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Preliminary English Test (PET): Practice Tests and Exercises from Flo-Joe

Preliminary English Test (PET): Practice Tests and Exercises from Flo-Joe

English Reading Comprehension - Textos para aprender o practicar inglés - Comprensión escrita We offer you here some texts on various interesting subjects. You can practise reading comprehension and at the same time you will certainly learn something new. Each text is identified with an icon showing the level of English used on it. You will also find some questions to answer at the end of some texts to test your comprehension. Now you can also print the reading texts and the exercises. ¡Comparte esta página! Aquí te ofrecemos textos sobre varios temas interesantes. Cada texto está identificado con un símbolo que muestra el nivel de inglés del mismo. Además ahora puedes imprimir las lecturas y los ejercicios. Más ejercicios para practicar inglés Libros recomendados Intermediate English Reading and Comprehension Este libro contiene diversas lecturas con ejercicios para estudiantes de nivel intermedio. Fast Forward Reading English Reading: 10 Passages for English Learners

online training Curso Gratuito PET (Nivel B1) Nota Importante: Para acceder a este curso solo tienes que bajar con el cursor y hacer clic en cada unidad. ¿A quién va dirigido este curso de inglés gratuito? El curso que os ofreceremos a lo largo de las próximas semanas tiene por objetivo servir como apoyo y refuerzo para todos aquellos que estéis preparando el examen PET (Preliminary English Test) de la Universidad de Cambridge, equivalente al Nivel B1 del denominado Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas ¿Dónde puedo encontrar más información sobre el PET? Antes de comenzar el curso, te recomendamos que visites la página oficial del examen PET, donde podrás encontrar información detallada sobre la estructura de la prueba, centros examinadores, así como descargar materiales gratuitos para su preparación. También puedes mirar: ¿Qué es y para qué sirve acreditar el nivel B1? ¿Es suficiente este curso para poder presentarme al examen? No. ¿Cómo acceder a este curso? ¿Y si tengo dudas?

Grammar Test - B1 level PART TWO - GRAMMAR TEST - B1 LEVEL LANGUAGE AWARENESS TASK 1 – Read the text below and decide which answer (a, b, c or d) best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). Grace Murray Hopper was a remarkable woman and a leader in the field of software development. She contributed (0. example) to the transition from primitive programming techniques to the use of sophisticated computer languages. Grace Murray (21) XXX on December 9, . In 1928 she graduated from in mathematics and physics and joined the faculty. (22) XXX she was teaching at Vassar, she continued her studies at , (23) XXX she took a doctorate in mathematics in 1934.

myenglishproject - Grammar Help Wikispaces was founded in 2005 and has since been used by educators, companies and individuals across the globe. Unfortunately, the time has come where we have had to make the difficult business decision to end the Wikispaces service. We first announced the site closure in January 2018, through a site-wide banner that appeared to all logged-in users and needed to be clicked on to dismiss During the closure period a range of banners were shown to users, including a countdown banner in the final month. Additionally, the home page of became a blog, detailing the reasons for the closure. Private Label Site Administrators were contacted separately regarding the closure Why has Wikispaces closed? Approximately 18 months ago, we completed a technical review of the infrastructure and software we used to serve Wikispaces users.

Australia Network - Learning English - Learning Programs Learning Levels Explained Better Than Beginner I can say enough to manage a simple conversation. I can read signs and basic instructions. I can understand when people speak slowly and clearly. I can write simple sentences. Recommended Programs: Living English Intermediate I can talk about every day situations and make arrangements. Recommended Programs: Nexus English Bites The Business of English Study English Advanced I can talk about most topics and understand everything except very technical or complex language. Recommended Programs: Nexus English Bites Study English

ESL Teacher Resources, Job Boards, and Worksheets Cómo preparar el speaking del PET | Theorein Está llegando mucha gente al blog buscando cómo preparar el speaking (parte oral) del PET (Preliminary English Test), el examen de Cambridge que equivale al B1. Yo lo hice hace unas semanas, y como no estaba yendo a academia no sabía cómo iba hasta unos días antes que usoidesfero me encontró dos exámenes de prueba. Os cuento cómo va. Los candidatos entran de dos en dos a un aula en la que hay dos examinadores, uno habla, el otro sólo escucha y apunta. Al entrar, el examinador que habla se presentará, presentará al que no habla y os pedirá que le entreguéis las hojas para puntuaros (os las habrán dado justo antes de entrar). - What’s your name? - What’s your surname? - How do you spell it? - Where do you come from? - Do you work or are you a student? - Do you enjoy studying English? - What do you enjoy doing in your free time? - What did you do yesterday evening? El examinador va alternando, pregunta una a un candidato, otra a otro. Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...

Advanced level English - EFL resources for students Get the Free app ! Get instant access to the Linguapress English grammar for android phones and tablets from Google Play store. Free app; no intrusive ads, no login. Advanced level English Guide to levels:CEFR / TELC Levels C1 and C2 (Proficiency) IELTS levels 7 to 9 ACTFL Levels Advanced-high – Superior Resources for English teachers and for students with a good working knowledge of English, and a good understanding of essential vocabulary. Copyright information. Free to view, free to use, free to print, but not free to copy. Some other pages you might like to visit Photo top. Click to contact Linguapress