and can lead to some good stories, but many bad memories. There are some shots, though, that taste good and won't leave you running from the bars. Washington Apple Ingredients: 1/3 oz Crown Royal Canadian whiskey 1/3 oz Sour Apple Pucker schnapps 1/3 oz Cranberry juice 1 splash 7-Up sodaPour Crown Royal, sour apple pucker and cranberry juice into a shaker. Apple Jack 2 oz Sour Apple Schnapps 2 oz Jack DanielsIn a shaker, combine ingredients with ice. Hot Apple Pie 1/2 shot Irish cream 1/2 shot Goldschlägger cinnamon schnapps 1 dash cinnamonFill a shot glass half full with the Irish cream and the rest of the way with the Goldschlägger.

Lemon Drop. Wine and food. The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster. Vin, Champ & Spiritueux. El blog de Dolce Gusto. Iced Coffee How-To - Imbibe Magazine. Apparent simplicity is a precarious thing. Iced coffee seems like it should be a cinch—just throw some strong brew on the rocks and you’re good to go. But coffee is a fragile potion, sensitive to brewing techniques and extreme temperatures. As a result, iced coffee is often acrid, sour, flat or disappointingly weak. Happily, these pitfalls can be avoided with a little practice and attention to detail. Here’s how. Hot or Not? “It’s all about capturing the fruit [notes] and aromas and keeping it sunny-tasting and light,” says Peter Giuliano, co-owner and director of coffee at North Carolina-based roaster Counter Culture Coffee, who has popularized hot-brewed, or “Japanese method,” iced coffee among some foodies and coffee pros.

“Coffee prepared [in the Japanese tradition] changes the way people think about iced coffee,” Giuliano says. The hot-brewed Japanese method is all about good acids. But some see cold brew’s minimal acidity as a prime selling point. The Right Roast Ingredients: Tools: Perfect Iced Coffee. Iced coffee is my life. When I wake up, often around the time party animals on the west coast are just heading home, I start each day not with a cup of freshly brewed hot java, but with a tall, blessed glass of creamy iced coffee in a glass. I’ve been an iced coffee freakazoid for years and years. To say I couldn’t live without it is an understatement. It gives me the tools I need to cope. Iced coffee is a complicated thing, and there are many different approaches. 1. Given the previous set of facts, one would assume that the logical solution would be to brew hot coffee, then transfer the brew to the fridge, allow it to cool, and use it to make iced coffee from there.

There are reasons this method results in a smoother, richer, more delicious concentrate than simply brewing strong coffee and refrigerating it. (Note: I’ve totally adapted/tweaked coffee/water amounts to suit my own tastes. I start with a big ol’ container. Rip open a pound of ground coffee. Pour in the coffee. Hi, Julie! Coffee. Handmade_gifts: Skittles Vodka. Due to the popularity of the Infamous Skittles Vodka, I have decided to photograph my experiences making it. I decided to do a set of five different bottles, one for each Skittle color. I've heard of people mixing all colors in one, but I like the "rainbow" effect of five separate ones.

I purchased five 8.5 oz. "swing-top" blue glass bottles at The Container Store. I wasn't really happy with these. Come to find out, the boyfriend wants to give some more friends the gift of candy-flavored booze, so I hopped online and bought some 10 oz. glass bottles from I used an online calculator to figure out how much vodka I would need to fill ten 10 oz. bottles and five 8.5 oz. bottles, then bought the appropriate amount of Smirnoff. I bought two giant-sized Skittles bags at Walmart. I knew that once the Skittles started dissolving they would leave behind some residue. Then all there was left was to add the Skittles. Here's a picture of the final product. Vodka Infused Gummi Bears "Drunken Gummies" Hack. On Thursday, we all learned how to turn our cheap Brita filtered vodka into a sweet Skittles infused vodka liqueur.

Well today, instead of infusing the candy into the vodka, we're going to learn how to infuse the vodka into the candy. That's right, we're going to make Drunken Gummies! Huh? ;-) As I was scanning through the posts on the Daily DIY this morning, I came across a nifty little hack to turn regular Gummi Bear candies into vodka-infused "Drunken Gummies" candies. Step 1: Prepare materials and get them soakin'! To check out the whole hack click here. 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. Cocktails. Wine. Mixing Drinks. Coffee. Boissons. Cocktail Guide. Poland Spring Water - Bottles. Un estudio vincula el café con un menor riesgo de muerte. Les spiritueux - Whisky : Le monde des vins et spiritueux. La historia de una bebida llamada Gin Tonic.

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. Champagne. WHISKY DU MONDE Gourmets et Vins. Eaux.minerales.oubliees. Les eaux minerales, eau de source, eau, minerales, bouteilles d'eau, volvic, vittel, evian, contrex, perrier, eau de source, sources, mineraux, pure, montagne, La diététique du sportif : dossier nutri site : l'alimentation du sportif, les regles alimentai. Site officiel ABSOLUT France. Popular Vegetarian Spirits. Jolly Rancher Vodka Tutorial. Cold-brewed iced coffee. Enogastronomia e viaggi. République du Vin - des bons vins à des prix toujours abordables ! - République du Vin. SCANDYBARS. Drinking Games. Drinkify. Buttered Beere 1588 Recipe. The Ultimate Movie Drinking Game List! Drinkify. Peregrinos del 'gin tonic', la bebida de moda – Gastronomía, restaurantes y cocina – Noticias, última hora, vídeos y fotos de Gastronomía, restaurantes y cocina en lainformacion.