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Www.buzzfeed. Fun Summer Hair in Minutes. Happy Friday ladies!

Fun Summer Hair in Minutes.

I just love this time of year- summer is just around the corner! Naturally, as weather changes so does my hairstyle. However, I am feeling like I need something new. My usual summer top knot, braids, or loose pony tail is just getting a bit…well, boring. Www.womenfashion. Spring time is a time for wearing pastel colors, and this is true both for outfits and makeup.


Today, we would like to show you several Wonderful Pastel Makeup Tutorials that you should find as an inspiration for your next spring makeup idea. Pastel colors can be worn during the day, but also they are perfect for a night out. Also, the good thing about pastel shades is that they work with every eye color and skin tone, so you should all give it a try and wear this type of makeup. Women usually think that if they apply lighter shades, they will look ill. Ten-ways-to-dress-up-ponytail. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on my hair.


But at the same time, I don't want to look like a homeless hairdresser when I go to work, so I try to make my ponytails as fancy as possible. Here are ten easy ways I like to dress up my ponytail: 1. Wrap it with a strand of hair -Put your hair in a ponytail like you normally would. 2. 14 Cute And Easy Ways To Create Awesome Hairstyle For Less Than 2 minutes. The Freckled Fox : Hair Tutorial: The Bouffant Bun. Here we are and its Tuesday!!

The Freckled Fox : Hair Tutorial: The Bouffant Bun

Not only that, but its the second-to-last day of the month, and then its August! Okay what's with all the exclamation points.. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. AWESOME SHINE & GORGEOUS HAIR MASK. Www.divinecaroline. Thebeautygypsy. Www.howdoesshe. It’s date night.


Kiddies are home with the sitter and you are all dressed up with your man at dinner. He leans in for a smooch on the lips, then quickly jerks away with surprise and horror in his face. The offender? Your sandpaper-crackly lips. Nothing says “Kiss me” more than dry crackling lizard lips! I don’t know about you, but during this time of the year my lips have the most difficult time staying soft. No joke. Karlita's Secrets Shop. Thoughtcatalog. In preparation for my golden birthday on Nov. 27, I’m being That Girl and expounding my questionable knowledge upon you.


Twenty seven years is a long time to live and learn – at least it feels like a long time – and so, without further blabbing, here are 27 of my favorite, super-easy beauty tips and tricks for even the laziest of us. 1. Drink water. Really. Beautytips4her. Post from: You want to keep updated?


Please LIKE Beauty Tips 4 Her On Facebook. A car salesman will always try to convince you that the most expensive vehicle is the best for you, and since you have no knowledge about the subject you would probably fall into his net. It might sound a bit far-fetched to say that a dentist would recommend an expensive teeth whitening procedure just for the sake of better payouts, but I wouldn’t take the chance. Even specialists accept the fact that existing techniques are not completely harmless, although they emphasize the fact that low risks are taken. How to look great in the morning - 6 beauty tricks - StumbleUpon. Are your eyes swollen and bloodshot in the morning?

How to look great in the morning - 6 beauty tricks - StumbleUpon

Is your hair resembling a flock of birds? I hear you, these happen quite often around here. I am being told it’s a motherhood feature and I’d better get used to it as it’s never, ever, and I mean never, going to end. Cute Retro Hairstyles For Fashion Girl - StumbleUpon. The Benefits of Using Tea Rinses on Transitioning Hair - StumbleUpon. How to contour your nose - StumbleUpon. This is a super quick tutorial to show you how to contour your nose.

How to contour your nose - StumbleUpon

I love facial contouring because it adds dimension to the face helps to define the area…..especially in photos. There are many, many different methods of contouring and I will be showing more in the future!! 13 Fast Ideas How to Make An Awesome Hairstyle - StumbleUpon. Shapematters. Shapematters. How To Style Maiden Braids - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon.

Last month I did a makeover story with Kelsie and had many requests for a maiden braid tutorial.

How To Style Maiden Braids - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon

Yesterday she came in and we photographed these simple step by steps. Kelsie has extremely long and thick hair, but anyone with shoulder length or longer can do these braids (see my photo below for an example). Steps 1-2: Braid two strands on each side of a center part. Steps 3-5: Wrap braids around the crown of your head and pin in place with one pin each. Step 6: Arrange braids so that they cover the front of your head like a headband. Shapematters. How to Apply Fake Eyelashes. I remember being asked in the initial stages of setting up this Singapore Beauty Blog how to apply fake eyelashes. Despite its popularity, it seemed applying false eyelashes can be really difficult if you dont know the basic how-to. 26 Beauty Products Only A Genius Could Have Invented. 8 WAYS TO USE OLIVEOIL FOR YOUR BEAUTY. When I do grocery shopping, I also do my beauty shopping at the same time, because plenty of natural products from a supermarket can be used for our beauty routine.

One of my favorite products is extra virgin olive oil (when I mention the ‘olive oil’ term in this article – I refer to the extra virgin olive oil). Olive oil is a very popular product that people use for centuries and nowadays, it still goes strong and is widely used in cosmetic industry. Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It’s also convenient for a sensitive skin. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin. Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin, maintains its elasticity and softness. This Woven Braid Around Ponytail is Simply Amazing.

Top 10 Fashionable Ponytail Tutorials - Top Inspired. A ponytail is the most universal of all hair styles, but in the last few seasons is more fashionable than ever. This hairstyle is always a good choice when you don’t have much time to make your hair because it is easy to make, requires little styling time, and keeps your hair in place without looking stiff and stitched. This simple elegance has endless ways to wear it: sleek, straight, high, textured, low, perky…Luckily, all these ponytail styles can be easily achieved at home so take a look at these 10 ponytail tutorials which are ultra modern this season and find your own.

All you will need to achieve these looks are elastics, bobby pins, a parting comb and brush. 7 Professional Ways To Do Your Eyeshadow. Putting on eyeshadow may seem easy, but doing it well can be a make-it-or-break-it deal. If you want to learn more ways to spice up your makeup routine, we have brought you the 7 professional ways of doing your eyeshadow. We think everyone should have the versatility and knowledge that makeup artists do. Trying them out may be hard at first, but with practice, anyone can pull off these looks! Be sure to complete the look with your favorite eyeliner as well! 15 Fantastic Tutorials for Stunning Summer Hairstyles. Top 10 Tutorials For Summer Hairstyles - Top Inspired. We can’t stand the feeling of the hair being on the neck when the thermometer is climbing into three-digit territory.

Instead, we like to keep the tresses off the neck, away from the face, and pulled back into an effortless ‘do. When the standard ponytail has worn out its welcome, there are a few other options to explore. Spatreatment. 20 Amazing Eye-Makeup Tutorials & Ideas. 29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know. 19 Clever Beauty and Makeup Hacks You Need To Use. 15 Easy Hacks For Perfect Eyeliner. Easy Updo: Beautiful Braided Bun. 5 Wacky but Extremely Useful Beauty Tools!: Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup Reviews, Beauty Tips and Drugstore Beauty Finds - StumbleUpon. Written by Juli. Hair Archives - Kouturekiss - Your One Stop Everything Beauty Spot. The Ultimate Faux Hawk March 20, 2014. Tape trick for perfect winged eyeliner. Hair and Make-up by Steph: How To: Hair Bow.

Top 10 Ways To Minimize Pores On Your Skin. Natural Looking Curly Hair. The Inverted Braid. Life+1 Blog: $5 Beauty Secret. I'm always wondering how models and actresses have such flawless skin even without makeup. With $5 and a few items from the bathroom drawer, this is the single best discovery I've had all year. You know those celebrity home tours on TV? It seems like each time they get to the bedroom they blurt out that cliché line; This is where all the magic happens! Let's be honest, the real magic happens in the bathroom. 10 Ways to Extend Your Natural Lashes. We all want longer lashes without dealing with all that glue and cutting. Tag Archive for "wedding hairstyles" - The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - StumbleUpon. Photo/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess. Maiden Twists Hairstyle D.I.Y. - A Beautiful Mess.

Hairstyles. Bye Bye Beehive: Hair Styles. 30 Makeup Tricks You Need To Master By The Time You're 30.