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10 of the Most Memorable Dogs in Fiction. BBC Learning English - The English We Speak. What's Your Learning Style? 20 Questions. What's Your Learning Style?

What's Your Learning Style? 20 Questions

20 Questions EducationPlanner Site Menu Section Menu Main Content What's Your Learning Style? <h4 style="text-align: center;">This application requires JavaScript. Colorful Animation Visualizes 200 Years of Immigration to the U.S. (1820-Present) Many of us, whether born there, residing there, or just interested in the place, describe the United States of America as “a nation of immigrants.”

Colorful Animation Visualizes 200 Years of Immigration to the U.S. (1820-Present)

What exactly that phrase means has in recent times become the subject of heated public debate. As this year’s presidential candidates strain to appeal to voters with a wide variety of views on the question of what role immigration should play in America’s future (to say nothing of what’s going on in Britain right now), it might help to look at what role immigration has played in its past, and a new animated infographic of who has immigrated from where since 1820 gives the clearest possible look at the whole picture.

Shakespeare's plays plus a modern translation you can understand. Funny English Idioms And Their Meanings. Having recently moved to Brazil, learning a new language and also teaching English, has made me think more about the English language.

Funny English Idioms And Their Meanings

Show Full Text When I stopped to think about some English idioms and their literal meaning, I found some of them very funny and thought it would be a nice idea to pick a few of the most common idioms and illustrate them. More info: As Cool As A Cucumber Thanks for sharing! David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef. Photo captions. Earth - Your life on earth. Explore BBC Earth's unique interactive, personalised just to you. Find out how, since the date of your birth, your life has progressed; including how many times your heart has beaten, and how far you have travelled through space. Investigate how the world around you has changed since you've been alive; from the amount the sea has risen, and the tectonic plates have moved, to the number of earthquakes and volcanoes that have erupted.

Grasp the impact we've had on the planet in your lifetime; from how much fuel and food we've used to the species we've discovered and endangered. And see how the BBC was there with you, capturing some of the most amazing wonders of the natural world. Explore, enjoy, and share with your friends either the whole page, or your favourite insights. Movies for learning english with english subtitles. Poetry Foundation. The 5 Essential Diagrams Everybody Should be Able to Draw. When you want to present the bigger picture in an easily understandable way or define your ideas/proposals succinctly, visual representation works better than just words.

The 5 Essential Diagrams Everybody Should be Able to Draw

Here’s where diagrams can be useful in breaking down different elements of an idea or thought, and say a lot without actually saying too much! There are five such essential diagrams that you can use in just about any setting such as business, education or home science. 1. Mind maps A mind map is a graphical representation of concepts and ideas.

To create a basic mind map, you start at the center of the page and draw a picture/geometric figure for your central idea. Creately’s mind mapping tools are easy to use and the real-time collaboration features makes it perfect for teams as well. E.g.: Weekly Employee Meeting Mind Map A Weekly employee meeting mind map. Lesson Categories. Academic English Archives - Dreamreader Other Featured Articles Situations – Lesson 5 April 16, 2015 Situations – Lesson 4 April 13, 2015.

Lesson Categories

One Humongous List of Free Online Education Games for Language Arts. END OF TERM PHONIC ACTIVITIES. Hiroshima: Bun Hashizume's story of survival - CBBC Newsround. Language Fun > Self-evaluate your language skills! The 'Self-evaluate your language skills' game helps you to profile your skills in the languages you know according to the six reference levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the Council of Europe (Language Policy Unit, Strasbourg).

Language Fun > Self-evaluate your language skills!

The CEFR exists in 39 languages and is used throughout the world in many contexts. The game is based on the Self-assessment grid contained in the CEFR and describes language activities. When answering the questions within the application please remember that this merely aims at setting your language profile and at encouraging you to pursue language learning! 700 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns.


700 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns

We also have special collections of . Free Comedy & Dramas 125 Korean Feature Films – Free – The Korean Film Archive has put on YouTube over 100 Korean feature films, including Im Kwon-taek’s Sopyonje and Hong Sangsoo’s The Day the Pig Fell Into a Well. A bonanza for fans of Korean film.70 Movies in HD from Famed Russian Studio Mosfilm – Free – Includes films by Tarkovsky, Eisenstein and Kurosawa, plus Sergei Bondarchuk’s 1969 adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. 630 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free. Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers. Susan Hillyard, Argentina Susan Hillyard, B.Ed.

Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers

(Hons) Warwick University U.K. The C Group - Home. Open Data for Language Research and Education. Google for Educators Interactive Mind Map. [bnc] British National Corpus. CyArk Lesson Plans. Webquest: New Year. Young People Who Changed The World In 2014: Malala, Michael Brown And Mexico's Missing Students Influenced International Conversation. It's true: Age ain't nothing but a number.

Young People Who Changed The World In 2014: Malala, Michael Brown And Mexico's Missing Students Influenced International Conversation

Events in 2014 made that especially clear, as young students, protesters, artists, athletes and others created change and guided international conversation. None of them have turned 30 yet, but they're forces to reckon with as 2015 approaches. Here are just a few of the youth who changed the world this year: Malala Yousafzai, age 17 Malala Yousafzai, 17, won the Nobel Peace Prize with Kailash Satyarthi this year. Twitter in Class & Staffroom. Synonyms Dictionary at

CrashCourse. Anglais sites ressource. Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree. 552K 18.4KShare337 When linguists talk about the historical relationship between languages, they use a tree metaphor. 3 Great Posters for Teaching Writing. Today I am sharing with you some really cool posters on writing.

3 Great Posters for Teaching Writing