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Audi Australia. 10 Must-Have Apps For iPads In The Classroom. My students love using their iPads in the classroom!

10 Must-Have Apps For iPads In The Classroom

iPads in the classroom provide student with the opportunity not to be restricted to the traditional way of learning. As a teacher, it is a wonderful feeling to see students being engaged and interacting in their learning. Since our school’s 1:1 iPad initiative in all Math and Science classrooms, I have become passionate about finding technology tools that will motivate and inspire my students to learn. How tablets are invading the classroom. iPads improve special education at Coon Rapids school. The addition of a few iPads to the special education toolbox has raised the achievement bar at Northdale Middle School in Coon Rapids.

iPads improve special education at Coon Rapids school

In the third year of their use there, the tablet computers have led to increased engagement among some of the most severely disabled students and have accelerated their learning. Other schools have made use of technology in special education, but Northdale is the "grass roots" of the iPad initiative in Anoka-Hennepin, said teacher Mary Fleegel, who has led the program along with speech language pathologist Kathryn McLachlan. Dispelling the Myths About 1:1 Environments. In my last post, I shared what we learned last year during our 1:1 iPad and Google Apps for Education launches.

Dispelling the Myths About 1:1 Environments

In this post, I’d like to dispel myths about 1:1 environments. My assertions are not based on opinion, but on evidence directly observed in secondary classrooms at Burlington High School and from the students that traverse these halls daily. Our school launched 1,000-plus iPads last year, and we're starting our second year with the device in the hands of all students and teachers.

Myth 1: The Digital Generation Needs Technology False. Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class : All Tech Considered. Hide captionIn Durham, N.H., Oyster River Middle School seventh-graders Patrick Beary and Morgan Bernier play with StoryKit, a free app that helps middle-schoolers put together simple presentations, and elementary students make storybooks.

Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class : All Tech Considered

Sam Evans-Brown/New Hampshire Public Radio In Durham, N.H., Oyster River Middle School seventh-graders Patrick Beary and Morgan Bernier play with StoryKit, a free app that helps middle-schoolers put together simple presentations, and elementary students make storybooks. If there is one thing that the mobile-computing era has made clear, it's that kids love touch screens. 29 iPad Resources, Tutorials, and Guides Every Teacher Should Know about. iPad is gaining momentum in the educational sphere and might , in the near future, be integrated as a leading learning method. iPad is part of the gesture-based technology that is widely embraced by teens and which has pushed some school districts especially here in Canada and also in the States to start using the BYOD approach, for the costs of iPad and their apps is still relatively high.

29 iPad Resources, Tutorials, and Guides Every Teacher Should Know about

As a teacher who has not yet tried mobile technology in his teaching, you might be wondering where and how to start. What resources to use ? Well, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has some answers for you. We have collected a set of some useful resources on the use of iPads in the classroom which can help you dig your way into the world of mobile learning and teaching. 1- Teacher's Guide to The Use of iPads in Education. Using Physical and Virtual Printers with iPads. Using Physical and Virtual Printers with iPads You've heard that you can print from your iPad to an AirPrint enabled printer, so you go to your favorite app and find the Print menu ... only to find that there aren't any printers listed.

Using Physical and Virtual Printers with iPads

Your shiny new printer apparently doesn't support AirPrint. Apple iPad vs. Google Nexus in Education. It has been but a few hours since ripping open the Google Nexus tablet and It is fast, light, and intuitive.The touch interface is responsive and smooth.The resolution and performance are exceptional.And yes, the 7 inch screen provides a great experience, brings an impressive phone-like mobility, and offers great comfort in multiple positions.

In other words, it lives up to the many reviews touting the device as a homerun as hardware. So the question is what about education. Transform Classroom Learning with iPads. In a recent article on edutopia.org, experienced administrator Ben Johnson shares how he feels the iPad can transform classroom learning.

Transform Classroom Learning with iPads

Computers allowed students to word process rather than type, to do media presentations instead of show and tell, to find information on the Internet instead of encyclopedias, and to graph data electronically instead of with magic markers. What are these tablets good for? Drills and skills ... pupils at St Luke's Catholic Primary School in Revesby.

What are these tablets good for?

Photo: Steve Christo Parents are pressuring schools into buying iPads for the classroom, despite a lack of evidence about their educational benefit, no guidelines for teaching with them, and confusion about the best apps to use. Schools across the state are purchasing ''significant'' numbers of iPads without any real idea of their true value in the classroom, a NSW Department of Education study has found. The department is now playing catch-up, conducting research trials in public schools to better understand the educational benefits of the devices. Using iPads in the Primary Grades. Recently, I was given the opportunity to go one-to-one in my first grade classroom with iPads.

Using iPads in the Primary Grades

To say that my students and I were excited to do this would be a bit of an understatement. It has long been a dream of mine to go one-to-one and for the students it is, as they say, like kids in a candy shop. With Great Tools Comes Great Responsibility When I announced on Twitter that I had picked up my boxes of technology, a comment from Stephen Ransom gave me great pause. iPad Implementation Questionsw. Updated 06/23/2012A Texas colleague recently shared the following list of questions relevant to iPad implementation...rather than respond to them in a "closed" environment, i thought I'd post them here and invite folks to pitch in and help sharing their approaches.

iPad Implementation Questionsw

I like going through questions like this because it helps unearth questions that my team and I haven't considered, as well as revisit questions and responses we have.Here's the original prompt: Our district has purchased a number of iPads over the past year. Teachers Guides on The Use of iPad in education. iPad is a cool versatile tool that has a huge potential in education.

It is widely believed that iPad has started tranforming the face of education and revolutionizng modes of learning. Results coming out of pilot studies on the integration of iPads in the classroom seem to be promising. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Free Resources on The Use of iPad in Education. I know that most of you have got a tablet device of some sort but if it happens that you have an iPad then this post will relate to you more. Below is a set of resources dedicated exclusively to the educational uses of the iPad. Emerging Ed Tech has done a great job in providing this list.

How To Setup Parental Controls (Restrictions) on the iPad. The iPad is a wonderfully easy and intuitive device to use. This is generally nothing but a major advantage – but at times it can cause issues if you have children who share your iPad or are allowed to use it from time to time.

Problems you might encounter range from a child inadvertently deleting a frequently-used app to discovering that your child’s favorite new iPad game has allowed them to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of charges to your credit card via In-App purchases. Fortunately, the iPad (and iOS) comes with a strong set of parental controls that you can choose to apply to reduce the chances of seeing any problems when you allow your kids to use an iPad, it’s a shared one or one of their own. Parent iPad Info. iPads for Education. Ipadspectrum. 25 Ways To Use iPads In The Classroom.

In case you haven’t heard the news, we’re putting out a special mini-issue early next week. It’ll be available in the Edudemic Magazine iPad app and, best of all, FREE to subscribers! If you’re not (yet) a subscriber, it’ll be just $0.99. The following is an excerpt from just one of the articles in the mini-issue. It’s all about iPads in education, Apple’s role in the future of learning, and much more than that.

Redefining Instruction With Technology: Five Essential Steps. Preparing Your School for an iPad Implementation. iPads in education. iPads for Education. Asking "why" you want iPads is a critical question...


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