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I´m graphic designer I´m a guy very fun

3D Technology. Kigurumi – Pijamas Kawaii cosplay « Kazumi. Las pijamas de cuerpo entero con capuchas o sombreros estilizados de animales se llaman también Kigurumi, pero no tienen la misma connotación de "disfraz" como los trajes de cuerpo entero, son llevados en la calle con fines no comerciales como parte de la moda callejera japonesa.

Kigurumi – Pijamas Kawaii cosplay « Kazumi

Las personas que escogen llevar kigurumi en público a menudo son llamados "kigurumin", y los disfraces que tienden a llevar son conocidas como "disguise pajama" ("pijama de disfraz"). Fuente (para saber mas al respecto): wikipedia Chiii… muy kawaii!! .. lo usan chicas, chicos y hasta hay para mascotas! Jejeje Nyann,, y pues aca les dejo tambien una página japonesa, de donde pueden tomar ideas, hay bonitos modelos ^^.

KaZuMi Kawaii Cosplay: Tutorial Cosplay Hatsune Miku Vocaloid2 (Project Diva) COMO HACER LOS ZAPATOS DE MIKUComo todo, acá toca utilizar nuestro ingenio.. les puse una foto de los zapatos que ofrecen en HelloCosplay... los zapatos de pic25 serán nuestro modelo a seguir.

KaZuMi Kawaii Cosplay: Tutorial Cosplay Hatsune Miku Vocaloid2 (Project Diva)

Si analizamos bien esos zapatos, vemos que la parte verde-azulada se trata de un forro especial que le colaron al zapato; Un método sería exactamente ese..conseguir un color que sea similar al resto de vivos que le agregamos al traje y cortarle la forma de la plataforma del zapato e irla pegando con silicona o mejor aun clefa al zapato (no se si el nombre "clefa" les es familiar, es un pegamento que utilizan los zapateros en Bolivia para pegar el cuero del zapato)

Harmonic Motion Creates Musical Patterns, in New Abstract work by Memo Akten. Photos courtesy the artist; version at The Roundhouse.

Harmonic Motion Creates Musical Patterns, in New Abstract work by Memo Akten

Digital artist and imagineer Memo Akten, known for beautiful work like his dazzling, sparkling open source fluid library, has lately turned his attention to intersections of visual motion and musical pattern. In a series of etudes, he applies simple, sinusoidal motion to musical patterning. That is, as abstract waves flow on the screen, they trigger overlaid patterns of rhythm, notes spilling out as waves intersect.

Experimenting with an idea and iterating in simple form helps Memo develop the idea here – and gives us a chance to experience that evolution by browsing the variations, as seen in splendid form below. Fotografía Contemporánea. Industrial Design Served. October « 2010 « Grind365. Archive for October, 2010 Thursday, October 28th, 2010.

October « 2010 « Grind365

Industrial Design Served. Is Your Job Killing You? - Atlantic Mobile. Work can give us a sense of purpose and direction. But can it also harm our health? Flickr--Phil and Pam Welcome to the future of work: a world where everything moves faster, the hours are longer and steady jobs are harder to find. Work has always been central to our lives -- in the United States, the 40-hour workweek stretches back at least a century -- but now, technology and the pressure of competing in a global economy is threatening to turn back the clock, making our toil an all-consuming affair once again. December 2010. Beware ! Lots of my self taken photos !! Cutie bear that i got for sha ♥ I worked with Galperti, it's origin from Italy ! The bosses are very nice. Eat, Drink + Be Merry. Food, Travel, Photography, Design + Music in Los Angeles and Other Parts of the Earth. » pailin thai. Have you ever eaten khao soi – Chiang Mai Thailand’s signature dish?

Typically overshadowed by noodle dishes in Thai restaurants like pad thai, rad nar and pad kee mow, this is something I recommend to you for its beautiful colors and flavor profile. You’ve got tender chicken swimming in a rich and silky coconut curry with slippery egg nooodles, topped with Chinese pickled mustard greens and tear-inducing shallots to balance out everything.

But what a lot of people don’t know that this dish isn’t originally from Thailand, but rather a surviving memory of centuries of migratory movement due to political turmoil, war and general commerce originating in the southern Chinese province, Yunnan. 1on1 Poster - Twistedfork = Dan Matutina. We Love Beautiful Things. PSLAB, a Lebanese company who design and build site-specific lighting, have completed a lighting project for the Burgundy wine bar/restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

We Love Beautiful Things

Description from PSLAB: A lighting project for a wine bar/restaurant having a substructure of wooden arched beams cutting through a wire mesh covering the ceiling. The setting of the space underneath the substructure is functionally divided into two sections: a bar area and a dining area. Highlighting the dual function, the lighting objects are set on two parallel axes over these two sections. Suspended from the arcs, each light object is a set of conical tubes conceived to fill a circular-shaped area. The entrance is lit by a set of black projectors also using the arched beams for fixation; the groove in the beams encloses the technical parts box, while the head of the projector is left loose to rotate shedding light in different directions. KaranaK on deviantART. Uma™ Font on the Behance Network. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Foggernauts are just as happy exploring underwater as they are on the battlefield.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Not only do these harpoon-artists know how to harness the power of the ocean; they're also fine defenders and masters of movement. VERY SPECIAL PORN. Zoe is dead. MMORPG - DOFUS Character Page : Tery-Rock (Bowisse) - Activity. Texture. What are you working on? » CIL Blogs. Popular iOS App UI Design Shots for iPhone and iPad. iPhone Apps have grown very popular among the design community.

Popular iOS App UI Design Shots for iPhone and iPad

This past Christmas saw a massive influx of unit sales as well, which can only mean the world community is slowly adopting this trend. As such web designers will have to casually adopt Photoshop skills when building for iOS. In this gallery I’ve put together some of the most popular UI shots from design network Dribbble. Artists from all over the world will share their works and introduce some amazing new trends into the field. Camila (milalone) on we heart it / visual bookmark. We Heart It.

Camila (milalone) on we heart it / visual bookmark

Luz Carrillo (Lucesita) on we heart it / visual bookmark. ∞DAGOU∞ (Dagou) on we heart it / visual bookmark. Michitecture. Posts for July 2011. What's cool in estonia I think some of the best things to buy in Tallinn are linens if one is looking for typical local and nice-looking presents.

Posts for July 2011

Dragon Tattoo Collection by Trish Summerville for H&M. HANG OUT W/ ALLYSHA BERGADO @ B4BC’s VEGGIE GRILL FUNDRAISER DEC. 8. GeekBeat. TV - Gadgets, Tech News, Reviews and Podcasts! Geek & Video Game Blog for Gaming, Gadgets, Technology, & Everything Geek - Technology & Gadgets. Geeky Gadgets - Gadgets, Geek Gadgets, Cool Gadgets, Technology News, Gadget Geeks.

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Pearltrees videos. Inspirations and graphic design. Videogames and gamers. What to wear today ... "must have for the summer 2010" Thursday, 1 July 2010 by Irene Hoofs * Posted by Wiebke from Line+Live "must have for the summer 2010" ... it is something between a pair of trousers and a skirt and is called “bloomers" ... with dots or in plain, bold, cheerful, comfortable ... simply "bloomer"!

what to wear today ... "must have for the summer 2010"


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