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Android is customizable. Android Geeks who have a habit of tinkering with their device, and make software changes to their devices have a lot to worry about before they root their phone, such as warranty issues, locked bootloaders, etc. Normally, Samsung devices come with unlocked bootloaders, making users tinker with their device as they please, but some carriers prefer to keep it locked. Recently, Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon was spotted at Samsung’s website, hinting at the possible launch of the device for the Big Red.

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Developer Resources : Microsoft Edge Dev No PC? No problem. Our tools and virtual machines are free and cross-platform, so you can test your site today on your favorite device—even a Mac. Virtual MachinesTest Microsoft Edge and also IE6 up to IE11 using virtual machines that you download and manage locally for free.Generate ScreenshotsVisualise how your site renders across 9 common browsers and devices.RemoteIETest your site with Azure Remote App for free.Quick Site ScanRun a quick code scan on any URL to check for out-of-date libraries, layout issues and accessibility. Industrial and Military Grade USB Flash Memory Disks (Drives) Amtron supplies the following authentic industrial grade SLC USB flash disks (drives) to military, medical, and industrial customers. These industrial grade single-level cell (SLC) USB flash memory drives are designed for industrial, medical, and military applications and are much more durable and reliable than the consumer grade and the "industrial" consumer-grade multi-level cell (MLC) USB flash disks. The industrial grade USB flash disks are built to endure severe operating environments such as extreme cold and hot temperatures, continuous vibration, high shock impact, intensive read-write cycles, etc. The industrial grade USB flash memory disk features vital benefits such as wear-leveling, error correction, sustained write speed, shock and vibration strength, and temperature range extension. Such features are essential to industries that require a more robust and rugged digital storage option to ensure repeatable and reliable operation.

Text reader for your PC - TextAloud is the text to speech converter that reads emails, documents and more. The World's Most Popular Text to Speech Tool! Our TextAloud 3.0 release is here and it is loaded with new features! TextAloud reads text from email, web pages, reports and more, aloud on your PC. TextAloud can also save your daily reading to MP3 or Windows Media files ready for playback on your iPod, PocketPC, or even on your TV with Tivo's Home Media Option. Be more productive or just be entertained wherever you go with our text reader.

Gadget Buyer's Guide, picking gadgets, gadget reviews, buying gadgets, electronic gadget guide Gadget Buyer's Guide, picking gadgets, gadget reviews, buying gadgets, electronic gadget guide Gadgets Channel / Bullz-Eye Home There are tons of resources online for anyone who wants to research gadget purchases. iOS 9/iTunes 12.3 not syncing app through devices My problem is worse! After upgrading to iTunes 12.3, now it no longer syncs at all with my iPad! That is, iTunes does not recognise there is an iOS 9 iPad Air 2 linked by cable to my Win 10 PC. Prior to iTunes 12.3, just plugging the iPad into my PC autostarted iTunes which automatically began to sync with the iPad. (Is there a setting I need to adjust?) Amazing blooper, really, isn't it.

Emergency Bowtie Hey ladies this one’s for you. Do you have a boyfriend that forgets to get you flowers, never cleans up, and is too lazy to show you any affection? Well, I can’t help you with that, but the Emergency Bowtie can turn any self-centered slob into a self-center slob with a bowtie….and believe me, that’s a world of difference. Convert a PC into Mac using EFix usb dongle Boy, this is what I call true innovation! The EFix usb dongle is a hardware device which, when installed on your mainboard, will allow you to install Mac OS X operating system on your Microsoft-supported PC. In short, you can directly install Mac OS X straight from the original DVD without having to worry about patches, replacing files and anything like that. Sadly, the usb dongle only support Intel processors, so if you’re running an AMD chip then you’re in for a hard luck. Also, currently it only support Gigabyte motherboards. Currently only 200 handmade units are available for purchase, but the firm is soon going to start mass-production.

Worst Case Scenario Survival Card Game Do you know what you’re supposed to do when you’re being chased by a swarm of angry bees? How about fending off a shark when you’re out swimming and happen to see one approaching you? These are obviously situations you won’t normally find yourself in, but that doesn’t mean there’s no possibility of it ever happening. A way to educate yourself while having a bit of fun is with the Worst Case Scenario Survival Card Game Tin, which is a portable, travel edition of the Worst Case Scenario Board Game. Just gather around your travel mates, pop the Worst Case Scenario Tin open, and start sifting through the cards and see if you’re the type who will know what to do in a bad situation or not.

Esaote Medical Diagnostic Systems using Texas Instruments DSPs at Embedded-System . Net Esaote, one of the world’s leading designers of medical diagnostic systems, has leveraged Texas Instruments’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology to create a line of next-generation diagnostic products including ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imagers (MRI) and electrocardiograms (ECG). Esaote was able to build their platforms around efficient devices that acted as both signal processors and as controllers for the board functions. The TMS320C5xâ„¢, TMS320C67xâ„¢ and TMS320C64xâ„¢ DSP generations were utilized and TI tools such as Code Composer Studioâ„¢ IDE, emulators and simulators eased the design process. Marco Brusacà , Ultrasound R&D manager at ESAOTE: MTB Europe - Telemed Telemed designs, builds and licenses ultrasound scanners and related equipment. The company was founded in March 1992. The initial aim of the company was to research and design ultrasound medical equipment, but from mid 1992 we have also manufactured ultrasound devices. Our ultrasound scanner "MLS" was the first Lithuanian scanner certified by the state Department of Health. In 1993 we began a new line of products: PC-based ultrasound systems.

Medical Visualization Solutions, Medical Imaging Systems, Medical Display Systems, Digital Imaging Tools, 3D Medical Imaging Software Barco's diagnostic display solutions for medical imaging provide exceptional image quality and the lowest cost of ownership. Our solutions for PACS diagnostic workstations, mammography display systems, medical grade projectors and quality assurance offer diagnostic confidence and filmless perfection. DICOM accurate large screen visualizations DICOM Theater Lite - First-class performance in a compact design DICOM Theater® Lite is Barco's compact professional projector solution for use in medical imaging applications. The sophisticated DICOM Theater® Lite unites high brightness and a native SXGA+ resolution (1400x1050) in a user-friendly, portable design.

Ultrasonic medical device and associated method Abstract: A medical system includes a carrier and a multiplicity of electromechanical transducers mounted to the carrier, the transducers being disposable in effective pressure-wave-transmitting contact with a patient. Energization componentry is operatively connected to a first plurality of the transducers for supplying the same with electrical signals of at least one pre-established ultrasonic frequency to produce first pressure waves in the patient.

Esaote S p A Harnesses Texas Instruments DSPs To HOUSTON and MUNICH, Germany, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Esaote S.p.A., one of the world's leading designers of medical diagnostic systems, has leveraged digital signal processing (DSP) technology from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to create a line of next-generation diagnostic products including ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imagers (MRIs) and electrocardiograms (ECGs). Esaote's new medical devices feature state-of-the- art functionality and mobility at price points that will bring these much- needed tools to a wider range of patients and healthcare workers. For more information, please visit Esaote at the TI booth #125 in Hall A4 at electronica 2006 in Munich from November 14-17, 2006. Drawing from both fixed-point and floating-point DSP solutions, Esaote was able to build their platforms around efficient devices that acted as both signal processors and as controllers for the board functions.

How to Convert a Physical PC into a Virtual One As a writer and product tester, I spend a lot of time working on my computer. When I bought a new laptop, I wanted very specific features: a big LCD to reduce eye strain, a large comfortable keyboard to minimize hand fatigue, a super fast CPU, lots of memory and storage, Bluetooth, Blu-ray optical drive and high-speed wireless N network capabilities. I have the machine of my dreams and other then battery life and weight, I’m very happy with it. Now if only I could use it more often. You see, my job keeps me in the field working from client sites on a pretty regular basis and as a result I spend most of my time working remotely on my company’s corporate laptop. This laptop is about three years old and frankly, it wasn’t all that impressive new.