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Homepage. BBCode guide. Building Desktop Applications in PHP - How To Play Animated GIFs onClick [Tutorial] The Animated GIF is a popular way to visualize a design concept (here’s an example of how we did it for the post text effects created with CSS) or show off a short video clip.

How To Play Animated GIFs onClick [Tutorial]

But if you have too many of them in the same page, it will deviate your user’s focus. For pages that showcase a lot of GIFs, this is bad news. The solution: serve users with a static image and only allow the animated GIF to run upon user-click. In this short tutorial we’re going to show you how to do just that. Getting Started Begin with preparing the project folders and files which include: an HTML file, the jQuery, and lastly a JavaScript file where we will write our code. Notice the additional data-alt attribute in the img element. After that, we will write the JavaScript that will bring the magic.

The JavaScript First, we create a function that will retrieve the GIF image path we have put in the data-alt attribute. We run the function and save the output in a variable gif, as above. Image Pre-loading. Google JavaScript Style Guide. We follow the C++ formatting rules in spirit, with the following additional clarifications.

Google JavaScript Style Guide

Curly Braces Because of implicit semicolon insertion, always start your curly braces on the same line as whatever they're opening. For example: if (something) { // ... } else { // ... } Array and Object Initializers. How to Change Adobe Dreamweaver Code View Theme. You have probably been told that staring at bright computer screens for a long period is bad for your eyes.

How to Change Adobe Dreamweaver Code View Theme

You might reply that we have dark themed websites and the dark backgrounds are cutting down on the damage caused. Plus, dark themes can make anything look a whole lot cooler. Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Babylon.js. Babylon.js: a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL - Eternal Coding - HTML5 / JavaScript / 3D development. /* Updated on 4/10/14 to reflect API changes */ I am a real fan of 3D development.

Babylon.js: a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL - Eternal Coding - HTML5 / JavaScript / 3D development

Since I was 16, I spent all my spare time creating 3d engines with various technologies (DirectX, OpenGL, Silverlight 5, pure software, etc.). Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL. Cross-platform Python Framework for NUI Development.

References / API's

Web Design. HTML5 & CSS. Code Academy. Aprende a programar e cria aplicações brutais. HTML5 Presentation. Anybody can learn. Code & Conquer. Learn by playing. 9 GIFs That Explain Responsive Design Brilliantly. How nth-child Works. There is a CSS selector, really a pseudo-selector, called nth-child.

How nth-child Works

Here is an example of using it: What the above CSS does, is select every third list item inside unordered lists. CSS3 structural pseudo-class selector tester. Equal Column Height With CSS. Ttraditionally, a website consists of the main section and a sidebar on the layout.

Equal Column Height With CSS

Commonly, the content that is contained in the main section could be longer than the sidebar, which makes the height of these two sections unequal. In some cases, we want the height to be equal. There are actually some solutions to this situation, and one that is frequently recommended is the Faux Column technique. View Demo Recommended Reading: CSS Back to Basics: Terminology Explained Faux Column. Create Beautiful <SELECT> Dropdown With EasyDropDown.js. <SELECT> is a HTML element that is used for selecting items using a drop-down list.

Create Beautiful <SELECT> Dropdown With EasyDropDown.js

It’s useful for when you have a very long list of items to select such as dates. Unfortunately, for those who want to create a fancy web page, the default<SELECT>in their web browser is not very user-friendly and doesn’t look great style-wise. To style the element, CSS should be enough. How To Create CSS Gradient Border Colors.

With all the new features in CSS3, we are now able to build image-less websites.

How To Create CSS Gradient Border Colors

In the past, the use of image was inevitable when it comes to showing gradient colors. 10 Hidden CSS3 Properties You Should Know. CSS3 have made designing web more exciting with the introduction of new properties.

10 Hidden CSS3 Properties You Should Know

While you might know of the popular ones, such as the box-shadow, border-radius, and transform, there are plenty more properties that you may not have heard of or tried, but would be glad to know of its existence. W3C is constantly working on new CSS properties to make the web much better for designers, developers and users. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these 10 properties you may not know of but should really check out. Recommended Reading: Beginner’s Guide to All Things CSS3.

Animate.css. 5 Things You Can Do With HTML Meta Tag. Meta Tag is used to store a piece of information on a web page.

5 Things You Can Do With HTML Meta Tag

Essentially, it is information about data. Its purpose is for browsers and search engines to understand and know the page better. As web developers, we’re used to setting the page description, author, or keyword via meta tag. jQuery Animated Typing with Typed.js. Typed.js typed.js — bash — 80x25 $ Typed.js is a jQue| Type your heart out, with Typed.js Download Zip View on GitHub. CSS Shorthand Generator. Shine.js. Free email editor to build responsive design messages.

CSS Color Chart. Random CSS Gradient Generator for Devs & Designers. 53 Jquery Tutorials, Resources, Tips And Tricks: Ultimate Collection. If for whatever reason you don’t know jQuery, it is a “write less, do more” JavaScript library. It has many Ajax and JavaScript features to allow you enhance semantic coding and user experience. From jQuery homepage – “jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.” Special Characters in HTML. Pure. How to make an HTML website form in simple steps.

Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS. CodyHouse. Ungrid - the simplest responsive css grid. The Shapes of CSS. CSS is capable of making all sorts of shapes. - Community driven reading shelf.