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11 Cool Apps for Back-to-School. We’ve partnered with Common Sense Education to share the best back-to-school apps to try this year.

11 Cool Apps for Back-to-School

Handpicked by the Common Sense teacher team, these digital resources will save you time and energy! Check out their review site for teachers here. Group Maker (iOS)Grade level: PreK–12Cost: $1.99 How to use it: You can create and organize student groups for one class or six with this quick app. Bonus tip: Add student photos so a sub can figure out which kids go with which group.What teachers say: Teachers can agonize over creating groups, so it helps to have a tool that makes the process easier. Want to create groups with three members each? Nearpod (Android, iOS, Nook HD, Chrome, Apps for Windows)Grade level: K–12 Cost: FreeHow to use it: Teacher-created (or teacher-purchased) presentations can help you give practice time to your kids. My Three Favorite Video Creation iPad Apps for Elementary School. Over the last month I have spoken at conferences all over the United States.

My Three Favorite Video Creation iPad Apps for Elementary School

Creating videos with students is was the topic of one of my most popular break-out sessions during that time. In that session I try to offer resources and ideas for teachers of all grade levels. I also try to provide resources that work on iPads, Android devices, on Chromebooks, and on Mac & Windows computers. The following are three of my favorite apps for elementary school students to use to create content on their iPads. Bath Spa University - Schools - Education - News - Inside the Institute September 2015: Resources for using iPads for learning, teaching and research. Google Street View on the App Store. iCloud.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Simple Ways to Record iPad Screen and Create Educational Screencasts. February 11, 2015 In today’s post, I am sharing with you some interesting tips I learned from Jonathan Wylie to help you record your iPad screen and create instructional screencasts and tutorials.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Simple Ways to Record iPad Screen and Create Educational Screencasts

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of creating a screencast on iPad are those popular apps such as Explain Everything and Educreations but the thing with these apps is that they do not allow you to record what you do on other apps. For instance, you can not open Explain Everything and go to Evernote app to record your screen there, once Explain Everything window is closed , recording stops. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teachers' Guide to iPad ( Everything You Need to Know about Your iPad) Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Good Grading iPad Apps for Teachers. January, 2015 Today's list features some interesting grading apps that you can use on your iPad to grade your students assignments.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Good Grading iPad Apps for Teachers

Best EdTech Apps of 2014. 2014 was a terrific year for learning apps.

Best EdTech Apps of 2014

As more schools put tablets in kids' hands, edtech developers are rising to the challenge. Of the hundreds of apps reviewed on Common Sense Graphite this year, these 10 stood out as some of the most innovative, effective, and enjoyable apps I've seen. They span grades and content areas, and include creation tools for both teachers and students. Cookie Monster's Challenge (iPad) The unique games in this collection help young kids build essential school-readiness skills such as self-control, focus, persistence, memory, and problem-solving.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Good Grading iPad Apps for Teachers. The best iPad apps for teachers - Apppicker applists 10458. The 20 Best Education Apps And Web Tools Of The Year. The following is an excerpt from the December issue of Edudemic Magazine.

The 20 Best Education Apps And Web Tools Of The Year

Download the issue for just $.99 to view the full issue and the rest of the list! Stay tuned (or download the magazine) for the best devices of the year! In our year‐end special issue, we’ve worked hard at assembling the best of the best. As you probably know, we publish an array of lists and resources on It’s our thing. It contains the best (in our opinion and what we’ve heard from educators around the world) resources you should know about. It’s the end of the year and that means you have a little extra time for the first time since summer. NOTE: These are in no particular order and the list is actually longer in the iPad Magazine. PDFpen 2 - Highlight, Markup, Edit, Fill & Sign PDF docs. The best calendar apps for iPhone - Apppicker applists 9556. A Great iPad App to Turn Physical Notes into Digital Notes. November, 2014 Post-it Plus is a great iPad app that you can use to digitize your physical sticky notes.

A Great iPad App to Turn Physical Notes into Digital Notes

The way it works is pretty simple: install the app in your iPad and then use it to snap an image of the physical notes you have. Post-it Plus will then digitize these notes in a format that will allow you to edit, arrange, refine and organize them into different boards. This is a great app to use when attending a PD session or a conference or even use it in class with students to capture ideas and render physical notes accessible online. Posit-it Plus is also great for organizing your different notes into easily accessible categories and boards. You can group your ideas by thought or simply organize them on a grid. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Enhance Kids Reading Skills with These iPad Interactive Stories. December 3, 2014 Below are three great iPad apps to enhance your kids reading skills through the use of interactive digital storytelling.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Enhance Kids Reading Skills with These iPad Interactive Stories

The apps allow kids to interact with the stories they read using a variety of tools such as colouring, moving items in the story, changing sounds and many more. 1- Story Time for Kids Story Time is an interactive story telling app that is bundled with beautifully illustrated story books for children. Each story is bundled with original colourful illustrations, narrations and sound effects! Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Best 30 Educational iPad Apps in 2014. November 28, 2014 I am not sure if you have seen this or not, but our colleagues in Teachthought have created this wonderful list featuring some of the best educational iPad apps in the year 2014.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The Best 30 Educational iPad Apps in 2014

The selection attempts to provide teachers and educators with powerful apps to help them perform a variety of digital tasks including : note taking, PDF marking, file sharing, video and presentations creating and many more. I have actually spent some time sifting through its content and found it really worth bringing to your attention. Have a look and share with us what you think of it. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 6 Good iPad Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons and Comics.

November 23, 2014 I spent sometime this weekend curating and working on the list of iPad apps below.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 6 Good iPad Apps to Turn Pictures Into Cartoons and Comics

These are apps that students can use to create beautiful cartoons to use in their multimedia projects or in activities that involve comic strips, digital storytelling, presentations and many more. All of these apps are easy to use and do not require any advanced technical skill. Some of the things students can do with these apps include: take pictures and turn them into cartoons, capture cartoon videos, draw cartoon sketches, customize and add different effects to pictures, convert photos into cartoon avatars, and many more. 1- XnSketch XnSketch allows you to turn your photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images. Sketches Cartoon Me is a easy to use and funny app that lets you convert your photos into sketches or cartoon avatars by applying up to 14 different image effects. 3- My Cartoon. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 4 Excellent iPad Apps to Create 3D Models and Pictures on iPad.

November 23, 2014 In today's post I am introducing you to a set of powerful free iPad apps to use with students to create 3D models and artefacts.Students can use these apps to sculpt and paint 3D shapes, make 3D printable designs, transform pictures and images into interactive 3D models, and create 3D characters.

The digital artefacts students create through these apps can be used for a variety of scholastic tasks from creating 3D models for science experiments to designing 3D characters for digital storytelling. All of these apps are created by the popular Autodesk. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 6 Great iPad Apps to Grab Text From Pictures and Turn It to Digital Characters. November 22, 2014 Below are some good iPad apps for optical character recognition. Using these apps will allow you to convert the text contained in an image or photo into digital characters that you can then edit, copy, or/and share.

The way this technology works is pretty similar in all of these apps. First you hold your camera towards the picture till the app recognizes the text then you can immediately extract text from it. There is also the possibility to translate text into different languages. Google Drive also supports Optical Character Recognition(OCR). TranslatePhoto app extracts texts from any printed sources: documents, books, signs, instructions or announcements and allows to immediately translate them to any of 70 languages. Thoughts of a Cyber Hero: Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014. Well, it's that time of year again for my favorite and most robust list on the top 100 Sites/Apps of the year.

As w/ the previous year's list, more and more mobile apps are making the list as mobile learning continues to be the rising trend in education. However, that's not to say that there isn't a good amount of websites and Learning Management Systems showing up as well. Finally, any site/app that was in a previous years list will not be in this one. * mobile app. 17 Great Apps and Sites for Special Education. It's Top-Pick List Friday! This week, we are featuring great special ed apps and sites. While most of these weren't designed specifically for kids with special needs or learning differences, they've been recommended by educators and experts who work with these populations.

Check them out. You might find them helpful for any student who needs more support. To see the rating of each, visit the Top-Picks List, Great Special Ed Apps and Sites. A Great Collection of Teacher-tested Apps to Engage Students. November 16, 2014 A strength of mobile devices is enabling students to learn anywhere. This means they can practice their math, history, and language arts at home or on vacation. Here are some teacher-tested apps to engage learners outside of school. StrataLogica Study geography, history, and earth science with this interactive 3D globe and its multimedia annotations. A collection of 150+ animated and interactive children's stories and songs, plus read-along text. Purely Paperless: Mirror Your iPad to Your Computer Wirelessly.

Hey there! Integrate iPads Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy With This 'Padagogy Wheel'. 16 Presentation Tools for Educators on iPads. Presentation tools are an important part of any educator’s tool set. With an iPad thrown into the mix, there are a lot of options with different benefits to them. Picking just one presentation app to use can be a challenge in your classroom. 6 Excellent Digital Storytelling iPad Apps for Elementary Students. November 4, 2014 There are several ways you can use iPad to unleash your kids creativity and one of them is through engaging them in the creation and production of digital stories.

Digital storytelling is a literacy practice that can tremendously enhance kids literacy skills way beyond the traditional literacy forms. It will enable them to express and communicate their thoughts in a multimodal way that involves images, sounds, videos and text. Best iPhone and iPad apps of October. The best iPad apps for Halloween - Apppicker applists 10535. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Great iPap Apps for Students to Show What They Have Learned. October 28, 2014 Here is a list of some good iPad apps I have compiled over the last weekend.

60 Apps to Teach STEAM in the Classroom. Using a tablet to explore STEAM concepts is a natural pairing—as kids drag, draw and create they learn more about technology and the world around them. That's why we've gathered 60 of our favorite apps for teaching STEAM in the classroom, with recommendations for every grade level.

Education - iPad in Education - In the Classroom. Helpful Resources for Using iPad in Education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 4 Great Educational Web Tools Are Now Available for iPad. October 20, 20141- EDpuzzle EDpuzzle is an easy and effective way to deliver videos in the classroom.

Video is no longer a passive experience, with EDpuzzle video comes to life with audio-notes and questions. An interactive an unique experience for your students. Make any video your lesson. For students, EDpuzzle provides an easier way to learn through video-lessons outside of the classroom. Glogster app allows you to create interactive glogs. 10 Great iPad Apps for Creating Concept Maps. October 17, 2014, After the list of the web based tools for concept mapping, we went ahead and compiled another list for iPad users. Morfo + Aurasma = Augmented Reality Book Trailers. Last week at the ACTEM conference I showed some folks possible uses for the Morfo 3D Faces app and the Aurasma iPad app. Morfo 3D Faces is an iPad app that you can use to create a talking picture of person’s face.

50 Resources For Teaching With iPads. The best interactive books for iPad - Apppicker applists 3126. Excellent Collection of Apps and Web Tools to Unlock Kids Creativity. Apps for Dyslexia 2. Top iPad apps gone free for October 5th, 2014 - Apppicker appsale 18649. Lucidpress - The Best of Apple's Pages With the Best of Google Documents. Two Great Periodic Tables of Educational iPad Apps. A Big Collection of iPad Apps for Middle School Teachers and Students. Creating on iPads. TouchCast. Free iPad Apps Elementary - Symbaloo. Jumbled Sentences 3. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system.

Assessment and feedback with ipads

iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes. Create a digital scrapbook with Skrappy for iPad. iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes. Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and Mac App Store account without a credit card. iPadian Game Player ™iPadian Game Player ™-Use the best iPad applications on your PC! iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes. iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes. iTunes - Affiliates - Download iTunes. iMindMap. Adobe Reader. Speak Selection.m4v. MindMeister (mind-mapping) for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Draw Mania. Cageless Thinking: Innovation and Creativity in Education. The Graphically-Based Student Response and Assessment System. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Chart Featuring Some of The Best iPad Apps for Early Literacy Learners. Top iPad apps on sale for June 9th - Apppicker appsale 15780. 12 Apps That Should Be On Elementary School iPad. 5 Free iPad Apps That Help Students Learn to Spell.

App-tasic. Advanced iPad Classroom. Best iPad Apps For Teachers. Word Find Free app review: test your word sleuth skills. The best iPad apps for learning a foreign language. The best word search apps for iPad. SpellingCity app review: activities for kids of all ages. Seeking Alpha Portfolio for iPad app review. 10 Most Useful Productivity Apps for iPad. Kno Textbooks for iPad app review. 3 Ways to Display iPad Screen on A Projector.