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Cameron denies 'running scared' of TV election debates. New cryptozoology book released. It’s a whopper! A groundbreaking new book on the subject of cryptozoology has been released. Even if you are not a big crypto fan, I encourage you to check it out as an example of sound research and followup. If you are a cryptozoologist – it is a must-have. There is nothing else like it. Abominable Science! By Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero. From the promotional material: Abominable Science’s hefty 400+ full-color pages examine not only the roots of the best-known of legendary creatures, but also the methods, arguments, and personalities of the people who pursue them. With extensive endnotes and citations to primary sources, Abominable Science will be useful for every serious monster-lover. Abominable Science makes numerous contributions toward solving the major cryptid mysteries, showcasing discoveries that are either new or have not been properly explored before in the literature.

Highlights include: —the disconnect between paleontology-inspired cryptid legends and the actual fossil record. American Muslims Are Moderate and Peaceful… Who Knew? Crossposted on Tikkun Daily By Saadia Faruqi The Pew Research Center this week revealed another extensive and newsworthy piece of research: The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society.

The results of the survey, which consisted of more than 38,000 interviews of Muslims in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia in approximately 80 languages, reveals many things on many topics. Some revelations are interesting, others curious, and a few even downright alarming. First and foremost I was happy to read that American Muslims are some of the most moderate and peace loving in the world. For those curious about the reasons for these differences between Muslims here and abroad, I think the survey itself points out to a critical one: interaction with other faiths. It’s no surprise to interfaith activists such as me that interfaith dialogue and relationship building between groups can pave the way towards peace and prosperity. Penis Size Does Matter: Women Find Men With Larger Genitals More Attractive.

Science has spoken guys: penis size matters – at least to women who are deciding if they want to have sex with you. Using data from a large study of Italian men, researchers created 343 computer-generated male figures varying in (flaccid) penis size, as well as in height and shoulder-to-hip ratio. Qualities such as facial attractiveness and hair were deliberately omitted from the graphics and a group of 105 young Australian women were asked to rate each image on sexual attractiveness.

Not-so-surprising: Penis size matters (to women) While narrow hips and broad shoulders were rated as attractive, larger penis sizes were strongly linked to high attractiveness scores. Published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Science (PNAS) journal, the study was led by University of Ottowa researcher Brian Mautz. Dr Mautz concluded: “We found that flaccid penis size had a significant influence on male attractiveness.

“Males with a larger penis were rated relatively more attractive.” Loading Slideshow. Think Your Money is Safe? Think Again: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors. Photo Credit: Tatiana Popova/ March 28, 2013 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Confiscating the customer deposits in Cyprus banks, it seems, was not a one-off, desperate idea of a few Eurozone “troika” officials scrambling to salvage their balance sheets. New Zealand has a similar directive, discussed in my last article here, indicating that this isn’t just an emergency measure for troubled Eurozone countries.

The National Government [is] pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts . . . . Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English’s favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. Can They Do That? Although few depositors realize it, legally the bank owns the depositor’s funds as soon as they are put in the bank. Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees' 27 March 2013Last updated at 12:05 ET By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC World Service Scientists found that pesticides were affecting honey bees ability to learn and remember Commonly used pesticides are damaging honey bee brains, studies suggest.

Scientists have found that two types of chemicals called neonicotinoids and coumaphos are interfering with the insect's ability to learn and remember. Experiments revealed that exposure was also lowering brain activity, especially when the two pesticides were used in combination. The research is detailed in two papers in Nature Communications and the Journal of Experimental Biology. But a company that makes the substances said laboratory-based studies did not always apply to bees in the wild. And another report, published by the Defra's Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), concluded that there was no link between bee health and exposure to neonicotinoids. Falling numbers Honey bees around the world are facing an uncertain future. New Research: Deficit Hawks Reflect the Views of the Wealthy, Not the Majority. Photo Credit: Shutterstock March 11, 2013 | Like this article?

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Why are so many Washington officials obsessed with budget deficits? A possible answer to where budget hawks get energy and inspiration comes from the first systematic survey social scientists have managed to do of the political attitudes of wealthiest one percent of Americans. On Key Budget Questions, the Wealthy Have Distinctive Priorities The wealthy respondents to our survey expressed great concern about budget deficits: Fully 87% called deficits a “very important problem” facing the United States, more than attributed such importance to unemployment, education or anything else on a list of eleven potential national challenges. Disagreements on Jobs and Income Supports Most wealthy respondents to our survey opposed a wide range of job and income policies that majorities of ordinary Americans favor. The Most Loathsome People in America: The Double Dirty Dozen.

9 Economic Facts That Will Make Your Head Spin. Photo Credit: February 18, 2013 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. How much will you need for medical expenses in retirement? What does it cost to keep 2.5 million Americans behind bars? 1. Economic recovery is in rather limited supply, it seems. The top 10 percent of earners hauled in 46.5 percent of all income in 2011, the highest proportion since 1917 – and that doesn’t even include money earned from investments. 2. The latest Census Bureau data shows that one in two Americans currently falls into either the “low income” category or is living in poverty.

States in the South and West had the highest proportion of low-income families, including Arizona, New Mexico and South Carolina, where politicians are eagerly shredding the social safety net. 3. 46.7 million Americans must now use food stamps in order to get a meal, and many aren’t old enough to earn money for themselves. {Like this article? 4. 5. Can Vote-By-Mail Fix Those Long Lines At The Polls? A big potential drawback to the convenience of absentee and mail voting: Studies show that ballots are rejected at a higher rate than for voters who brave the wait at polling places. A Miami-Dade election official feeds ballots into a vote gathering machine. A big potential drawback to the convenience of absentee and mail voting: Studies show that ballots are rejected at a higher rate than for voters who brave the wait at polling places.

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images) In his State of the Union address, President Obama returned to a point he’d made on election night: The need to do something about long voting lines [1]. Obama announced his plan for a commission to “improve the voting experience in America.” But often missing from discussions about how to make voting easier is the rapid expansion of absentee balloting. Although Oregon and Washington are the only two states to conduct elections entirely by mail, absentee voting has expanded rapidly nationwide.

Big Corporations Put Up Seed Funding for Republican Dark Money Group. IRS files show that some of the biggest companies in the country provided more than a million dollars a decade ago to launch a Republican dark money group. Some of the nation’s biggest corporations donated more than a million dollars to launch a Republican nonprofit that went on to play a key role in recent political fights. Like the nonprofit groups [1] that poured money into last year’s elections, the decade-old State Government Leadership Foundation [2] has been able to keep the identities of its funders secret. Until now. A records request by ProPublica to the IRS turned up a list [3] of the original funders of the group: Exxon, Pfizer, Time Warner, and other corporations put up at least 85 percent of the $1.3 million the foundation raised in the first year and a half of its existence, starting in 2003.

The donor list is stamped “not for public disclosure [3],” and was submitted to the IRS as part of the foundation’s application [4] for recognition of tax-exempt status. Five Basic Misconceptions About The Copyright Monopoly And Sharing Of Culture. Five erroneous assertions have kept appearing in the public debate since 1990 about file-sharing vs. the copyright monopoly. These assertions have persisted for 25 years, despite being obviously false. This is a reference article to link to and point at whenever one of them pops up the next time. It can seem disheartening that factually false – as in 180-degrees wrong, just-read-the-text wrong – arguments persist for a quarter of a century, but there is a lot of money in perpetuating these untruths.

If you have fallen for one of these, you are not alone; the first step to understanding the criticism against the copyright monopoly is understanding what it is. Therefore, as we uncover these misconceptions, we also learn what kind of legal mechanism the copyright monopoly is. 1. The first fact is that the copyright monopoly is not property, but a monopoly.

We can observe how the copyright monopoly is enabled in the U.S. The United States Constitution will have to serve as an example here. The Real New World Order. Bankers Taking over the World. How quickly best laid plans become passé. New world orders come, it seems, as frequently as eclipses. The old world order (ancien régime), along with 16 million people, died during the Great European War which began on June 28, 1914 when the Austrian heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was assassinated by a Serb nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, in Sarajevo. (Today he would be called a terrorist.) This assassination sent nations that had no desire to go to war into the most destructive war the world had yet experienced. Europe at the beginning of 1914 consisted of six major empires and an assortment of minor states that the major empires didn’t care much about.

When the archduke was assassinated, the Austrians, confident in their military prowess (as Americans are today), decided to punish Serbia which was attacked on July 28. Woodrow Wilson, the American President, sought to create a new old world order by proposing his Fourteen Points.