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A giant neuron has been found wrapped around the entire circumference of the brain. For the first time, scientists have detected a giant neuron wrapped around the entire circumference of a mouse's brain, and it's so densely connected across both hemispheres, it could finally explain the origins of consciousness.

A giant neuron has been found wrapped around the entire circumference of the brain

Using a new imaging technique, the team detected the giant neuron emanating from one of the best-connected regions in the brain, and say it could be coordinating signals from different areas to create conscious thought. This recently discovered neuron is one of three that have been detected for the first time in a mammal's brain, and the new imaging technique could help us figure out if similar structures have gone undetected in our own brains for centuries.

You can see them highlighted in the image at the top of the page. Lead researcher Christof Koch told Sara Reardon at Nature that they've never seen neurons extend so far across both regions of the brain before. Szünidei időtöltés: makramé karkötő – FonalDesign. How to tie a Blood Knot. Uses: The Blood Knot is a favorite knot for fly fisherman.

How to tie a Blood Knot

New Research on Plant Intelligence May Forever Change How You Think about Plants. The Intelligent Plant.

New Research on Plant Intelligence May Forever Change How You Think about Plants

That is the title of a recent article in The New Yorker — and new research is showing that plants have astounding abilities to sense and react to the world. But can a plant be intelligent? Some plant scientists insist they are — since they can sense, learn, remember and even react in ways that would be familiar to humans. Physicists just discovered a second state of liquid water. It’s one of the most fundamental compounds on Earth, and it makes up roughly 60 percent of the human body, and yet water is turning out to be stranger than we could have ever imagined.

Physicists just discovered a second state of liquid water

Researchers have been investigating the physical properties of water, and found that when it’s heated to between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, it hits a 'crossover temperature', and appears to start switching between two different states of liquid. Johns Hopkins psychedelics research keeps finding medical uses / Boing Boing. Johns Hopkins is among several institutions challenging a key tenet of outlawing psychedelics: that they have "no medicinal use.

Johns Hopkins psychedelics research keeps finding medical uses / Boing Boing

" Baltimore Magazine examines the progress made by key researchers Roland Griffiths and Bill Richards. Snip: Ten years ago, Hopkins researchers, led by Griffiths and Bill Richards, a 76-year-old clinical psychologist whose work with psilocybin dates back to the heady days of psychedelic research in the early ’60s, published their first paper on their new pilot studies. Cited as a landmark report by former National Institute on Drug Abuse Director Charles Schuster, the ongoing research at Hopkins—and now other universities—has begun revealing a host of potentially dramatic therapeutic applications for the ancient psychedelic used by indigenous Mexican and South American communities in religious rituals for thousands of years.

Physicists just discovered electrons behaving like light in graphene... but better. Scientists have found a bizarre similarity between human cells and neutron stars. The Process Of Cosmic Self-Destruction at the Speed of Light. A theory pondered over often by scientists is whether the annihilation of the universe would be as easy as pushing a button.

The Process Of Cosmic Self-Destruction at the Speed of Light

Furthermore, the process of cosmic self-destruction would wipe out everything, including life, so efficiently that the known form of the universe may never exist again. The theory has recently been explained further in a video, which gives more insight on how self-destruction comes down to energy levels and stability. According to science explainer Kurzgesagt, there is more energy in a system when the level of energy is higher. However, objects throughout the universe are becoming more stable because they are trying to shed energy to attain their ground state.


Why We Cry: The Science of Sobbing and Emotional Tearing. By Maria Popova Why it’s easier to prevent a crying spell than to stop one already underway.

Why We Cry: The Science of Sobbing and Emotional Tearing

The human body is an extraordinary machine, and our behavior an incessant source of fascination. This Interview With Nikola Tesla From 1899 Reveals His Extraordinary Personality. Quantum Consciousness: Empathy And Entanglement. Relativity and anti relativity.

Quantum Theory

Biology. Experiment opens the door to multi-party quantum communication. In the world of quantum science, Alice and Bob have been talking to one another for years.

Experiment opens the door to multi-party quantum communication

Charlie joined the conversation a few years ago, but now with spacelike separation, scientists have measured that their communication occurs faster than the speed of light. For the first time, physicists at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo have demonstrated the distribution of three entangled photons at three different locations (Alice, Bob and Charlie) several hundreds of metres apart, proving quantum nonlocality for more than two entangled photons. The findings of the experiment, Experimental Three-Particle Quantum Nonlocality under Strict Locality Conditions, are published in Nature Photonics today.


The most important moment in the evolution of life. Discovery of quantum vibrations in microtubules inside brain neurons corroborates controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness. Structure of a microtubule.

Discovery of quantum vibrations in microtubules inside brain neurons corroborates controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness

The ring shape depicts a microtubule in cross-section, showing the 13 protofilaments surrounding a hollow center. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons) A review and update of a controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness published in Elsevier’s Physics of Life Reviews (open access) claims that consciousness derives from deeper-level, finer-scale activities inside brain neurons. The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in microtubules inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. They suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions.

Microtubules are major components of the structural skeleton of cells. Dark Matter Reveals the Structure of the Universe. Physics is both deeply inspiring and deeply humbling, in a way that few other disciplines are today.

Dark Matter Reveals the Structure of the Universe

On the one hand, physicists have found the elusive Higgs boson, the particle responsible for mass. On the other hand, physicists are comparatively clueless when it comes to dark matter, which makes up the vast majority of the Universe. CGear Sand-Free Multi Rug.

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Unbrick samsung galaxy S I9000 – hardware bricked >> Karibe. Alan is the founder of project mjanja. He has been developing for several devices, among them some in the Samsung Galaxy family. as usual with devs, he flashed a lot of stuff in the Galaxy S I9000. Eventually something gave up. The phone was hard-bricked. Having known me for a hardware guy, mostly just talks, he handed me his phone. We both thought i’ll probably re-use the screen… i wanted to try and resurrect it to full functionality though. A sandstone block built from lego, blending real objects with 3d prints. 3D scanning is traditionally achieved with prohibitively expensive laser scanner hardware. However, recent software developments have opened up the possibility of acquiring a similar quality of 3d scan using just a stills camera.

How many atoms are in the human body?

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3d art. Alpha zbrush. Create with. Cosmology. Light art. Neuro. Growing New Neurons. Brain cells called pericytes can be reprogrammed into neurons with just two proteins, pointing to a novel way to treat neurodegenerative disorders. Pericytes, Image courtesy of M. Karow et al., 2012Making new neurons in the brain may not be as hard as once believed. Using just two proteins and without any cell divisions, scientists from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich succeeded in reprogramming brain cells known as pericytes into neurons in both cultured cells from humans and mice. The findings, published today (October 4) in Cell Stem Cell, could have implications for patients with degenerative brain disorders.

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Movies. Graphic Designer Dad Illustrates His Kids’ Lunch Bags Almost Every Day Since 2008. Facebook. Nuclear Mysticism: Salvador Dali. Once called Nuclear Mysticism, Quantum mysticism is a philosophical interpretation of Quantum mechanics, used as a means to explain the phenomena of consciousness, seeking to explain actual versus perceived reality. Denounced by Einstein, Quantum Mysticism is more of idea that lacks true scientific substance.[6] “As the famous Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics argues, we cannot speak about an objective reality other than that which is revealed through measurement and observation.”[6] If something is true in reality it can be replicated through tests, and experimentation, unlike quantum mysticism, which is overly subjective.