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Meson Nadi – Sojournal The Nicaraguan Jungles Boutique Hotel Saskia Nadi has fulfilled her dream of living in a real-life paradise. Since last year, together with husband Dennis, the two have opened their stylish and sustainable boutique hotel Meson Nadi in the jungle of Nicaragua. So what is the story behind Meson Nadi and its creation? Download european and american vintage transport 02 vector free Vector car HomeFree vectorFree PhotosFree website templatesFree iconFree psdFree footagePS brushesPS PatternsPS StylesFontWallpapers Free vector >> Vector car >> european and american vintage transport 02 vector Free vector Vector car european and american vintage transport 02 vector Encapsulated PostScript eps ( .eps ) format Author: . CreatureBox At long last, we’re extremely excited to announce our new book project: The MONSTER VOLUME. Measuring... Howdy folks! We’ve got a few monstrous tidbits to share as we’ve been battling forward... One of my favorite locations from Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One was the Deadgrove. Lots of roots, bugs,...

Photomontage: A Collection - MAT 200A 2011 Pieces of a Memory will be a set of photographs, each being a collage created on a single photographic film and developed. The technique will incorporate a custom built light source to project masked collimated light on a target while the camera is triggered in long exposure mode. The idea traces its roots to combination printing and photomontage. In the mid 19th century, Oscar Rejlander developed a technique called combination printing for creating single images out of multiple negatives. In 1957, he made his best known work, The Two Ways of Life, which was a combination print made of thirty two negatives.

Introducing 1001FreeDownloads I love free stuff, and I don’t think I am the only one… A few weeks back I was notified about 1001FreeDownloads, a place where you can download free Vectors, Photos, Icons, PSDs and more. Most of the time, when I come across these kind of sites, they’re free for personal use, but require a payment for commercial use. Not this time! As they state on their site: “Downloads thousands of royalty free graphics and fonts for personal and commercial use. Updated daily.”

10+ Solutions for Responsive Data Tables Having trouble fitting your tables into a responsive site? They look great on a desktop layout, but look miserable on mobile. Here I will show a basic solution I have used, followed by a list of other plugins and tools you might want to use. Retro-fitting Old Table Markup First remove any fixed widths from your HTML. Before: Original Mockups - Print A4 Letterhead Mockup 01 This Mockup help you to display your creative design with a simple drag and drop on the smart object, your design will be presented in a… Tri Fold Brochure Mockup 01 This Mockup help you to display your creative brochure design with a simple drag and drop on the smart object, your design will be… Stationery Mockup 01 With this set of elements, you can show a sophisticated and easy way, your own brand, commercial or illustrative design, it's really easy,…

Quentin Blake - How I Draw read this in french Most of the time I need to do a rough in which I find out how people stand, what sort of expressions they have and how they fit on the page. For a sequence of drawings more planning is needed, and one needs to think of a number of questions at the same time (which is part of the interest of the job): Weekly Web Design Inspiration #146 There is no limit for inspiration and when it comes to webdesign this is much more unlimited. As usual,we continue to showcase beautiful and interesting website examples that we came across during the week.If you want to take a look at our past website collections,you can visit our css gallery.Hope you like this week’s collection. Vimeo Timeline howdesign In this month's "Top 10" websites for designers, you'll find sites featuring great typography, images, motion and more. This month's "Top 10" websites features the latest and greatest sites for visual inspiration and graphic design tools. Plus: stunning sites created in celebration of design.

Design Better Cards – What the card says about our place in history The card currently symbolizes the height of a fragmented societal consciousness alienated from its humanity, and desperately searching for meaning. The result is a condition where addiction loops dictate how media is consumed. Vapid blips are on constant rotation, pedaling the emotions of arousal to direct attention towards what the content manipulator, advertiser, and siren server wants us to see.

40 Gratis Branding & Plantillas Maqueta de identidad para descargar This roundup of 40 free branding and corporate visual identity mockup templates will add a whole new level of professionalism when presenting design work to clients. Note: Click on the preview image of the mockup template you’re interested in to go to its download page. Related Content Author: Ashlee Harrell Ashlee is a design fanatic and the creator of Vector Chameleon - a design resource site that aims to help designers of all levels with amazing, exclusive, handcrafted resources. Don't forget to follow her @vectorchameleon

Ankaris Troll Mountain Book Covers Howdy Folks! Momentum Books have launched Matthew Reilly’s latest novella, Troll Mountain. I painted three covers for three parts and currently finishing off the omnibus cover, which I’ll update here when it’s completed. Enjoy! 20+ Tools to Create Your Own Infographics A picture is worth a thousand words – based on this, infographics would carry hundreds of thousands of words, yet if you let a reader choose between a full-length 1000-word article and an infographic that needs a few scroll-downs, they’d probably prefer absorbing information straight from the infographic. What’s not to like? Colored charts and illustrations deliver connections better than tables and figures and as users spend time looking back and forth the full infographic, they stay on the site longer. Plus, readers who like what they see are more likely to share visual guides more than articles.

Mark Kawano recommended this site to me. (I have emailed back and forth with him. He presented at Apple WWDC) by finneycanhelp Aug 21

// I really like to have a invitation to share my graphics works !! Maybe one day !! // by flowhynot Jun 19

Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. by lifetimebrands Sep 9