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Virtual Reality Meets Actual Reality: Why VR Is Harder Than You Think. At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco Monday, three virtual reality proponents hit the stage to talk about the potential—and the pitfalls—of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Meets Actual Reality: Why VR Is Harder Than You Think

It’s an exciting time for VR pioneers like Richard Marks, head of research and development at Sony; Paul Raphaël of Felix & Paul Studios; and HTC's Claude Zellweger. But judging by what we’ve seen of the technology so far, it’s nothing compared to what the future holds. The Many Uses Of Virtual Reality Already, augmented and virtual reality can act as tools for anything from education to medicine, architecture to real estate sales, and more.

Take doctors, for instance. - Virtual Reality Porn and Sex Toys. Project Tango: hands-on with Google's virtual reality experiment. British developers can finally get their hands on Project Tango, Google's 3D-mapping tablet that uses a variety of sensors to map the physical world.

Project Tango: hands-on with Google's virtual reality experiment

Project Tango's development kit -- a prototype that until last month could only be bought in the US -- is now available in the UK for £256. Launched in March 2014, Project Tango hopes to become an essential new tool for creating 3D models of the world we live in. Its potential applications include creating augmented and virtual reality games, indoor mapping and even helping blind people navigate. WIRED was able to go hands-on with Project Tango during a demo event at Google's London offices. The tablet itself looks unremarkable, but this isn't the same as any old Android tablet. The ability to quickly build a 3D map of a given place (better if indoors) is Project Tango's main feature.

The resolution is still too low for modelling small and medium objects -- you can't use Project Tango to scan a cup and 3D print one, for instance. A Maker’s Guide to the Metaverse. The virtual reality renaissance that is now underway is creating much excitement surrounding the potential arrival of the “metaverse.”

A Maker’s Guide to the Metaverse

As I write, four great technology titans are competing to bring affordable head-mounted displays to market and usher VR into the mainstream [1]. While the term “metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, current usage has diverged significantly from its original meaning. How virtual reality makes the world a better place. The preamble of the United Nations Charter has a clause that might sound quaint in 2015: “To employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples.”

How virtual reality makes the world a better place

But when considering the context, which was the aftermath of the Second World War, the mention of machinery makes perfect sense: mass industrialization was a means of developing, as well as damaging, human life. Planes could bring people closer but could also carpet bomb entire cities. Factory work provided higher standards of living, but also left wage labour open to exploitation. This inherent duality is still relevant in a world of rapid digitization.

Virtual reality has emerged at the edge of visual storytelling technology. Our first collaboration with Vrse, a virtual-reality media and technology company, is titled Clouds over Sidra. Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Which is the Future? They're both new technologies, cutting edge in fact, both currently involve dorky hardware and are the subject of fascination to the world's most influential people in tech.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Which is the Future?

But the advent of AR or VR could lead us down very different paths in entertainment, gaming, communication and industry. We Can’t Find Any Alien Neighbors and Virtual Reality Might Be to Blame. “If the transcension hypothesis is correct, inner space, not outer space, is the final frontier for universal intelligence.

We Can’t Find Any Alien Neighbors and Virtual Reality Might Be to Blame

Our destiny is density.” – John Smart Only decades into our “age of cosmology” — the moment when we earned the technological rights to peer deep into our cosmic home — we’ve learned that we live in a mega-palace of a universe. And we’ve also found something odd. We seem to be the only ones home! Where are the aliens? Within just a single generation, powerful telescopes, satellites, and space probes have given us tools to explore the structure of our universe. Just consider the mind-boggling numbers. Even the most conservative NASA estimates say our universe has 500 billion billion stars like our own, and orbiting those suns are another 100 billion billion Earth-like planets. But so far, no Ferengi, Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans—nobody. So, it should seem strikingly weird that we haven’t spotted anyone else.

Could virtual reality revolutionise crisis-response filmmaking ? “There’s a deafening apathy to all of the stories about refugees in a situation like Aleppo in Syria.

Could virtual reality revolutionise crisis-response filmmaking ?

To be honest, people don’t care any more, and we’ve had a few years of beating our heads against the wall trying to make people care.” As a freelance photographer and videographer, Christian Stephen has been trying to tell stories from war zones for the last half a decade while fretting about this challenge. His latest film, Welcome To Aleppo, uses technology to try to solve it. Bone, Blood, Chemicals and Fire: Welcome to Aleppo (in Virtual Reality) - RYOT News. I have just passed into Syria.

Bone, Blood, Chemicals and Fire: Welcome to Aleppo (in Virtual Reality) - RYOT News

The crossing point, a Turkish town named Kilis, abuts the newly-drawn “safe zone” where the U.S. and Turkey intend to clear the area of ISIS fighters. However one foot over the wire, nothing is safe. Kaleidoscope - The First-Ever Virtual Reality Film Festival. Film festivals are getting a new twist now.

Kaleidoscope - The First-Ever Virtual Reality Film Festival

As virtual reality has entered the film making industry, many directors are busy creating VR films to attract the movie buffs. With increase in the number of VR films, now an entire film festival will be held which will focus only on these films. The film festival has been named the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival and it highlights the work of independent filmmakers of VR. The festival is presented by VR agency Kaleidoscope which is located in San Francisco. Read Also – Virtual Reality Takes British Museum Visitors to Bronze Age Virtual Reality-Focused Film Festival. Virtual insanity. In a world of her own: Avril with an Oculus Rift headset Two aspects of digital technology that have massive potential are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual insanity

When I heard Steve Dann, CEO of Amplified Robot, hosted a monthly meetup dedicated to this, I jumped at the chance to tag along and see for myself how this is transforming the entertainment industry as well as our digital lives.