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Alternatives to Microsoft Project / Primavera

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Embedded System,Industrial Computer,Embedded Computer,Industrial Computer-Korenix. Gantter - web-based project scheduling made easy. Rally Community Edition. Move beyond spreadsheets and sticky notes and start using Rally’s free Agile project management online platform.

Rally Community Edition

Just sign up and get started in minutes! Tracks your iterations, stories and defects Teaches and reinforces Agile concepts Personalize your dashboard Add panels to track status, update tasks and work with your team. Customize up to two dashboards, set up notifications, and receive messages through Rally, email or your RSS reader. Prioritize your backlog with easy drag-and-drop Create your backlog by adding stories or defects with one click, or import them from a CSV file. Plan and add stories to your iterations Drag stories and defects from your backlog into your iterations. Manage your iterations with one click Easily add new iterations that are automatically configured based on your history. Track iteration status on the fly Show the status of each story and task, what is still to be completed, and whether anything is blocked. Add new functionality from the App Catalog. Welcome to Apache Maven.

GanttProject Home. Multi Project Intergrator for GANNTPROJECT. Planner. 10 Free Tools For Effective Project Management. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

10 Free Tools For Effective Project Management

Project management is the process by which projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the agreed benefits are realised. Projects are unique, transient endeavours undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. Projects bring about change and project management is recognised as the most efficient way of managing such change. It includes the techniques & tools used to describe, control & deliver a series of activities with given deliverables, timeframes & budgets. You are welcome if you want to share free project management tool that our readers/viewers may like. Image courtesy With increased demand of project management in all areas in general and software industry in particular, need for better tools to manage softwares effectively is also increasing. SchedulingCost ControlBudget ManagementResource AllocationCollaborationCommunicationDocumentation.

Team Collaboration. Overview. Free Business & Enterprise software downloads. Collabtive - Open Source collaboration. ConsultComm - Java Project Timekeeping. The TaskJuggler Project Management Software - About TaskJuggler. Open Source Project and Task Management Software. Jan 08, 2004 - 10:38 AM :: Admin :: 3970803 Reads :: Thank you for your interest in our web-based project management tool. dotProject is built using free open-source applications and is produced and maintained by a small, but dedicated group of volunteers. dotProject is programmed in PHP, and utilises MySQL for a backend database (although other databases such as Postgres could also be used).

Open Source Project and Task Management Software

Our recommended server platform includes Apache 1.3.27, PHP 4.2+, and MySQL. In the spirit of free, peer-reviewed, open source application development, we would also encourage you to use an operating system such as Linux, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD. However, additional operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and other flavours of *nix are also supported. Our dotProject Demo can be accessed at ADMIN Access This will let you do just about anything except administer the users themselves. Username: admin Password: admin Don't reset the password - it just inconveniences others in the short term.

GUEST Access.