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Elmore County. BBC Schools - BBC History Guides. 12 May 2014Last updated at 15:49 Discover new perspectives on World War One with BBC History Guides.

BBC Schools - BBC History Guides

Relevant curriculum links are listed below. Did Craiglockhart hospital revolutionise mental healthcare? BBC Radio 4 - Voices of the First World War - Available now. BBC Radio - World War One - Downloads. Changing Times. Welcome to the Changing Times section - one thousand years at the press of a button with lots of pictures!

Changing Times

Please select an option from the ones below to discover the 15 themes within each section. Click on the timeline to find out dates and which king or queen was on the throne from Norman times to the present day. Related worksheets: Normans (PDF 137 KB) Medieval (PDF 140 KB) Tudors (PDF 140 KB) Stuarts (PDF 139 KB) Georgians (PDF 140 KB) Victorians (PDF 142 KB) Twentieth Century (PDF 143 KB) The Great War. analysing and documenting British Battles from the previous centuries. BBC Wales - Education - Iron Age Celts. Castle Architecture. Although castle architecture developed over the centuries in line with weapons technology, the principles remained much the same.

Castle Architecture

A good castle provided a secure base that could be easily defended. It needed defenses against frontal attack (thick, high walls and secure entry gates) and from undermining (rock foundations or a moat). It furnished means of repelling attackers while minimising exposure of the defenders (arrow loops, crenellation, machicolations, murder holes). Teaching European History With Star Trek. This post is the 2nd in a series written by my guest, Susan.

Teaching European History With Star Trek

Read part one: Teaching Ancient History With Star Trek. To Boldly Go…Into European History. Alexander Palace Time Machine - Romanov and Russian History. Early British Kingdoms - for kids! A Guide to World War I Materials (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress) Compiled by Kenneth Drexler, Digital Reference Specialist The digital collections of the Library of Congress contain a wide variety of material related to World War I, including photographs, documents, newspapers, films, sheet music, and sound recordings.

A Guide to World War I Materials (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

This guide compiles links to World War I resources throughout the Library of Congress Web site. National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. How WWI Began: A Unit Study – DIYHomeschooler. History - World War One Centenary - WW1 1914-1918. - World War I / The Great War / 1914-1918.