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Build interactive charts and visualizations] - StumbleUpon. Corporate Wars-Alternative News Links. Alternative News Links!

Corporate Wars-Alternative News Links

The mainstream media IS NOT going to tell us what is really going on in today's society. We are spoon fed corporate propaganda by TV, "newspapers", etc. every day. Here are a few places where you can read the other side of the story. **PLEASE NOTE** We do not use "frame traps", Java, etc. on any of our pages.

We will not cooporate with Corporate Amerika's efforts to force folks with perfectly good 2-4 year old computers to buy new machines. AlterNet Independant News and Information. Common Cause Common Cause represents the unified voice of the people against corruption in government and big money special interests. Communique "Grass Roots News" Consumer E-News Alert Focuses on a wide range of consumer issues from defective products to insurance scams to information on consumer Internet resources. 12 Insane Animal Stories That Are Completely True. Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International.

It all started when Karl Szmolinsky won a prize for breeding Germany's largest rabbit, a friendly-looking 10.5 kilogram "German Gray Giant" called Robert, in February 2006.

Fat German Rabbits to Feed Poor: Monster Bunnies For North Korea - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Images of the chubby monster went around the world and reached the reclusive communist state of North Korea, a country of 23 million which according to the United Nations Food Programme suffers widespread food shortages and where many people "struggle to feed themselves on a diet critically deficient in protein, fats and micronutrients. " Szmolinsky, 67, from the eastern town of Eberswalde near Berlin, recalls how the North Korean embassy approached his regional breeding federation and enquired whether it might be willing to sell some rabbits to set up a breeding farm in North Korea. He was the natural choice for the job. "They'll be used to help feed the population," Szmolinsky told SPIEGEL ONLINE. For those who want to know: Reliable information on health, energy, media,... Down To Business: Dont Dismiss The iPad And Other Tablets As Just Hype. There's no ignoring the iPad's market momentum, and if you think these devices aren't going corporate already, you haven't been paying attention Depending on whom you talk to, the iPad and its emerging tablet rivals are either the end of the PC as we know it or just nice little marginal gadgets.

Down To Business: Dont Dismiss The iPad And Other Tablets As Just Hype

They'll either transform how business people consume, share, and process information, or they'll end up with the Newton and the Network Computer among the glorified technology devices whose time, at least in the enterprise, never came. In unveiling a thinner, lighter, more powerful iPad on March 2, Apple CEO Steve Jobs talked repeatedly about this being the "post-PC era. " Digg - All Topics - The Latest News Headlines, Videos and Images. 5 Absurd Ways Comic Books Have Resurrected Dead Superheroes. Superhero comics have an inherent problem.

5 Absurd Ways Comic Books Have Resurrected Dead Superheroes

They are intended to run indefinitely, so you can't really kill off characters. Yet we the reader need to fear for the character's lives when danger is about. They deal with this by repeatedly killing off the good guys, and bringing them back ... often in the most absurd and/or insane way possible... Spider-Man Gives Birth to Himself In a storyline titled "Changes," Spider-Man has to fight The Queen, a ridiculously powerful villainess no one has ever heard of before. The Queen eventually lets Spider-Man escape, having accomplished her goal. WikiLeaks. Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News.

15 of the Deadliest U.S. Corporations. These corporations, if they were individual human beings, would be locked up for life.

15 of the Deadliest U.S. Corporations

Instead, they continue raking in the big bucks. Human rights abuses, murder, war, eco disasters, and animal exploitation keep these evil companies raking in the green. Prepare to be disgusted. Chevron Image Source Several big oil companies make this list, but Chevron deserves a special place in Hell. DeBeers Image Source Diamonds are a girl's best friend -- unless she lives in the Ivory Coast. Tyson Even if you don't care about the horrendous animal abuse that has been documented in Tyson's factory farms, you have to flinch at Tyson's appalling environmental abuses and workers' rights violations, as well as the fact that on several occasions, Tyson has allowed e coli tainted beef to enter the food supply. Smith and Wesson Image Source Phillip Morris Image Source Phillip Morris is the largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the U.S. Haliburton Image Source Coca Cola Image Source. Science - News for Your Neurons. New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time By Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine Friday, April 25 222 Comments A new theory explains the seemingly irreversible arrow of time while yielding insights into entropy, quantum computers, black holes, and the past-future divide.

Science - News for Your Neurons

Use Science and Tech to Build the Ultimate Automated Garden By Thomas Hayden and Sal Vaglica Monday, April 21 9 Comments Let people who love sore backs and dirty fingernails painstakingly tend their gardenias. Today’s backyard should be a maximized, automated, hyperefficient system of caloric production. With a little science—and some engineering prowess—you can keep your plot tidy, pest-free, and healthy while barely lifting a finger. So kick back with a gin-spiked kombucha and let your self-maintaining yard crank out the zero-mile arugula. A Patient’s Bizarre Hallucination Points to How the Brain Identifies Places By Genevieve Bookwalter Tuesday, April 15 12 Comments Dr. Big Think. News for nerds, stuff that matters.

Disinformation: Everything You Know Is Wrong.