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5 ideas for using @Periscope app in your school - The Periscope app was introduced to me by @fionajharvey at #SotonTEL.

5 ideas for using @Periscope app in your school -

It is my new favourite free app. Basically it lets you use the camera on your smart phone or device to broadcast live to the internet. In their own words: You can link it to your twitter account and so gain a potential instant audience for your broadcast. This has massive potential for educational use, and I am really excited about using it in my classroom this coming term. 1- You could broadcast part of a lesson live. 2- Sharing the work of special interest groups in school. 3- Many schools now use a Twitter hashtag for school trips. 4- Periscope is much easier to set up than most live streams. 5 – Events like sports day could be really easily covered on this app.

There are only so quick ideas, but if you are planning to use the Periscope app I would love to hear from you, and share some more thoughts. Philosophy Periscope - Dr. Joel B. Hunter. Using Periscope (a live streamimg app) in Higher Education. Periscope app logo What is it?

Using Periscope (a live streamimg app) in Higher Education

Periscope is a live streaming app that lets you share and experience live video from your mobile phone. When connected to Twitter, Periscope users can allow other users to see links tweeted in order to view the live-stream. Those watching the live stream can send ‘hearts’ to the broadcaster by tapping on the mobile screen as a form of appreciation. Live from ... your classroom! Here's how Twitter's new Periscope app works. The big news out of SXSW has been talk of live video streaming made easy and social.

Live from ... your classroom! Here's how Twitter's new Periscope app works

Meerkat was rumored to be the biggest thing to bring live video streaming to your smartphone. Then Twitter spoiled the party (for Meerkat) and demonstrated what happens when a major player in social media jumps into the fray. Long story short, they acquired an app called Periscope and it just went live, like, a few moments ago. What Is Periscope? These are the hearts that appear on Periscope broadcasts. If you’re in a super duper rush, go install the Periscope app, log in with Twitter, and claim your username NOW before someone else snatches it up.

Wait, want to actually know what you’re signing up for? A Peek at Periscope’s Potential—and Privacy Concerns—in the Classroom. In my line of work, I seldom come across a tool that inspires a sort of shock and awe that comes with, say, bungee-jumping off a mountain or seeing Ryan Gosling at the bar stool next you.

A Peek at Periscope’s Potential—and Privacy Concerns—in the Classroom

But this app did it for me. Just over a year ago, two co-founders created Periscope, a free app that connects to Twitter and allows users to live-stream from a mobile device whatever is in front of them and to interact with an audience. Here’s how it works: You download the Periscope app onto an iOS or Android device. That makes you the “host.” When you start a Periscope feed, you click to send out a Tweet announcing that the session is live. You don’t even need to follow someone on Twitter to tune into their live session (you can use the app). Has anyone used @periscopeco in their classrooms? A bit voyeuristic, you say? At first, I was a bit turned off by that, as well. Connecting students to other people and places across the world Or, what about virtually tagging along when someone visits a landmark? 5 things you should know about Periscope for education.

Pros and cons for educators considering Twitter’s new live video streaming service Ever since Twitter introduced its live streaming service, Periscope, earlier this year, educators have become enamored.

5 things you should know about Periscope for education

It’s not hard to understand why. The video app is integrated right into your Twitter account and boasts an impressive number of education applications, from broadcasting a riveting unconference discussion for a global audience to impromptu blended learning for students. But while opportunities abound, so do privacy and other concerns. Here are five things you should know about this new technology and its implications for schools. It’s easy to use.

On the home screen, you can see video streams from the people you follow on Periscope—and if someone is streaming live, that video feed will appear at the top. Anyone following you on Twitter can click on the link that’s embedded automatically in this tweet to watch your live stream. Schools are getting creative with it. Privacy is a big concern. Educators testing Periscope in the classroom. Dive Brief: Since Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, launched in March, educators have found ways to use the social media tool for instructional purposes.

Educators testing Periscope in the classroom

For example, teachers can use it take videos of important historical sites in order to conduct virtual field trips for students. It can also work as a professional development tool, with teachers using it, for example, to watch talks or conferences they can't attend. Dive Insight: As with any new tech tool, Periscope, which only stores videos for 24 hours, comes with limitations and concerns. And it's probably not the right tool for every occasion — especially not momentous ones like graduation, since the videos only remain viewable for 24 hours. Recommended Reading.