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Map of the World Drawn Entirely Using Facebook Connections. Calories in Various Foods. Brief Answers to Cosmic Questions. Structure of the Universe Does the Universe have an edge, beyond which there is nothing?

Brief Answers to Cosmic Questions

Are the galaxies arranged on the surface of a sphere? Why can't we see the whole universe? Chronology of Events in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. How to make flash drive that copy's users files silently and automatically. Imagining the Tenth Dimension - A Book by Rob Bryanton. Drench - the world's simplest flash game. Select PROPERTIES you are looking for: About ThermoDex | List of Titles Indexed | Finding Thermodynamic Infomation (Guide) | Library Catalog ThermoDex contains records for selected printed and web-based compilations of thermochemical and thermophysical data for chemical compounds and other substances.

You can select one or more compound types and link them to one or more property terms, and ThermoDex will return a list of handbooks that could contain these data. Due to copyright and technical considerations, the actual data are not contained in ThermoDex. ThermoDex is based primarily on the holdings of the Mallet Chemistry Library at the University of Texas at Austin. An Attack Rumor. How to Boost Your BitTorrent Speed and Privacy. Virtual Museum of Bacteria.