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IIoT Use Cases

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Cumulocity IoT platform. Commercial Vehicles Get Connected - Connected World. This year’s NACV (North American Commercial Vehicle) Show showcased the latest and greatest in fleet technologies.

Commercial Vehicles Get Connected - Connected World

Companies like Hyundai and Volvo Trucks made big announcements, unveiling concept commercial vehicles that leverage FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) technology and a new kit designed to improve fuel efficiency, respectively. Many announcements that came from the show focused on increasing truck and fleet efficiency, comfort, and connectivity. L’aéroport Amsterdam Schiphol déploie son propre réseau IoT. The Internet of Growing Things - The Possibility Report.

Les vaches connectées sont-elles un rêve ? Les humains ne sont pas les seuls à consommer avec des appareils connectés ces jours-ci.

Les vaches connectées sont-elles un rêve ?

Les vaches ont rejoint nos rangs. Open-pit mining. [En images] Découvrez les innovations dans les cabines d’avions récompensées par des Crystal Cabin Awards - L'Usine Aéro. Smart Connected Chillers. 2016 ezell iot smart manufacturing. Comment Eramet a opéré sa mue numérique - Mines - métaux. Five smart factories – and what you can learn from them. Amazon and Adidas aren’t the only success stories in smart manufacturing, says Kayla Matthews.

Five smart factories – and what you can learn from them

Whirlpool, Siemens, HP, Hirotec, and Ocado are all redefining industrial processes in new and innovative ways. What are the key lessons? Today’s customers want goods made to their specifications, and they want them the next day. Smart factories and increased automation are one solution for manufacturers that need to drive their innovations faster – not just to keep ahead of competitors, but also to keep pace with customer demands. Case Study: Whirlpool Corporation, Sustainability From Factory to Home. 4 Real-life IoT Examples Proven to Transform Business. Without human assistants at the retail point to collect customer feedback, getting data from IoT-enabled vending machines is crucial. It helps identify the busiest locations and most popular drinks, gage inventory levels, and machine profitability.

In one instance, this data has led Coca-Cola to come up with a new flavor: by analyzing the accumulated big data, the vendor has come to understand that mixing Cherry and Vanilla Coke was popular among the customers. In the Coca-Cola vending machines, IoT enables cashless payments, personalized communications, stock and refill notifications to the brand’s management, and gathering performance and service data for suppliers. It also helps implement loyalty programs allowing customers to accumulate bonus points and use them to buy a free drink all in one tap on their smartphones. When the Internet of Things and Smart Machines Collide. Slowly at first and then suddenly — that’s the signature of exponential growth.

When the Internet of Things and Smart Machines Collide

Out at sea, a tsunami is an almost imperceptible swell. But when it rises up and hits you, unlike a normal wave it just keeps on coming. HUGO BOSS Group: Smart factory in Izmir. IoT applications in agriculture: the potential of smart farming on the current stage. Everything on smart agriculture (with examples!)

IoT applications in agriculture: the potential of smart farming on the current stage

In one place: precision farming, drones, greenhouse farming, livestock management, and supply chain IoT solutions IoT in agriculture: how it works It’s not a secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) triumphally changes the world. In fact, it has already introduced innovation in various industries, which assisted in increasing the effectiveness and cutting the costs of business operations in different aspects. And the area of agriculture fits this trend totally. IoT farming: the most widespread direction As one of the popular dimensions to discuss applications of IoT in agriculture, the precision farming deserves special attention. Continuous Measurement: Making Better Beer With IoT. Beer is a popular beverage around the world, but here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it’s a bit more.

Continuous Measurement: Making Better Beer With IoT

There’s a reason Grand Rapids is known as “Beer City, USA.” Fermentation is the name of the biochemical process where the sugars in a liquid, typically derived from grains or other organic sources, are converted to alcohol and fizz (carbon dioxide) by yeast. It’s the key to making wine, beer and hard cider. Needless to say, with 37 breweries (in 2018) and growing, there is a lot of fermentation going on in Grand Rapids.

Because of fermentation’s central role in beer production, monitoring the fermentation process is important to breweries. IoT Conveyor Belts Improve Mining, Manufacturing, and Logistics. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka Industry 4.0, takes hold, experts in every field are wondering what it means for them.

IoT Conveyor Belts Improve Mining, Manufacturing, and Logistics

Mining, manufacturing, and distribution are no different. And because these sectors share many of the same challenges, they stand to benefit from many of the same technologies, too. IoT in Agriculture: Why It Is A Future of Connected Farming World. Agriculture is a field, where modern technologies can be applied efficiently.

IoT in Agriculture: Why It Is A Future of Connected Farming World

Although, the farming sector may seem something archaic for many people. Anyway, a smart farming conception is not a sci-fi one, it is a real working approach that simplifies agricultural processes and makes them automated. A Catalog of Civic Data Use Cases. Smart grids, and particularly smart electric meters, played a promising role in improving disaster response and the speed with which power could be restored after super storm Sandy downed power lines across the east coast in 2012.

A Catalog of Civic Data Use Cases

That role was small-scale and local, since electric utilities' conversion to smart-grid technology has been slower than desired, but the potential is there for the technology to have a much larger impact as these systems are rolled out more widely. At best, phone calls and spotty service-outage reports can slowly piece together a hazy picture of the conditions of a power network. Data-Smart City Solutions. Urbanites, strap on your helmets and secure your bike horns because we are rolling into the age of the urban cycler.

Data-Smart City Solutions

More and more city dwellers are swapping out their car keys for the cheaper, healthier, and cleaner two-wheeled alternative—and local governments are taking notice. Cities and states around the world are beginning to gather data from their bikes in a range of ways in an effort to harness the benefits of this growing trend. Fewer drivers on the roads means improved traffic flow, less air pollution, and more active citizens. Studies have even shown that people on bikes are more likely to spend money at local businesses. For these reasons, local governments everywhere are adding bike-friendly infrastructure like bike lanes, biker-friendly traffic lights, and bike-share programs. The city of Portland, Oregon, which has one of the most pedal-friendly populations in the country, wanted to ensure such investments were made based on data. How Global Leaders Are Leveraging the Enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Today, we can see the Internet of Things-based devices all around. It’s an emerging technology that consists of a network connecting our gadgets and allowing them to communicate with each other. L'IA en 35 cas : prédire pour mieux décider - IA. Suivre les animaux marins grâce à l’IoT : un défi technique. Dans cet article, nous explorons plusieurs technologies pour suivre les animaux marins et analyser leurs données grâce à l’IoT. 6 IIoT Trends for Manufacturing Safety.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is reshaping how manufacturing companies work, increasing productivity while achieving higher consistency levels and lower error rates. Manufacturing also has seen continuous improvement in safety processes as a result of evolving technologies. When integrating new technology into your safety program, here are six IIoT trends EHS managers should consider. 1.

Case-studies from Railway, Oil & Energy industries. Predictive Maintenance case-studies from Railway, Energy, Oil & Minerals Industries: The Challenges and Benefits With the advent of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance has been seen as the next technology frontier to unlock benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs. This parameter based continuous monitoring helps in recognizing the failure point or behavioural anomalies.

Thus, decision making can be done proactively by deploying the field technician or sending a patch fix remotely; prior to the actual breakdown. To summarize, predictive maintenance is a culmination of condition based monitoring and data analytics. However, for organizations this paradigm shift from preventive to predictive maintenance, though necessary, is challenging at various levels. Such migration will need a re-framing of organizational process, investments in new technologies and training to the existing workforce. IoT for Predictive Maintenance: Essence, Architecture, Applications. For years, manufacturers have been practicing a time-based approach to the equipment maintenance. They used to take the age of machinery as the factor for planning the maintenance routine. The older the equipment the more frequent maintenance procedures need to be carried out.

The ARC group study states, however, that worldwide, only 18% of equipment has failed due to its age, while 82% of failures occur randomly. It proves that a time-based approach is not cost-effective – a piece of equipment gets maintained irrespective of the actual need. Connectivité. Et si les véhicules parlaient ? Le groupe Volvo propose à ses clients la gamme de solutions de connectivité la plus vaste du secteur pour les poids lourds, les autobus et les engins de chantier. Avec près de 800 000 véhicules connectés, nous proposons un nombre inégalé de véhicules commerciaux et de machines connectés dans le secteur. La connectivité est essentielle pour contribuer à nos objectifs que sont l'accroissement du temps de service et du rendement énergétique ainsi que le renforcement de la sécurité sur nos routes.

La connectivité est l'un des domaines technologiques clés du groupe Volvo. Volvo - Achieving better processes with predictive maintenance - IBM MediaCenter. AUDI Electric Motor Engine FACTORY - HOW IT'S MADE. Presentation on Condition Monitoring. Manufacturing Intelligence in the Smart Factory. Inmarsat IoT on land and at sea 2018 09. 10 stellar real-life examples of IoT taking flight in aviation. The Internet of Things (IoT) has really taken off in aviation. We look at which airlines are emerging as early innovators. EasyJet EasyJet may be a budget airline specialising in affordable travel, but the firm has really done something quite innovative in the Internet of Things (IoT) space through wearable technology. Claiming to be the first airline to use wearable tech, it has equipped cabin crew and ground staff with wearable tech uniforms. The new suit is fitted with LEDs on the shoulders and hems to provide visual guidance to the passengers and built-in microphones for direct communication with passengers, pilots and amongst the crew members.

EasyJet is also using drones to inspect to its fleet of airplanes. Helsinki Airport. 9 examples of manufacturers making IIoT work for them. From smart factories to connected farming, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is nothing new for those in the manufacturing sector. Caterpillar American machinery and equipment firm Caterpillar recently established a partnership with Uptake, an industrial analytics company, to help Caterpillar customers better understand the health of their equipment, and to monitor and optimize their fleets more effectively. Caterpillar says customers typically use its technology for fleet monitoring and to track fuel efficiency, but this partnership aims to take the offering ‘to the next level.’

2013 IW Best Plants Winner: Harley-Davidson. Look into Tomorrow’s Factory - Efficient Plant. 1801WEFIndstr4.0. Building smart manufacturing with the iot. Use iot to advance railway predictive maintenance whitepaper. 4 Real-life IoT Examples Proven to Transform Business. Industry 4.0: How the IoT has revolutionised manufacturing - Calvium. IoT integrated systems for process optimization in mining. Renault Trucks dope le contrôle qualité de ses moteurs à la réalité augmentée. L'industrie du futur s'esquisse peu à peu à mesure que la réalité augmentée pénètre dans les usines françaises. Renault Trucks, filiale française du groupe Volvo, est la dernière en date à s'y mettre avec un projet de modernisation du contrôle qualité de ses moteurs. La présentation officielle sera faite mardi 21 novembre 2017 lors du salon Solutrans, mais L'Usine Digitale a pu s'entretenir en amont avec l'entreprise pour faire le point sur le projet. Du document papier à la réalité augmentée.

Solutions 4.0 pour l'Industrie - Diota. Augmented reality - Factory of the Future. Quand-l-usine-passe-a-la-realite-augmentee. Bosch Rexroth. Industry 4.0 changes the rules of the game for manufacturing. Connecting real machines with information technologies and the Internet increases productivity. Companies that use new technologies for industry 4.0 are more competitive because they produce at lower costs and meet customer needs with more flexibility.

One thing is certain: Industry 4.0 is coming. Microsoft Nigeria IoT Spotlight. Nike+ Collab: City Runs — YesYesNo Interactive projects. Salon de l'agriculture 2018 : l'IoT au cœur des solutions de demain. Voici un bilan complet de ce que nous avons pu voir au salon de l’agriculture 2018 se déroulant jusqu’au dimanche 4 mars au Parc des expositions Porte de Versailles à Paris. Le salon de l’agriculture 2018 n’est pas seulement un défilé de femmes et d’hommes politiques prêt à rallier les paysans et les exploitants à leur cause. Ce n’est pas non plus qu’une exposition des plus beaux spécimens d’animaux présents dans nos campagnes. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE. Des chatbots pour une maintenance augmentée. Ces agents conversationnels capables de simuler une conversation sont une aide précieuse pour les techniciens et les agents de maintenance sur le terrain.

Les chatbots (de « chat » converser et « bot » robot), ces algorithmes capables de simuler une conversation très à la mode dans le domaine de la relation client, peuvent s’avérer fort utiles pour les industriels. Transformation-numerique-de-schneider-electric-iot-cloud-chatbot-et-realite-augmentee-au-menu. McLaren Formula 1’s Simon Roberts on the future of production. La SNCF accélère la connexion en temps réel des capteurs embarqués dans ses TER. How Harley-Davidson Delivers Individualized Products. There's something in the water: Connecting Wiltshire to the IoT. Industry 4.0: How the IoT has revolutionised manufacturing - Calvium.