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Open Learning Initiative. Teachit English - Home page. Teaching resources homepage. Khan Academy. Homepage. Xpert. Creative Commons. LEARNING WHEEL: Life Drawing - Using OERs/resources. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree. Santos. The professional educator. Research Leads Tina Wilson, Andreia Inamorato Dos Santos What is it?

The professional educator

The aim of this research strand is to understand the role of lecturers and teachers as professional educators in relation to the development of and use of OER. Research is split into three themes: Reuse: to carry out and support action research in the use and reuse of OER in next contexts looking at the cross-cultural issues that are involvedEducators: to understand broadly how various stakeholders (managers, lecturers and students) can be involved in the creation, use and reuse of OER across educational levels and subject areasInformation and Computer Science (ICS): to focus on a single subject and explore potential and actual use of OER for formal and informal learning from lecturers' and students' perspectives within the ICS discipline Image: by Zador Spanish schools Spain Research Questions.

The Global Network for Open Education. OpenStax College. Material Results. Access e-learning A free,online ten-module tutorial that offers information, instructional techniques, and practice labs on how to make the... see more A free,online ten-module tutorial that offers information, instructional techniques, and practice labs on how to make the most common needs in distance education accessible for individuals with disabilities, and enhance the usability of online materials for all students.To view a video of the award winning author, go to View Access eLearning - Faculty Development Award Winner 2007 video Material Type: Tutorial Author: Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA) Date Added: Nov 05, 2006 Date Modified: Sep 26, 2015 Pick a Bookmark Collection or Course ePortfolio to put this material in or scroll to the bottom to create a new Bookmark Collection.

Material Results

Discover Open Educational Resources With Our New ‘3 Minute Teaching With Tech’ Tutorial. I love the idea of Open Educational Resources.

Discover Open Educational Resources With Our New ‘3 Minute Teaching With Tech’ Tutorial

Free. The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic. Distance Education Infographics The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic It used to be that an Ivy League education was reserved only for those with vast fortunes, family connections, or stellar grades.

The History of Open Educational Resources Infographic

However, much of academia’s top curricula are now available online, free for anyone with an inquiring mind to see. Acas Learning OnLine. The UK's largest repository for discovering and sharing Open Educational Resources for HE, FE and Skills. TeacherTube. Courses. Harvard on iTunes U. Harvard on iTunes U allows the University to distribute world-class educational content to the world at large.

Harvard on iTunes U

Watch Michael Sandel give his famous "Justice" lectures, learn about the intersection of science and cooking, or listen to Yo-Yo Ma perform Bach’s First Suite for Solo Cello. Questions or feedback? Contact us at About iTunes U iTunes U is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more, that you can enjoy on your iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC. Frequently Asked Questions What is Harvard on iTunes U? The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance. Copyright protection exists from the moment a work is created in a fixed, tangible form of expression.

The Campus Guide to Copyright Compliance

The copyright immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author, or those deriving their rights through the author, can rightfully claim copyright. In the case of works made for hire, the employer—not the writer—is considered the author. The First Sale Doctrine The physical ownership of an item such as a book, painting, manuscript or CD is not the same as owning the copyright to the work embodied in that item. Under the First Sale Doctrine (Section 109 of the Copyright Act), ownership of a physical copy of a copyright-protected work permits lending, reselling, disposing, etc., of the item.

Commons. Scribd - Read Unlimited Books. OER Commons. CC Search. Free Online Course Materials. Education. Namazi - Shqip Намази - Схкип - Апликацион схуме сам добисхем пер те гјитхе муслиманет.


Autoshkolla Провимет пер Патенте Схофер те категорисе Б. PhotoMath PhotoMath je najpametniji foto-kalkulator na svijetu! Namazi PRO - Shqip Не кете Програм ЈУ паракесим Намазıн не ЈЕЗИК Схкипе, ја ње дизајн Те лехте боја боја је бојење алат за децу 27. Око Исламит ју мундесон ке најдете Све о пер Фене ме те ДОБРО тек Зоти. 33. Несе Фемија јуај десхирон Ње пералле, кету Кени ДИСА пералла пер фемије ... 42. II - Home. iTunes U - Learn anything, anywhere, at any time.

Lessons Worth Sharing. MoocLab - Connecting People to Online Learning. Welcome to Forbes. The free learning revolution - Simon Nelson, FutureLearn. FutureLearn is the UK's platform for online courses, with more than 50 partner universities and institutions, from the British Museum to University College London.

The free learning revolution - Simon Nelson, FutureLearn

It recently claimed the record for the course with the most students - 370,000 learners enrolled for a British Council course preparing for an English language test. What's the secret behind its success and what does the future hold for massive open online courses (MOOCS), like FutureLearn? It's been nearly two years now since FutureLearn launched – how's it going? We're delighted with progress. Around a year we hit our first million people signed up for courses and those numbers are accelerating [now nearly two million]. An introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER): 3 Exploring OER - OpenLearn - Open University - H800_1. Candace Thille Higher education is confronted with a pretty significant challenge.

An introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER): 3 Exploring OER - OpenLearn - Open University - H800_1

We're asking faculty and institutions to teach many, many, many more students. And we're giving them 50 minutes to try and address the needs of that much larger group with a much greater diversity. And then we wonder why pass rates, failure rates are so high. It's an undoable task without better tools and better support.