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eLearning. Learning Online @ BTC Flexible Learning Options Bellingham Technical College supports the success of its students by providing flexible learning opportunities.


Online courses are 100% available on the web. In online courses, students use the internet and technology to connect with instructors and classmates and to complete all coursework. Most of BTC's online courses are offered through Canvas, BTC's Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas Canvas is BTC's Learning Management System (LMS). Is Online Learning Right for Me? Online learning offers flexibility for students who have busy schedules outside of school. Technology Requirements You'll need access to a stable internet connection and a reliable, fairly modern computer or laptop for the best online learning experience. Zero Week - What is it? Zero Week is an orientation week for online courses. Getting Help. Connect OER. What is Connect OER?

Connect OER

Connect OER is a platform to share and discover information about OER activities at campuses across North America. Each participating institution maintains a profile page about local OER activities, which collectively populate a searchable directory that showcases trends, best practices, and collective impact being achieved through OER. Connect OER has three main components: Campus Profiles: Each participating institution has a campus profile maintained by its academic library, which includes a summary of OER activities and basic metrics about the status of OER on campus.

This profile can be updated and expanded over time as initiatives progress. Why Connect OER? The movement for Open Educational Resources (OER) has been accelerating across North American higher education, with numerous institutions launching initiatives to support the creation, adoption, adaptation and awareness of OER. Get Involved Have a Question? What are OER? - Open Educational Resources (OER) - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Wisc-Online - OER. BC Open Textbooks Review Criteria. Comprehensiveness – The text covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately and provides an effective index and/or glossary.Content Accuracy – Content, including diagrams and other supplementary material, is accurate, error-free and unbiased.Relevance/Longevity – Content is up-to-date, but not in a way that will quickly make the text obsolete within a short period of time.

BC Open Textbooks Review Criteria

The text is written and/or arranged in such a way that necessary updates will be relatively easy and straightforward to implement.Clarity – The text is written in lucid, accessible prose, and provides adequate context for any jargon/technical terminology used.Consistency – The text is internally consistent in terms of terminology and framework.Modularity – The text is easily and readily divisible into smaller reading sections that can be assigned at different points within the course (i.e., enormous blocks of text without subheadings should be avoided).

Evaluate OER - Open Educational Resources (OER) - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Here are a few steps you might take in the evaluation process.

Evaluate OER - Open Educational Resources (OER) - LibGuides at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

If this process seems lengthy, think about the process you follow to review textbooks and other materials for your course. You can use a similar or modified evaluation process. Does this OER cover the content you'd like your students to learn in this course or module? How accessible is this content? Will it be accessible for your students, or is it too technical? AchieveOERRubrics. Evaluate OER - Open Education Resources (OER) - Research Guides at University of Southern California. Selection Criteria & Evaluation of OER - Open Educational Resources - LibGuides at Austin Community College. 1 s2.0 S1877042813010422 main. Faculty Guide 29 mar 15.

Open_Education_Resources_Evaluation_Rubric-1.docx. II - Home.


Flags of Native Americans in the United States. Search: dragonflies. SOC 101 – Intro to Sociology. Sociology is the study of social groups, structures, processes, institutions, and events.

SOC 101 – Intro to Sociology

This course will focus on understanding and applying the sociological perspective, which stresses the importance of the impact of social forces external to the individual in shaping people’s lives and experiences. This idea that we are all profoundly affected by the society in which we live is the guiding light of sociology. Sociologists also study the ways in which people, as they interact, shape their social systems. Topics studied will include socialization, social interaction, culture, groups, social structure, deviance, social inequality, social class, race, gender, institutions (political, economic, educational, family, and religious), collective behavior and social change.

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