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Monster as a Pet. Imagine that you have a monster as a pet.

Monster as a Pet

You are going to describe your monster in three different ways by drawing the monster, by writing about it and by presenting it orally in a group.To help you start, you can use the following questions: What is the name of your monster? What does your monster look like? What characteristics does it have? (nice, evil, vegetarian etc.)Does it have a family? Cirkelmodellen med digitala verktyg – Patricia Diaz. Många som arbetar språkutvecklande använder sig av cirkelmodellens fyra faser när eleverna ska skriva texter.

Cirkelmodellen med digitala verktyg – Patricia Diaz

100 Creative Writing Prompts for Grades 4-8 - Free PowerPoint. The magic door - annotated. Hemingway Editor. Storybird tutorial. Peergrade - engaging student peer review. Marvelous_Minilessons_for_Teaching_Intermediate_Writing_-_facebook_com_LinguaLIB. Writer Igniter - DIY MFA. Homophones, Weakly. Story Starters / Teaching & learning resources / Success for Boys - Success for Boys. Story Starters is a video resource aimed at engaging boys and inspiring them to write.

Story Starters / Teaching & learning resources / Success for Boys - Success for Boys

It has been developed for boys in years 5 to 8, using boys of that age to help create the material. Its main purpose is to kick-start boys’ engagement with writing and be part of a range of tools teachers use to reduce the number of boys who are disengaged or not achieving to their potential in writing. The opening sentences from the role models were taken to schools in Wellington, with groups of boys in years 5 to 8 developing them into stories.

The boys provided a huge range of creative, descriptive, inventive and funny ideas, which a scriptwriter took and crafted into eight stories. These stories were developed into fast-paced, modern and entertaining animated videos. Story Starters and inspiration videos There are eight story starter animations. Bret McKenzie, comedian, actor, musician: Big vs Bigger "Sean was the biggest kid on the street. View Bret McKenzie's Story Starter >> Story Starters Teaching Guide. Overview Ready to get students excited about writing?

Story Starters Teaching Guide

Scholastic Story Starters activity serves up hundreds of creative combinations that take the writer's block out of creative writing for students. Set young writers loose with prompts that explore the themes of Adventure, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi. Students can also choose the Scrambler for random word combinations. Story Starters gives ideas for character, plot, and setting. PenPal Schools: We Are World Explorers - PenPal Schools. PenPal Schools: We Are World Explorers - PenPal Schools. Creative Story Prompt Cards by @DigiColEd – @UKEdResources. How to write fiction that comes alive - Nalo Hopkinson.

Cambridge English Write & Improve. Six Amazing Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger. Long writing activities are not very frequently done in class.

Six Amazing Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger

I tend to think that my students are like me; I need the right kind of atmosphere. Writing requires time, silence and lots of inspiration. Ideally, at this time of the year, I would probably wish to be sitting next to a fireplace with the most perfect instagrammable snow falling outside my window while drinking a nice cup of coffee waiting for inspiration to strike. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow where I live so I’ll have to make do with a bit of rain and some reddish trees.

Note: you won’t find “instagrammable” in the dictionary Inspiration, the most important word when writing and something my students claim to lack. These are some great sites that can help you make your writing stronger. Photo by Tekke 1. Skell is easy to use. 2.Netspeak is a really helpful site to help you write better. You can find the word(s) you’re looking for by typing signs as seen in the picture below.

Graded English language dictations free online. Writing Frame - Functions. Sub-titrera dina filmer. Writing Topics. Jump to navigation All online writing units are free ($0) during the pandemic. Thank you for teaching! Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans. L.I.F.T. – an effective writing-proficiency and metacognition enhancer. Many years ago, as an L2 college student writer of English and French I often had doubts about the accuracy of what I wrote in my essays, especially when I was trying out a new and complex grammar structure or an idiom I had heard someone use.

However, the busy and under-paid native-speaker university language assistants charged with correcting my essays rarely gave me useful feedback on those adventurous linguistic exploits of mine. They simply underlined or crossed out my mistakes and provided their correct alternative. As an inquisitive and demanding language learner I was not satisfied. I wanted more. So, I decided to try out a different approach; in every essay of mine I asked my teachers questions about things I was not sure about, in annotations I would write in the margin of my essays (e.g. should I use ‘with’ or ‘by’ here? Later on in life, when I became a foreign language teacher, I recycled this strategy with my students.

RedKid.Net. KP:s serieskola! Johan Wanloo har ritat serier så länge han kan minnas.

KP:s serieskola!

Han får inspiration av saker i vardagen. Hur länge jobbar du med en seriestripp? English - Hammarskolan - Home.