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TeachingEnglish. A Quick Guide to Reading Shakespeare. Tips for Making Sense of Shakespeare's English by J.

A Quick Guide to Reading Shakespeare

M. Pressley, SRC Editor Probably the number one complaint about reading Shakespeare is that it doesn't always read like "normal" English. It's a natural and legitimate accusation. The Elizabethan era was a particularly volatile growth spurt in the English language. So how can a reader today bridge that gap between then and now? Word Usage First and foremost, there have been numerous vocabulary changes in English since Shakespeare was writing. Grammar This is where the flexibility of Shakespeare's English is often most apparent. Wordplay Some of the most difficult passages of Shakespeare occur when the Bard is purposely playing with language. Versification One issue often overlooked is that Shakespeare's plays were written as dramatic literature—meant to be performed and heard aloud, not silently read. Other Web Resources The Internet provides a wealth of opportunities for learning more about Shakespeare and his language.


Continuing Shakespeare - Mia Smith. I ett tidigare blogginlägg berättade jag om hur jag introducerat Shakespeare till mina elever i år 7 och 8.

Continuing Shakespeare - Mia Smith

Arbetet har fortlöpt, och här tänkte jag presentera ytterligare några bitar. Shakespeare your way Den här uppgiften är den, enligt mig och många av mina elever, mest spännande inom det här arbetsområdet. Shakespeares verk har tolkats och omarbetats i otaliga versioner ända sedan de skrevs, och mina elever får nu göra egna tolkningar. Fokusområdet är att anpassa språket efter syfte, mottagare och situation. Eleverna fick inspiration från ett Tedx Talk om att tolka Shakespeare inom hiphip-genren och en låt av Taylor Swift baserad på Romeo and Juliet.

Eleverna hittade snabbt olika spår och klurade på olika tekniska lösningar för att se hur man kan gestalta den klassiska berättelsen på olika sätt. Resultaten kommer inom kort, och i den mån jag får tillåtelse av eleverna kommer jag dela med mig av dem här. En länk till uppgiften hittar ni här. A peek at the original Romeo + Juliet Kahoot. Shakespeare text translated by Victor Hugo's son to be restored. A rare, personally inscribed, first edition of Shakespeare's complete works that was translated into French by Victor Hugo's son is to be restored.

Shakespeare text translated by Victor Hugo's son to be restored

Francois-Victor Hugo's translation is one of the most well known interpretations of Shakespeare's work in French and is still used. The book is kept in a library in Guernsey, where Francois-Victor lived while his father was in exile. Librarian Dinah Bott described the work as "invaluable" to the Priaulx Library. She said: "This is an extremely interesting and important part of the library.

It is impossible to give it a value as these items do not come up for sale very often. " The first editions of the works were published in 16 volumes, between 1859 and 1866. Mrs Bott said what makes it so important and rare is the personal inscription Francois-Victor wrote to his close friend Hennet de Kesler. Image copyright Priaulx Library Finance company Ravenscroft is paying for the work but did not reveal how much it would cost. A Midsummer Night's Dream. One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” combines love and magic for a show that enchants both Shakespeare scholars and newbies (including children).

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Here’s a quick guide to the story and to the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis production. When Previews Wednesday and Thursday; opens Friday and runs through June 26, every night but Tuesdays. Preshow entertainment starts at 6:30 nightly; showtime is 8 p.m. Where Shakespeare Glen in Forest Park, near the St. Seating Bring a blanket or lawn chair, or rent a chair ($10 or $20) on the spot, or up to one day in advance at Food Bring your own, buy food from the vendors or preorder a picnic dinner for two ($40) from Butler’s Pantry.

Souvenirs T-shirts, posters and more available at the gift shop. How much Free. Sir Ian McKellen Releases New Apps to Make Shakespeare's Plays More Enjoyable & Accessible. FYI: Ian McKellen, who first made his reputation performing at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1970s and 80s, has just released the first of a series of iPad apps meant to make Shakespeare’s plays more accessible, especially for high school and college students.

Sir Ian McKellen Releases New Apps to Make Shakespeare's Plays More Enjoyable & Accessible

As McKellen explains above, Shakespeare’s plays were originally meant to be seen performed live in a theatre, not read as books. And so these apps feature actors performing dramatic scenes from the plays, while text scrolls by. They’ve just launched the first of 37 apps. It’s devoted to The Tempest, runs $5.99 on iTunes, and frankly seems well worth the price. Benedict Cumberbatch likes it. The app also includes these features: Keep your eye on Heuristic Shakespeare’s iTunes site for new Shakespeare apps down the line.

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