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Le Fauteuil de Colbert. De la Terre à la Lune. Historicoblog (3) War on the Rocks. MUSINGS ON IRAQ: Mosul Campaign Day Four, Oct 20, 2016. The Mosul operation increased in intensity on the fourth day. The Kurds opened up a new front to the north of the city and the elite Golden Division carried out its first attack as well. Several villages were freed, while the Islamic State appeared to be putting up a much harder fight than they did initially. First, there were some new reports of progress and violence from October 19. The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) took 10 towns. On October 20 the Peshmerga re-started their operations on a new front to the north of Mosul. The Kurds thrust to the east was stopped, and the elite Golden Division took their place attacking Bartella. The new thrusts by the combined forces led to some tough counter attacks by the Islamic State.

There was more news about the civilian toll of the Mosul operation. Finally, in France there was an international meeting of twenty countries looking for support for post-IS Mosul. Un si Proche Orient | Un site utilisant Les blogs Le Jihadica. Terrorismes, guérillas, stratégie et autres activités humaines. La voie de l'épée. 20 Albums - Choose your top twenty albums. Discover more music. La belle vie : grande épicerie fine et fraiche. Aeon | ideas and culture. Initier à L'Appel de Cthulhu : Trouver des joueurs. « Les hommes doués intellectuellement savent qu’il n’y a pas de différence nette entre le réel et l’irréel. » – HP Lovecraft Parmi toutes les expériences de jeu de rôle possibles, l’initiation fait partie des incontournables.

Tôt ou tard, de nombreux meujeux se mesurent à un groupe de débutants pur jus, qu’ils se proposent de corrompre à notre loisir favoris. J’ai tenté l’expérience à de nombreuses reprises. Parfois sur Donjons & Dragons et plus souvent sur L’Appel de Cthulhu, qui a le mérite d’être très accessible, très adaptable, et suffisamment abyssal pour n’en faire jamais le tour. Pour peu qu’ils aiment se faire peur, le jeu conviendra autant aux amateurs d’Agatha Christie qu’aux fans de Tomb Raider, voire – pourquoi pas ?

– de Dora l’Exploratrice. L’avantage de l’initiation est évident : peu habitués au jeu, les initiés seront facilement impressionnables. Trouver Joueurs Cachés « Coucou, tu veux jouer avec moi ? Quelques conseils pour ferrer le Profond -Saint Epondyle- The FADER. Maddyness - Le Magazine des Startups Françaises. Indie Haven – Indie game news, features and reviews. Io9 - We come from the future. Warp Door. Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi. Hugin & Munin. The playlist. Cool Hunting. Cocktailians. The Verge.

The 100 Best Tracks of 2014. There are qualities about Mike Hadreas that make him seem heroic: His songbook takes on themes of trauma and addiction, the body and identity, all in a way that seems designed to protect us—a reminder that we're not alone in our otherness. This year, Hadreas has been selling T-shirts depicting an emasculated Eminem, a proper jab at one of popular music's most problematic living artists.

On the shirt, Slim is clad in coral lipstick, just a few shades lighter than the tint Hadreas wore on his watershed "Letterman" performance in October, contorting a slow, sultry sway through "Queen". Indeed, Hadreas' work as Perfume Genius has opened a crucial dialogue over the past half decade. Recall the 2012 incident with his 16-second YouTube ad for Put Your Back N 2 It getting censored for "promoting mature sexual themes" because it featured two shirtless men hugging. And so, should you need convincing, the quaking "Queen" is empirically necessary. Perfume Genius: "Queen"

OZY - Smarter, Fresher, Different. Medium. Narratively | Human stories, boldly told. Charlie's Diary. So: the referendum is over and the count is underway. I'm about to go to bed; when I wake up there should be a result. The final YouGov opinion poll today (not an exit poll) gave No a 54/46 lead, but earlier polls suggest the outcome is within the margin of error; I'd be very surprised if that final poll reflects the final count. In Edinburgh, the turnout was around 89.7% of the electorate, with voter registration running at 97% overall and more than 95% of postal ballots returned. One thing is sure: even a "no" victory won't kill the core issue of the delegitimization of the political elite. (It has become not simply a referendum on independence, but a vote of confidence on the way the UK is governed; anything short of a huge "no" victory amounts to a stinging rebuke to the ruling parties of the beige dictatorship.)

Anyway: I'm not staying up for the count. What comes next? UPDATE 2: First Minister Alex Salmond has resigned. Ashton - Winding Road - Tobacco Reviews. This Aston Blend does not get a lot of respect nor high ratings but for the life of me i don't know why, other than the fact that most likely previous reviewers smoked it right out of the tin and not drying it out some. It does come too moist in the tin, but with a little dry time, it becomes a very tasty smoke, mostly a citrusy VA flavor with the caramel just making an appearance andthe apricots just adding to a very nice room aroma. I find it to be quite enjoyable to smoke, it burns very well and dry, and smokes down to a fine grey ash with no gunk or moisute at the bottom of my pipe. It is an all brown tobacco cut in a rought ribbon cut and was very easy to load and pack in the pipe.

But it must be dry to enjoy. Dry it will not bite at all, and while you can stove it into a fireball if you puff too fast, smoked slow and proper, it is very tame and tasteful. It is a great blend for smaller pipes. 4 people found this review helpful. 2 people found this review helpful. Pipe Used: various. Crime Always Pays. Stiff Collar | Codes et illustrations du vestiaire masculin. Worn&wound | Sinn Archives - worn&wound. Orgyness » Gastronomie et Art de vivre sans Modération. Album Reviews. Le Choix : Accueil.

For The Discerning Few. En grande pompe. Review of tailors and suits I've owned: One Thing Well. THELAST MAGAZINE. - Portable is a daily online film and video channel, covering the latest in film, music, art and technology culture from around the world. Left Foot Forward | Evidence-based political blogging. Chroniques du Plaisir. Playlist pour vos Pétages de Câbles. De Jeunes Gens Modernes. The psychopathology of everyday life - Adrian McKinty's blog. The Outfit: A Collective of Chicago Crime Writers.