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12 Hilarious Shots Taken at Exactly the Right Moment. When we see something extraordinary happen in front of our eyes we often quickly grab our phones to snap a photo before the moment is gone.

12 Hilarious Shots Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

Today Bright Side would like to share 12 ridiculous shots that were captured just when they were meant to be. This lady lying under an ocean blanket This cat looks to be in perfect shape This student wore the right T-shirt and took the right seat An obedient dog These dudes sitting next to each other This guy just found the perfect match for his T-shirt This woman matching the hotel This guy found a painting of himself This woman with her X-ray bag This man with a woman’s body These two cars having a conversation This man with his new hat We’d love to hear your views on this…

English Vocabulary Words: Sports Locations – Espresso English. English Dictation. Useful FCE websites. Here are all of the useful websites I can find to help students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate exam.

Useful FCE websites

Please let me know if there are any broken links, or if you find something you think I should add. General Great website, full of tips, especially for Reading, Use of English and Writing. I’d definitely recommend students look at the word bank every day, and that teachers try to make use of those words in their classes to motivate students to use it! The official Cambridge FCE website, with information about the length of the papers and the task types, as well as some free materials to download. Three sites aimed at students. Alex Case’s excellent collection of FCE worksheets. FCE Result (affiliate link – I will earn money from Amazon if you buy anything after clicking this link), the OUP coursebook, has online exercises for each unit of the book. Practice exams. Countries of the World Quiz. PET EXAM LISTENING PRACTICE PART 2 - Mp3 Download (4.87 MB)



Download Link will working with Browser MOZILLA FIREFOX & CHROME only. 2. Don't use IE (Internet Explorer) browser. PET for Schools – Practice test – CAMBRIDGE (ESL) English Exams. PET EXAM PRACTISE: READING & WRITING PRACTISE. LISTENING - Página Jimdo de emieidiomas. Guess the Picture. Graded English language dictations free online.

Teaching Tips 19. Working holiday This is more of a warmer idea this week.

Teaching Tips 19

Have you ever wondered about the contradictions in terms like 'found missing', 'alone together', 'small crowd' & one of my favourites 'Microsoft Works'? Have your students? These terms are called oxymorons. As the Collins English Dictionary says, they are 'an epigrammatic effect, by which contradictory terms are used in conjunction: beautiful tyrant; found missing. (via New Latin from Greek oxumÇron, from oxus sharp + moros stupid)' A way of looking at them in class: Choose which oxymorons you want to look at & write them on the board - but make sure the individual words are jumbled up. As a follow up you could get the students to invent a story using a number of the oxymorons & then discuss how they are translated into their language(s). A way to review some vocab, introduce some collocations & have some fun with the language. For a list of oxymorons Back to the contents A communicative drill?

To the Past Teaching Tips. The town - The city - Vocabulary - Activities. "The 2057 documentary is a 3 part series by the Discovery Channel.

The town - The city - Vocabulary - Activities

It's a an entertaining documentary about life in 50 years. The city episode shows us how much city life will be incredibly interconnected. The extreme interconnection has risks however which we must avoid before problems occur. " PET for Schools Listening Part 3: free practice test. Call my Bluff. Today we're going to play a little game called Call my Bluff.

Call my Bluff

In this activity we have chosen ten unusual words. Each word has two descriptions of the word; only one of which is true. You must then guess the true definition. Did you know the word bluff means to make somebody believe something that is not true? It's similar to a lie but we bluff people as part of a joke or a game. Decide which is the correct definition: 1. BBC One - A Question of Sport - A Question of Sport Quiz. My English class: Collocations: do, play or go with sports and other activities.

PET Reading and writing. Beginners course (stating preferences) Comparatives and Superlatives. Teen Advisors & Velocity - Live Real, Really Live. 50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use. ACMI Generator. PET PRACTICE 3 - SPEAKING - Belgrano - Campus Virtual ORT. Bedroom. Wp-content/uploads/downloads/2013/06/Gezi-Park.pdf.