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Donna Burgess Dick

Former corporate publicist and current freelance business writer who now works as a media specialist in the public school system.

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Personal. Kid Safe Search Sites. Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu: Subject Indexes | Search Engines | Fun and Educational Sites | Web Safety and Media Reviews Subject Indexes KidsClick A searchable web directory created by "a bunch of librarians" at the Ramapo Catskill Library System.

Kid Safe Search Sites

No ads. NYPL Kids. 10 Middle Grade Fantasy Novels with Black Girl Leads. Fantasy needs more people of color.

10 Middle Grade Fantasy Novels with Black Girl Leads

This is true for every bit of fantasy, of course, but especially true of fantasy for kids. Watching kids devour the Harry Potter series and the Percy Jackson series and the School for Good and Evil series and the Land of Stories series is fantastic to me as a fantasy lovin’ independent books, but all of those books – while good – are so very white. And as somebody who values inclusive and diverse books as actual reflections of our world, the argument that having people of color in books wouldn’t be realistic – in the same books that have dragons and magic – makes me want to scream.


Financial Information. Content Area Resources. Blogs and Wikis. Creative Commons and Copyright. Highly effective school libraries have a common set of characteristics. It is clear from the findings that there are some highly effective school libraries in Delaware—school libraries that are strongly integrated into the learning fabric of the school and which contribute to student learning outcomes.

Highly effective school libraries have a common set of characteristics

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Library Websites. Study: Good School Libraries Affect Test Scores. Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A study released Tuesday by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians shows that the more emphasis is put on school libraries--and the learning that takes place there--the better scores students receive on standardized tests.

Study: Good School Libraries Affect Test Scores

University of South Carolina Professor Dr. Karen Gavigan outlined the studies five areas of importance at a press conference Tuesday morning. "The presence of librarians and library support staff, instructional collaboration between librarians and teachers, traditional and digital collections, library expenditures, and access to computers," she explained. The study found that the schools which had these five components had better performance on the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards.

One of third-grader Tavetria Amponsah's favorite things to do is to go to the library and read. School Librarian Debbie Cooper says the learning that takes place there is guided by collaboration between her and the teachers, but driven by the students. Copyright for Students.

Curriculum and Elementary Lesson Plans for Library Media

Resources for Media Specialists. Children's Book Week. The Teacher's Corner - Librarians. The Teacher's Corner Librarians This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner. "Camp Out in the Library"The students enjoy this activity very much and it encourages them the importance of reading, learning and traveling through books. Submitted by: Wendy Nieto - Dorado, Puerto Rico 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know Another great New York Public Library resource. Free To Use and Share: Resources To Help Teach Kids (and Adults!) About Copyright and Creative Commons. I've gotten a few requests lately for resources on how to teach kids (and adults!)

Free To Use and Share: Resources To Help Teach Kids (and Adults!) About Copyright and Creative Commons

About copyright. I've written before about how I don't think any lesson on copyright can be effective without an emphasis on creative commons and helping students choose licenses for their own work. Authorless event ideas FINAL 2016. Internet Library for Librarians.


Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher Librarians. Editor’s Note: This article was originally published as a Tag Team Tech column on

Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher Librarians

It has been reprinted and reproduced numerous times and in many places. We are making it available here to ensure that all of our readers have seen it. Manifesto for 21st Century Teacher Librarians By Joyce Kasman Valenza October 2010. The New York Public Library.

Technology for Media Specialists

SLJ2016 USBBY FinalWeb. THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The world's knowledge. Vaughan Memorial Library : Tutorials : Plagiarism. Library Publications. Library information and reference. To Read or Not to Read! Creating a Book Talk. What is a Book Talk?

To Read or Not to Read! Creating a Book Talk

A book talk is like a short T.V. commercial, advertising a book. The goal is to get the reader interested so they want to read your book! How to Give a Book Talk • Look at the audience • Speak loudly so all can hear. • Talk about the characters, the problem in the story, or some interesting information. • Read a small part of the book to interest the readers To Prepare: • Choose a book that you think others would like! • Read the book so that you are comfortable sharing what you know about it. • Practice! • Jot a few notes down to remember the important information you wanted to share and the questions you wanted to ask • Bookmark a page you wanted to read so you can easily find it.


What Is Creative Commons, And Should You Use It? While writing out your next academic paper, you look online for various images which are appropriate for what you’re talking about.

What Is Creative Commons, And Should You Use It?

Once you find something you like, you simply copy and paste it because, hey, who’s stopping you? More than likely, doing this is technically illegal. Not only that, but it applies to most content that you can find online — including posts/articles and videos. To make things easier on both content creators and consumers, Lawrence Lessig created the suite of Creative Commons licenses, a set of copyright licenses which clarify what you can do with content licensed with one of those licenses. He was even helped by Aaron Swartz who later on went on to co-found Reddit.

Search results for "wooden letters" 14 Reasons Why You Should Love A Librarian. 1.

14 Reasons Why You Should Love A Librarian

Because they read a lot of books, which tend to make them smart. 2. Because they are good listeners. 3.


LittleBitsEducatorsGuide FINAL. School Librarians. CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide. What Is Successful Technology Integration? Technology integration is the use of technology resources -- computers, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, social media platforms and networks, software applications, the Internet, etc. -- in daily classroom practices, and in the management of a school.

What Is Successful Technology Integration?

Successful technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is: Routine and transparentAccessible and readily available for the task at handSupporting the curricular goals, and helping the students to effectively reach their goals When technology integration is at its best, a child or a teacher doesn't stop to think that he or she is using a technology tool -- it is second nature. The Ten Most Beautiful School Libraries In The World. School Library Marketing Plan. 50 Essential Sites and People for School Librarians - Librarian Lisa.

Here are my top 50 essential websites, people, or blog posts for school librarians. These are people and sites to which I consistently return. Some of the entries below are skewed towards California school libraries, but I think they’re beneficial for anyone. Listed in no particular order. Teachers: Teach digital citizenship and discover the best apps, games, and websites rated for learning. Library of Congress Home. Using Web 2.0 Principles to Become Librarian & Educator 2.0. Elementary School Library. The Researching Librarian: Home. The Best Children's Books! Ten Tips for School Library Media Specialists. Embracing technology will change everything about your school library media program. When this happens to you, think outside your traditional role and services. 1. EDU LibrariansGuide V1 7. 2016 Summer Reading. Multimedia for librarians.

Excellent Classroom Poster on How to Cite Information from Internet. Teach Code in 2015. Use your role as a teacher to expose the youngest students to America's hottest career path. Watch the short video to learn why. Resolve to teach just a little code before the last day of school because: 1. You don't even need a computer! uses "unplugged" tutorials that teach the basics of computer science without a digital device. 2. offers fun workshops, with resource giveaways, for teachers of students from kindergarten through fifth grade. 3. visitors can make Elsa and Anna of Arendelle create intricate snowflakes with a little math and blockly (beginner code), help an Angry Bird get the pig, or code their ownFlappy Birdgame to play on a smartphone or any digital device. Want more easy coding activities? 4. Use your influence for just one hour (try a math or science period) between now and the end of the school year to make even the youngest kids creators of technology, rather than just consumers!

There’s No Such Thing as Library Leadership. There’s leadership. EDU STEAMGuide V1 5. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature. All Reviewed Books. Search Our Site Subscribe to our Free Email Newsletter.Sign Up! Education Resources Information Center. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Education for Global Leadership.