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Exercises for Fiction Writers - Page 2

Exercises for Fiction Writers - Page 2

English 50 – Intro to Creative Writing: Exercises for Story Writers More Exercises: Write the first 250 words of a short story, but write them in ONE SENTENCE. Make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct and punctuated correctly. This exercise is intended to increase your powers in sentence writing. Write a dramatic scene between two people in which each has a secret and neither of them reveals the secret to the other OR TO THE READER.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Gets Wrong

I’ve edited a monthly magazine for more than six years, and it’s a job that’s come with more frustration than reward. If there’s one thing I am grateful for — and it sure isn’t the pay — it’s that my work has allowed endless time to hone my craft to Louis Skolnick levels of grammar geekery. As someone who slings red ink for a living, let me tell you: grammar is an ultra-micro component in the larger picture; it lies somewhere in the final steps of the editing trail; and as such it’s an overrated quasi-irrelevancy in the creative process, perpetuated into importance primarily by bitter nerds who accumulate tweed jackets and crippling inferiority complexes. 20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Gets Wrong
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