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SHS3G Sciences humaines et sociales Troisième génération

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5 sources payantes de trafic que tout bon marketeur devrait connaître. Dossier #JeSuisCharlie. Sur Twitter, la conversation s'emballe. Stigmergic foraging. In the locality of an ant colony, ants will lay down a trail of pheromones as they forage for food.

Stigmergic foraging

They will have receptors to recognise the pheromones of other ants. There will be a decision function that activates appropriate ant behaviour when it encounters pheromone trails. The functions of the ants are genetic; the genes being supplied to each worker by the queen ant. La crise et ses haruspices : les mots et les maux des Français. « Crise » : le mot sans les choses.

La crise et ses haruspices : les mots et les maux des Français

Objets connectés : que feront les entreprises de vos données ? Human Nature Lab. D.A.

Human Nature Lab

Kim, A.R. Hwong, D. Stafford, D.A. A NEW KIND OF SOCIAL SCIENCE FOR THE 21st CENTURY. This new frontier in the social sciences is being abetted and even accelerated by three things that are happening.


The first is that a biological hurricane is approaching the social sciences. Discoveries in biology are calling into question all kinds of ideas, historically important ideas, in the social sciences—everything from the origin of free will, to collective expression and collective behavior, to the deep origins of basic human behaviors. All of these things are being challenged and elevated by discoveries in biology. For example, as we sequenced the human genome, we did it initially with an eye towards physiologic phenotypes (whether people express certain hormones, or what were the sources of certain variations in risk for diseases like diabetes, etc).

La réputation est-elle soluble dans le numérique ? IBM supercomputer Watson will answer questions with Twitter data. IBM is to bring social media data from Twitter to its Watson Analytics service, with tweets to also become available on its Bluemix cloud developer environment.

IBM supercomputer Watson will answer questions with Twitter data

The company first announced a partnership with Twitter in October last year, gaining access to the social media site’s database going back into 2009. Since then, Twitter has announced IBM as it’s only global consulting partner, and this week's announcement fulfills the promise of integration between the company's services.

WDMTG.COM - @TheEllenShow: If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars. All The Social Data Sources You Need - Gnip. How Google "Translates" Pictures Into Words Using Vector Space Mathematics. Translating one language into another has always been a difficult task.

How Google "Translates" Pictures Into Words Using Vector Space Mathematics

But in recent years, Google has transformed this process by developing machine translation algorithms that change the nature of cross cultural communications through Google Translate. Now that company is using the same machine learning technique to translate pictures into words. The result is a system that automatically generates picture captions that accurately describe the content of images. That’s something that will be useful for search engines, for automated publishing and for helping the visually impaired navigate the web and, indeed, the wider world.

The conventional approach to language translation is an iterative process that starts by translating words individually and then reordering the words and phrases to improve the translation. Nos langues à l’heure du capitalisme linguistique. Que transforme Google en analysant nos requêtes ?

Nos langues à l’heure du capitalisme linguistique

MemeTracker: Download MemeTracker data. Data contains phrase clusters.

MemeTracker: Download MemeTracker data

For each phrase cluster the data contains all the phrases in the cluster and a list of URLs where the phrases appeared. Download: clust-qt08080902w3mfq5.txt.gz (220mb) Data format: Tab separated file with the following nested structure. Each block of the data has the following structure: Wikidistrict, une exploration ludique de Wikipédia. Wikidistrict est un projet de longue haleine, qui nous permet de démontrer la maturité technique des technologies autour du graphe, ainsi que la pertinence de ce modèle de données pour des tâches complexes d'extraction d'informations, notamment en ce qui concerne la découverte d'informations inédites.

Wikidistrict, une exploration ludique de Wikipédia

Le projet s'est naturellement imposé à nous de par la nature de Wikipédia. L'encyclopédie collaborative est devenue ces dernières années une référence sur internet. App. Algopol. Sans titre. Gillespie%20-%20The%20Relevance%20of%20Algorithms.pdf. La pertinence des algorithmes. Par Hubert Guillaud le 29/11/12 | 6 commentaires | 7,031 lectures | Impression Sur l’excellent Culture Digitally, le sociologue Tarleton Gillespie (@TarletonG) vient de publier un court essai (.pdf) sur la “pertinence des algorithmes” pour réfléchir à la place des algorithmes dans la culture et la connaissance (cet essai se veut l’introduction d’une anthologie sur le sujet qui devrait paraître… à l’automne 2013 aux presses du MIT).

La pertinence des algorithmes

Tarleton Gillespie s’est longuement intéressé à comment les plates-formes utilisent les algorithmes pour gérer les “mauvais contenus” (voir “ces algorithmes qui nous gouvernent”) ce qui lui a permis de dresser le tableau des techniques algorithmiques émergentes en cours de déploiement. Une manière d’approfondir les propos d’Evgeny Morozov dont nous vous faisions part récemment. Qu’est-ce qu’un algorithme ? “Les algorithmes jouent un rôle de plus en plus important dans le choix de l’information que nous considérons comme la plus pertinente pour nous.

Dblp: Jon M. Kleinberg. Floodwatch. Dividual. "dividual"—a physically embodied human subject that is endlessly divisible and reducible to data representations via the modern technologies of control, like computer-based systems. . ( Culture2 Inc. PicStats. Toutes les stats d’un compte Instagram. Climate Meme. ClimateMeme2. Latest Updates. About the Climate Meme Project. Our mission is to reach a global tipping point on climate action. We are providing essential research to help good memes spread that reach a majority of the people in the world. Global warming is a meme that doesn’t spread well on its own. It needs our help to break past all the resistance to change and create ripples that transform our political and economic institutions. This is how we are helping humanity make the transition to a sustainable world. The Climate Meme Project is a crowd funded, open collaboration initiative to reveal the meme landscape for climate action.

Culture2 Inc. 536.full.pdf. 536.full.pdf. Meg Pickard sur Twitter : "Ever noticed how viral videos/links spread out across the social web like a Tsunami, or nuclear fallout? Here's a map. Click-Through Rate Prediction. In online advertising, click-through rate (CTR) is a very important metric for evaluating ad performance. As a result, click prediction systems are essential and widely used for sponsored search and real-time bidding. For this competition, we have provided 11 days worth of Avazu data to build and test prediction models. The end of Netvizz (?) Today Netvizz, an app that allows researchers to download data from the Facebook platform, was suspended by the company and I received a mail explaining why: Your app is violating the following Platform Policies:Platform Policy Section 1: Build a quality product.

Platform Policy 1.1: Build an app that is stable and easily navigable.Platform Policy 3.3: Only use friend data (including friends list) in the person’s experience in your app.To clarify, your app should be stable and easy to use and shouldn’t stall escessively. Additionally, you should not allow friend data export, even if that data is anonymized.

Applications de santé (1/3) : que captent les capteurs. Nous vivons dans un monde de capteurs. Nous en avons presque tous plusieurs dans notre poche, au coeur de nos smartphones. Wex-wdc-integration-samples/ at master · Watson-Explorer/wex-wdc-integration-samples. Wex-wdc-integration-samples/ at master · Watson-Explorer/wex-wdc-integration-samples. Jessi Slaughter. Overview Jessi Slaughter (real name: Jessica Leonhardt), formerly known as KerliGirl13 on YouTube, is a Florida teenager who became a target of a massive 4chan raid in July 2010 after launching a public tirade against the image board community in a series of YouTube videos. The feud quickly led to the creation of hundreds of image macros and remix videos mocking Jessica and her father, who later became involved in the drama, and prompted one of the first public discussions of cyberbullying as a serious issue in the news media.

Background On July 10th, 2010, StickyDrama user tdomf_e8e13 posted an accusation that the vocalist of electronica band Blood On The Dance Floor (BOTDF) Dahvie Vanity was pursuing a sexual relationship with the underaged Jessica Leonhardt. The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete. "All models are wrong, but some are useful. " So proclaimed statistician George Box 30 years ago, and he was right. But what choice did we have? Only models, from cosmological equations to theories of human behavior, seemed to be able to consistently, if imperfectly, explain the world around us.

Until now. Today companies like Google, which have grown up in an era of massively abundant data, don't have to settle for wrong models. WebHome < Digitalmethods. The Link | The Website | The Engine | The Spheres | The Webs | Post-demographics | Networked Content Welcome to the Digital Methods course, which is a focused section of the more expansive Digital Methods wiki.

The Digital Methods course consists of seven units with digital research protocols, specially developed tools, tutorials as well as sample projects. In particular this course is dedicated to how else links, Websites, engines and other digital objects and spaces may be studied, if methods were to follow the medium, as opposed to importing standard methods from the social sciences more generally, including surveys, interviews and observation. Thingful - a search engine for the Internet of Things. [Slides] ‘Etudier Facebook avec Algopol’ séminaire #ecnEHESS (Irène Bastard & Cristophe Prieur, 15 déc 2014) La productivité à l’heure des Big Data. Nous avons souvent évoqué sur les badges sociométriques imaginés par Sociometric Solutions (@sociometric), cette spin-off du MIT, lancée sous la houlette de Sandy Pentland.

Des badges qui nous semblent assez emblématiques des nouveaux capteurs et des nouveaux indicateurs que les nouvelles technologies peuvent imaginer pour changer notre conception de la productivité et notre rapport au travail. Les beacon, traqueurs invisibles de clients. VIDÉO - Les beacon permettent de diffuser des réclames géolocalisées et personnalisées sur smartphone, une aubaine pour les annonceurs, une menace pour les protecteurs de la vie privée.

Wit — Natural language for the Internet of Things. Idibon. Shivon Zilis - Machine Intelligence. Machine Intelligence in the Real World (this pieces was originally posted on Tech Crunch) . – Connecting Things.