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Accueil du portail. Accueil. Académie de Lille. Site de la DANE et des référents numériques de l'académie de Lille — site des référents numériques de l'Académie de Lille. Le salon 2014 se tient cette année les 26, 27 et 28 novembre Archives : le salon 2013 Mise en oeuvre du projet "smart tablettes" de la Région.

Site de la DANE et des référents numériques de l'académie de Lille — site des référents numériques de l'Académie de Lille

Après appel à candidatures, de nombreux lycées ont fourni des dossiers complets intégrant des projets pédagogiques numériques pertinents. Ces projets ont été analysés par la Délégation académique au numérique éducatif (DANE). La mise à disposition des tablettes est en cours dans l'ensemble des lycées. ---> pour en savoir plus La Lettre TIC'Édu thématique vient en complément des Lettres TIC'Édu disciplinaires.Elle est destinée aussi bien au premier degré qu'au second degré.

Accueil ressources — DANE. L'évaluation des compétences numériques. À l'école, au collège et au lycée, le numérique est intégré dans les programmes de chaque discipline.

L'évaluation des compétences numériques

JB Découvrir la VEILLE INFORMATIONNELLE 1. Voki - Home. Lycée Darchicourt - Accueil. Home. Britain's 40 year relationship with the EU  History: British History in-depth. Timeline of the Kings & Queens of England. By Ben Johnson, Editor There have been 66 monarchs of England and Britain spread over a period of 1500 years.

Timeline of the Kings & Queens of England

English Kings EGBERT 827 - 839 Egbert (Ecgherht) was the first monarch to establish a stable and extensive rule over all of Anglo-Saxon England. The Leek - National Emblem of Wales and the Welsh. Proudly sported every St.

The Leek - National Emblem of Wales and the Welsh

David’s Day on 1st March and at every international rugby match, the leek is now widely recognised as the national symbol of Wales. But why is it that patriotic Welshmen and women across the world attach this strong smelling member of the onion family to their clothing? The true origins are now perhaps lost in myth and legend; however the history can certainly be traced back at least seven hundred years. During Elizabethan times, Shakespeare refers to the custom of wearing a leek as an "ancient tradition", and his character Henry V tells Fluellen that he is wearing a leek "for I am Welsh, you know, good countryman. " Even earlier than this, entries in the household accounts of the ‘Welsh’ Tudor Kings of England, record payments for leeks worn by the household guards on St.

Earlier still in the fourteenth century, it is known that the feared Welsh archers adopted the green and white colours of the leek for their uniforms, perhaps at the Battle of Crecy. The UK’s international culture and education organisation. Ateliers scientifiques dans l'académie de Lille. Entre le 9 et le 13 mai 2016, deux scientifiques britanniques se rendront dans des écoles primaires de l’académie de Lille pour y animer des ateliers, en anglais, autour de la science cachée dans les produits de consommation courante.

Ateliers scientifiques dans l'académie de Lille

Cette initiative est coordonnée par le British Council, dans le cadre de son programme Science in Schools, et réalisée en collaboration avec le rectorat de l'académie de Lille. Les ateliers sont proposés par Martin Coath, de l’Université de Plymouth, et Kay Gammie, du Musée des Sciences et de l’Industrie de Manchester. Leur atelier, “The Supermarket Scientist” (Le scientifique du supermarché) montre aux élèves de primaire que l’on peut faire de la chimie, de la biologie et de la physique avec des produits de tous les jours. En tant que journalistes, vous êtes cordialement invités à participer à ces ateliers qui auront lieu dans des écoles primaires de l’académie de Lille du 9 au 13 mai 2016. House of Lords. The White House. UH - Digital History. Flag timeline. Adoption of State Flag Desecration Statutes — By the late 1800's an organized flag protection movement was born in reaction to perceived commercial and political misuse of the flag.

Flag timeline

After supporters failed to obtain federal legislation, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota became the first States to adopt flag desecration statutes. Encyclopédie Universalis. Richard Florida. Mapping the World’s Knowledge Hubs Which cities have the highest concentration of top-ranked universities?

Richard Florida

Does Urbanization Drive Southeast Asia's Development? How the creative class is affecting economic growth in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The High Cost of Closed Borders Where immigrant populations live tells us a lot about how they improve the U.S. economy. How Do Mayors Think About Inequality? About half of U.S. mayors say they want to combat inequality, but they are less sure about redistribution. America’s Economic Distress Belt Income inequality and poverty used to be separate phenomena in America. ANTIGONE. Irish Republican History & Remembrance. 179.1 Private 027 was, in January 1972, a private in Anti-Tank Platoon of Support Company, 1 PARA.

Irish Republican History & Remembrance.

He was present in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday as the radio operator for Lieutenant 119, the Platoon Commander. 179.2 In 1975, Private 027 wrote a “memoir ” that dealt, among other topics, with the events of Bloody Sunday. The memoir contained serious allegations against other members of 1 PARA. In it, Private 027 wrote that on the night before Bloody Sunday his Platoon Commander (Lieutenant 119) had told his platoon, “we want some kills tomorrow ”. We discuss this evidence in the course of considering the events of the weeks before Bloody Sunday. 179.3 The memoir also contained a claim that the written statement that Private 027 had made for the Widgery Inquiry (which contained none of the allegations in the memoir) had been written for him by “Crown lawyers ” and was not a truthful account. 179.11 After concluding this agreement, Private 027 co-operated with the Inquiry.

Soyinka's "Live Burial" Joel Henderson'92 (English 32, Spring 1990) He dedicates "Prisonettes," a special section of A Shuttle in the Crypt, "to all who participated in the two-year experiement on how to break down the human mind.

Soyinka's "Live Burial"

(Including of course those who gave the orders)" (Wole Soyinka, A Shuttle in the Crypt, p.59) He also explains the diction of the poems from this section: "The form was quite arbitrary, something short enough and as self-containing as possible to remain in the head until, at nighttime or in a slack moment of surveillance I could transfer it to the inside of a cigarette packet or an equally precious scrap of salvage. " (Soyinka, Crypt, p.59) These two preface remarks brace us first for stark revelations of the horrors of utter isolation, and also for the almost incomprehensibly foreign elements of daily prison life. This falsification leads to the fifth stanza's debate about reality and to the relationship between actuality and what the state perceives. Langues vivantes. Definition and Examples of Literary Terms.

Royaume-Uni : qu’est-ce qu’un « cabinet fantôme » ? Jeremy Corbyn, à la tête du Labour, a annoncé, lundi, qu’il constituerait un nouveau « shadow cabinet ».

Royaume-Uni : qu’est-ce qu’un « cabinet fantôme » ?

Ce « gouvernement bis » réunit les députés les plus influents du principal parti de l’opposition parlementaire. Le oui à la sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne (« Brexit »), le 23 juin, a ouvert une crise politique majeure au sein du Parti travailliste britannique. HdaBridges2. Norman Rockwell - Bio - Norman Rockwell Museum - The Home for American Illustration. A Brief Biography Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed.