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Black in America

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Lawrence Brown sur Twitter : "7) Connor Meek told the truth. In fact, our city budget tells the truth too. We have policing predicated on war. Army tested mustard gas on WWII soldiers grouped by race and compared results against ‘normal’ whites. The Pentagon admitted decades ago to using American troops to conduct experiments with mustard gas, but a recent investigative report revealed the military grouped subjects by race and compared the results against “normal” whites. The military tested mustard gas and other chemical agents with about 60,000 enlisted men serving as proxies for enemy troops, reported NPR. Those troops were broken into racial groups, with white soldiers used as scientific control groups to establish what a “normal” reaction would be, and those results were compared to the reactions of other ethnicities.

“They said we were being tested to see what effect these gases would have on black skins,” said Rollins Edwards, a 93-year-old black veteran who took part in the experiments. Edwards said he and about a dozen other soldiers were taken to a wooden gas chamber and locked inside, where a mixture of mustard gas and lewisite were piped in. ‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’ A friend recently told me that when she gave birth to her son, before naming him, before even nursing him, her first thought was, I have to get him out of this country. We both laughed. Perhaps our black humor had to do with understanding that getting out was neither an option nor the real desire. This is it, our life. Here we work, hold citizenship, pensions, health insurance, family, friends and on and on. I asked another friend what it’s like being the mother of a black son. Shaun King sur Twitter : "The shocking truth about the two Chicago Police Officers in this photo. A deep rabbit hole.

Cleveland Police Union Blames 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice For Being Some Kind Of Monster. It is tempting to look at the problem of police brutality and try to summarize it into a problem we have the tools to repair. Then you read a quote like this one, about Tamir Rice. “Tamir Rice is in the wrong,” he said. “He’s menacing. He’s 5-feet-7, 191 pounds. He wasn’t that little kid you’re seeing in pictures. He’s a 12-year-old in an adult body. Tamir looks to his left and sees a police car. . — Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Loomis, as reported in Politico Magazine. Even a mildly attentive reading of Loomis’s language and reasoning is both illuminating and alarming. It is this inherent criminality of the black body that provides the bedrock upon which Loomis’s logic rests, and it is the assumption of guilt that drives his interpretation of Tamir’s actions. If the core of the problem is not ignorance or apathy, but rather a political and justice system that is indifferent to black humanity, then the solution would seem to be simple.

Shrill sur Twitter : "there are no black children. This is your brain on Whiteness: The invisible psychology of white American ignorance explained. Earlier this week, outlaw motorcycle clubs engaged in a daylight gun battle in Waco, Texas. This combat involved hundreds of people. The mall where the riot occurred was left resembling a war zone, with hundreds of spent bullet cartridges strewn about, broken bodies everywhere, and police and other local municipal services overwhelmed. By the end of melee, nine outlaws were dead, 18 wounded, and at least 165 people were arrested; 120 guns were recovered at the crime scene. In late April and early May, African-American young people protested the killing of Freddie Gray by the Baltimore police. Those peaceful protests escalated into a local uprising against the police.

This was neither random nor unprovoked: The Baltimore uprising was a response to the long-simmering upset and righteous anger about poverty, racism, civil rights violations, and abuse by the police. The participants in the Waco, Texas gun battle were almost exclusively white. Whiteness is many things. Why? Suicide Rates Doubled Among African-American Children Ages 5 To 11 Since 1993.

Researchers have found that rates of suicide among African-American children, specifically boys, have doubled since 1993, surpassing for the first time the rates among white children which dropped over the same period. The study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics Tuesday, was based on data obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which gives a breakdown of causes of death in 657 cases of suicide among children ages five to 11 between 1993 and 2012, 84 percent of whom were boys.

The New York Times reports that researchers were surprised to find that suicide rates among black boys ages five to 11 nearly doubled between 1993 and 2012, rising from 1.78 to 3.47 per million. This happened while the rates among white boys of the same age group decreased from 1.96 to 1.31 per million. “Suicide rates in the U.S. have historically been higher among white individuals across all age groups. “I was shocked, I’ll be honest with you. According to Dr. Shaun King sur Twitter : "#NatashaMckenna was handcuffed, w/ her legs shackled and a mask covering her face, when police tasered her to death.

New York Magazine sur Twitter : ""I put in white tenants": The grim, racist (& likely illegal) methods of one Brooklyn landlord. Samuel Sinyangwe sur Twitter : "#TonyRobinson wasn't an isolated incident. Police in Madison kill black men at a higher rate than the US murder rate. The Unorthodox Duck sur Twitter : "Dear white people, Stop invoking MLK against us. Don't forget he said THIS: Sincerely, #BlackLivesMatter. Shaun King sur Twitter : "Shocking News Officers who killed Tamir Rice have NOT yet been interviewed by investigators. Reporting on Waco biker gang killings reveals disparities in news coverage. Nine people have died after a shootout between rival motorcycle gangs in Waco on Sunday, when gunfire erupted in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant in the central Texas city.

I use the terms “shootout” and “gunfire erupted” after reading numerous eyewitness reports, local news coverage and national stories about the “incident,” which has been described with a whole host of phrases already. None, however, are quite as familiar as another term that’s been used to describe similarly chaotic events in the news of late: “Riot.” Of course, the deadly shootout in Texas was exactly that: A shootout. The rival gangs were not engaged in a demonstration or protest and they were predominantly white, which means that — despite the fact that dozens of people engaged in acts of obscene violence — they did not “riot,” as far as much of the media is concerned. A riot is not simply a demonstration against police brutality. CNN: melee ruckus fracas brawl fistfight brouhaha “issues” trouble chaos. Occupy Wall Street sur Twitter : "How many synonyms for "riot" will media use to describe white-on-white violence? #WacoShooting. Vox sur Twitter : "Media coverage of gang violence sure looks different when the perpetrators are white.

How Mindfulness Can Defeat Racial Bias. This article first appeared on Greater Good, the online magazine of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. It is the third in a series exploring the effects that unconscious racial biases have on the criminal justice system in the United States. When I was promoted to tenured full professor, the dean of my law school kindly had flowers sent to me at my home in Pacific Heights, an overpriced San Francisco neighborhood almost devoid of black residents. I opened the door to find a tall, young, African-American deliveryman who announced, “Delivery for Professor Magee.” I, a petite black woman, dressed for a simple Saturday spent in my own home, reached for the flowers saying, “I am Professor Magee.” The deliveryman looked down at the order and back up at me. Apparently shaken from the hidden ground of his preconceptions, he looked at me again.

Let me be clear. Is there a solution? In a word, yes. Colorblindness vs. mindfulness How to minimize bias Enter mindfulness. Rhonda V. National Day of Action For Black Women and Girls: #JusticeforRekia #SayHerName #BlackWomenMatter | BYP 100. Recent events across the country have demonstrated that police murders, sexual assault and harassment continue with impunity. The fight for justice for families devastated by police who murder their loved ones is hard fought. As we struggle to fight for justice for loved ones like Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, and Rashod McIntosh, we cannot forget, and must fight fiercely for Mya Hall, Aiyana Jones, and Rekia Boyd. The police harass, abuse, murder and do not discriminate based on gender or sexuality. All #BlackLivesMatter, and that means we uplift and fight for lasting justice for the families of victims of police violence. We’ve joined Ferguson Action and Black Lives Matter to put out a national call for actions to end state violence against All Black Women and Girls.

Click on your city to find out info on the May 21st “National Day of Action to End State Violence Against All Black Women and Girls.” National Day of Action Locations: Chicago, IL New York, NY Columbus, OH Oakland, CA Miami, FL. Can Racism Be Stopped in the Third Grade? -- Science of Us. An experiment at Fieldston, which starts when 8-year-olds are sorted by race, has some very liberal parents fuming. Photographs by Bobby Doherty The form arrived in an email attachment on the Friday after winter break.

“What is your race?” It asked. And then, beneath that, a Census-style list: “African-American/Black,” “Asian/Pacific Islander,” “Latina/o,” “Multi-racial,” “White,” and “Not sure.” The email, signed by the principal of Fieldston Lower School, urged parents to talk about these categories with their children at home because the next week, in school, the kids would have to check the box that fit them best. “I know there may be some nervous feelings about this program,” the email concluded, but “I am confident that once you hear more details about it … the value and importance of this work will become clear.”

The parents at Lower, as it’s called, are a bighearted, high-maintenance, high-achieving group. Apprehension moved like the flu among certain factions of the parents. M.christianpost. The Church can experience long-lasting racial reconciliation when Christians finally choose to do three particular things that they apparently have been failing to do, according to three Christian leaders who recently took on the issue of how racial unity and the Gospel are intertwined. (Photo: Reuters/Mark Kauzlarich)Protestors pray for justice outside the St. Louis County Justice Building in Clayton, Missouri, on Aug. 20, 2014. In a conference call organized this week by The New York City Leadership Center in anticipation of its October Movement Day gathering, Brenda Salter McNeil, Pete Scazzero and Sherry Jones shared their concerns, suggestions and hopes for the Church in a time when headlines are populated with news of police-involved shootings, of mostly black males.

McNeil is an associate professor of Reconciliation Studies in the School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University and serves as associate pastor at Quest Church. (Photo: Rev. They were just very candid. Shaun King sur Twitter : "In the criminal report against Tamir Rice, they name the officer who shot him & the State of Ohio as HIS VICTIMS. Deray mckesson sur Twitter : "The ATF is now circulating flyers with a $10,000 reward to find people suspected of damaging property during the #BaltimoreUprising. Wow." Watch this activist politely destroy CNN for racism: ‘Whiteness gets nuance and blackness doesn’t’

Social activist Deray McKesson criticized the media over the weekend for the way they had handled a white biker shootout in Texas with “nuance,” but black rioters in Baltimore who did not kill anyone were not “humanized” in the same way. In an interview on Sunday, McKesson explained to CNN host Brian Stelter than he had quit his job as a school administrator after Michael Brown was killed. “The reason that I quit was that I want to figure out how to use my skills and talent to fight in this space because you just can’t kill people,” he said. “All the work that I did in education was important, but kids have to be alive to learn.” READ MORE: ‘Hate is organized in America': Black activist fights back after death threats from pro-cop blogger McKesson slammed the media for what he called “a constant pathologizing of black bodies,” which gave the impression that “when black people assemble, it’s always criminal.” “What you saw in St.

“But it is oftentimes true,” Stelter insisted. “Is it true?” Richard Florida sur Twitter : "The Link Between Walkable Neighborhoods and Race - My latest @CityLab - Inerrancy, white evangelicals, ‘and the sin of racism’ Walter Scott, Thomas Slager, and the Myth of Police Reform — The Atlantic. The real problem is the belief that all our social problems can be solved with force. There is a tendency, when examining police shootings, to focus on tactics at the expense of strategy. One interrogates the actions of the officer in the moment trying to discern their mind-state. We ask ourselves, "Were they justified in shooting? " But, in this time of heightened concern around the policing, a more essential question might be, "Were we justified in sending them?

" At some point, Americans decided that the best answer to every social ill lay in the power of the criminal-justice system. When Walter Scott fled from the North Charleston police, he was not merely fleeing Thomas Slager, he was attempting to flee incarceration. Last week I was in Madison, Wisconsin, where I was informed of the killing of Tony Robinson by a police officer. There is of course another way. There are many problems with expecting people trained in crime-fighting to be social workers. Police officers fight crime. The Economics of Ferguson: Emerson Electric, Municipal Fines, Discriminatory Policing.

Take a walk along West Florissant Avenue, in Ferguson, Missouri. Head south of the burned-out Quik Trip and the famous McDonalds, south of the intersection with Chambers, south almost to the city limit, to the corner of Ferguson Avenue and West Florissant. There, last August, Emerson Electric announced third-quarter sales of $6.3 billion. Just over half a mile to the northeast, four days later, Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. The 12 shots fired by Officer Wilson were probably audible in the company lunchroom. Outwardly, at least, the City of Ferguson would appear to occupy an enviable position. Instead, the cash-starved municipality relies on its cops and its courts to extract millions in fines and fees from its poorest residents, issuing thousands of citations each year. The familiar convention of the true-crime story turns out to be utterly inadequate for describing the social, economic, and legal subjection of black people in Ferguson, or anywhere in America.

St. I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto: Towards a Hip-Hop Eschatology | James H. Hill, Jr. Dedicated to Ailey. Keep Your Head Up, Sis. “Here on Earth, tell me what’s a black life worth?” –Tupac Shakur If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone from my community profess fear over the Book of Revelation and dread concerning the End Times, I am convinced that I would make Sallie Mae a happy woman and my student loans would be but a dream. Quite frankly, thoughts pertaining to the Apocalypse terrorizes the minds of many poor folk. As children, we remember with opulent clarity images of fire and brimstone reigning down from the heavens on our communities and people who looked like us drowning in a sea of burning sulfur. When Tupac’s eschatological treatise of ghettoized angst (entitled: “I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto”) was first released in 1997, many clergy derided the work as but another example of sacrilegious fodder spewed from the cantankerous mouths of juvenile delinquents.

When I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Listening to Dr. Like this: Like Loading... As Riots Follow Freddie Gray's Death in Baltimore, Calls for Calm Ring Hollow. Rioting broke out on Monday in Baltimore—an angry response to the death of Freddie Gray, a death my native city seems powerless to explain. Gray did not die mysteriously in some back alley but in the custody of the city's publicly appointed guardians of order. And yet the mayor of that city and the commissioner of that city's police still have no idea what happened. I suspect this is not because the mayor and police commissioner are bad people, but because the state of Maryland prioritizes the protection of police officers charged with abuse over the citizens who fall under its purview. The citizens who live in West Baltimore, where the rioting began, intuitively understand this.

I grew up across the street from Mondawmin Mall, where today's riots began. My mother was raised in the same housing project, Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was killed. Everyone I knew who lived in that world regarded the police not with admiration and respect but with fear and caution.