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Eddie Eddnich Nichols

The SuperCharged Energy Diet - This nutritional program is a lifestyle based approach that focuses on the natural God-given principles of health and healing.

The SuperCharged Energy Diet -

Nutritionally, we want to alkalize & de-inflame the body to allow it to function at its potential. The result is more energy, less pain, better organ function, and optimal weight. Follow these essential steps to dramatically improve your health. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Pickering Discuss Food Combining. Yin & Yang Nutritional Philosophy - Path to Perfect Health. The Chi is in the Food and Increased with Essential Oil Formulas The Eastern concept of Yin & Yang is a philosophical, spiritual approach to gaining health through food.

Yin & Yang Nutritional Philosophy - Path to Perfect Health

The Western chemistry of acid and alkaline is more of a materialistic and scientific approach. However, both concepts carry an equal understanding of balance. The Energetics of Food: How the Food You Eat Affects Your Mental and Emotional Health. The Royal Secret - A thrilling mystery novel of the occult. The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: Ancient Origins of the Often Used Legend – Part I. What is the origin of the legend of the Christed Son who was born of a virgin on December 25th?

The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: Ancient Origins of the Often Used Legend – Part I

The Black Presence in the Bible: Uncovering the Hidden Ones. “Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.”

The Black Presence in the Bible: Uncovering the Hidden Ones

-Psalm 68:31 The Bible is a multicultural book. This statement may sound controversial but archeology, history, and the text prove it to be true. In 2013 this controversy played out in the media when viewers of The Bible miniseries were upset that Samson was played by a black man. A second controversy occurred when a Fox News broadcaster confidently declared that Santa Claus and Jesus were white, yet when people researched original depictions of Saint Nicolas, they found pictures of a dark brown man.

Ancient Society Research Resources. World History for Us All. Deep Web Research Tools. This list offers some tips and tools to help you get the most out of your Internet searches.

Deep Web Research Tools

Semantic Search Tools and Databases Semantic search tools depend on replicating the way the human brain thinks and categorizes information to ensure more relevant searches. General Knowledge. Deep Net, Deep Web or Invisible Web Search Engines. Aeon Timeline: Outlining Made Easy. Aeon Timeline is a great way to plan a novel.

Aeon Timeline: Outlining Made Easy

The Institute for Creation Research. What is the Gap Theory?

The Institute for Creation Research

One of the popular devices for trying to accommodate the evolutionary ages of the geologists and astronomers in the creation record of the Bible has been the "gap theory"—also called the "ruin-and-reconstruction" theory. According to this concept, Genesis 1:1 describes the initial creation of the universe. Following this, the standard events of cosmic evolution took place, which eventually produced our solar system about five billion years ago. God, Genesis and the big bang. God and Science. First Earth Age, Evidence For Creation. The First Earth Age, Archaeological Evidence For Creation and Against Evolution. Bible, Genesis and Geology. 6000 Odd Things in Wrong Places Every once in a while archaeologists (and sometimes regular Joes) make some remarkable discoveries.


Stunned, they are often unable to explain what it is they’ve found, how it came into existence, or ascertain its value. This is a comprehensive list of such artifacts; artifacts that many believe should have never existed given the discerned age/period of their creation. 6000 Start Here. Start Here The goal of Red Letter Christians is simple: To take Jesus seriously by endeavoring to live out His radical, counter-cultural teachings as set forth in Scripture, and especially embracing the lifestyle prescribed in the Sermon on the Mount.

Start Here

Ironically, it was a secular Jewish country-and-western disc jockey in Nashville, Tennessee who first suggested that title. During a radio interview with my friend Jim Wallis, that deejay declared, “You’re one of those Red-Letter Christians – you know, the ones who are really into all those New Testament verses that are in red letters!” The Apocrypha Index. Sacred Texts Christianity Index Apocrypha means 'hidden things' in Greek.

The Apocrypha Index

The Apocryphical books of the Bible fall into two categories: texts which were included in some canonical version of the Bible at some point, and other texts of a Biblical nature which have never been canonical. Jesus: From Genesis to Revelation. Scriptural Index For Sermons & Sermon - Lectionary Resources. Does God Exist - Six Reasons to Believe that God is Really There - Existence of God - Proof of God. Early African civilisations: Ancient Egypt, Nubia and Swahili. The Nile Valley and Delta with the ancient Egyptian city names. Source: Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptian civilisation grew for thousands of years intact because the Nile River Valley and Mediterranean and Red Sea border kept foreigners and their ideas away. Africa.

Accueil. Wonders of the African World - Episodes - Black Kingdoms of the Nile - Retellings. Greek traditions told of Memnon, a legendary Nubian king who had fought in the Trojan War; they spoke of Nubia's people, who were the "tallest and handsomest on earth," and whose piety was so great that the gods preferred their offerings to those of all other men.

They also knew that historical Nubian kings had once conquered Egypt and ruled it for sixty years and that their dynasty was counted as Egypt's Twenty-fifth. The Greeks, however, did not call these people "Nubians" or "Kushites," as we do today; they called them Aithiopes ("Ethiopians"), which in Greek meant "Burnt-Faced Ones. " Kindness Boomerang (Empathy & Caring) Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030. Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes The Sun.

Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom. Social Relations & Culture. Thing is the "universal collection": the collection which, by definition, contains everything there is. Every individual object, every other collection. Everything that is represented in the Knowledge Base ("KB") and everything that could be represented in the KB. Photo Pin : Free Photos for Bloggers via Creative Commons. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies. Learn HTML5, CSS3, Javascript - video style tutorials. Advance Your Education With Free College Courses Online - Udacity.

Learn how to code. Learn web design and development online free. Learn how to code. Learn how to code. Ultimate Positivity Hypnosis - A deep and powerful journey to vibrational allignment by psychospirit. 11 Productivity Hacks to Boost Your Mental Focus. Making a dent in the universe requires focus. So we've collated 11 simple and easy to use tips on improving your mental concentration. PsyBlog’s 10 Most Popular Psychological Insights From 2012.

Music Training and Neuroplasticity. With our multi sensory brain, music harnesses powers of nature, culture, and mind. 13 Small Choices That Can Change Your Life In Great Ways. While practicing neuropsychiatry and studying neuroscience for 40 years, my interest expanded from the human brain to include evidence of mind throughout nature—in animals, plants, microbes, and other cells.

Amazingly, even plants and cells have intelligence, which means that science isn't all we've been taught to believe. 30 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die. {Via studioflowerpower on etsy} Hacking Habits: How To Make New Behaviors Last For Good. Interesting Search Engines. Magnetic power. Think. Search. Dictionaries & Thesauri. - StumbleUpon.

Writing Tips/Exercises. Writing. 100 Little Ways You Can Dramatically Improve Your Writing. Science of the Universe. Science and Space Facts, Science and Space, Human Body, Health, Earth, Human Disease - National Geographic. Science News – Science Articles and Current Events. Free Math worksheets, Free phonics worksheets, Math Games and Online activities and Quizzes. Schools, Providers, and Other Education Help. Knowledge & deep Search engine.

Ixquick Web Search. Outils de recherches et curations. Outils de recherches et curations. Web. 9/11/01. Masonic brotherhood . Know thy ENEMY. Israel belongs to the Rothschilds. Exposing the Truth.

Web Search. Deep or Invisible Web Engines & Services. Invisible web, Deep web. Missing Malaysia Airlines jet: spotters endure 'incredibly fatiguing work' as they hunt for plane. MH370 search crews left frustrated While air force crews were disappointed search efforts were suspended for the Malaysia Airlines flight on Thursday due to poor weather, crew members on board the Australian P3 Orion remained hopeful about locating plane wreckage. 28, 2014.

MH370 Boeing 777 vanishes off Radar. I U T. Tecnología. Science Information Websites.