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Connected Learning Infographic. There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps  In a previous post, Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind, I describe my ambivalence about teacher asking my for the “perfect” app to teach this or that.

There is More to iPads in the Classroom Than Apps 

I have teachers ask me frequently about app recommendations for different subject areas. “What app could I use to teach subtraction?” “What app would you recommend for my students to practice writing?” Embrace Change in the New Year with Genius Hour - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad - #geniushour, badges, edchat, edreform, elearning, eportfolios, Innovation. Genius Hour is a powerful movement popping up in classrooms everywhere.

Embrace Change in the New Year with Genius Hour - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad - #geniushour, badges, edchat, edreform, elearning, eportfolios, Innovation

The idea encourages students to explore and develop their own passions and creativity. The idea is based on a business practice used by Google’s development team. Google allows their designers to spend 20% of their time on projects that interest them, as long as the work might possibly lead to something that could be developed. Gmail was the result of Genius Hour. Watch this video to learn more Genius Hour Genius Hour Rules • Work stems from driving questions • Research must play a big role • Projects must be completed and shared, ideally globally. Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners. "Putting a bit of tech into teach!". About « The Digital Frontline.

iLearn Technology. Moving at the Speed of Creativity. Infinite Thinking Machine - The Infinite Thinking Machine. MindShift. How Inquiry Can Enable Students to Become Modern Day de Tocquevilles Observations of early America by Alexis de Tocqueville helped articulate the nation’s values.


With the guidance of an inquiry based teacher, students create their own interpretations of democracy in America. Continue Reading. The Clever Sheep. Inject some technology into your classes! Why K-12 schools are failing by not teaching SEARCH. Some rights reserved by flickr ID: miguelavg This past week I had the opportunity to spend a day with some of the faculty at Western Washington University talking about reverse instruction…or at least my idea of what that means.

Why K-12 schools are failing by not teaching SEARCH

To get started, we did a little reverse instruction of our own where I had them read the connectivism article by George Siemens before I arrived. Once I got there, we then set up the classroom for discussion with collaborative note taking and a back channel chat…both were new concepts to most present. B's Life with English. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day

Teaching Tools « tech4teacher. Google Summit South Korea Round One I recently attended the Google Summit in South Korea.

Teaching Tools « tech4teacher

After two days of Google Boot Camp training, the conference was a break from the intensity of the boot camp. There have been so many great tools presented. So it’s hard to decide what to share. is completely different from Docs Story Builder is a great website for creating google docs video. Have you been using Google Chrome Apps and extensions? The 21st Century Conference in Hong Kong: just a red dot I spent three hours today with Dan Meyer – renown High School Math Teacher and TED talk contributor. Throughout the conference keynotes and speakers have been talking about various technologies that can aid instruction in the classroom. Here I run a blog called tech4teacher – where I describe the many free resources available to teachers and tell about how I use them in my room. The Nerdy Teacher. Learn It In 5 - Home.

The 10 Most Useful Learnist Boards Of The Week. We think Learnist is so helpful both in and out of the classroom that each week we will be spotlighting ten boards. This week’s Top Ten features a variety of boards, from boards featuring high-tech apps and their use in the classroom, to good old-fashion children’s lit boards. In addition, Learnist is celebrating World Teachers Day with a celebratory board that will help you remember the teachers that got you where you are today–and smile. 1. World Teacher’s Day This board is a collaboration to celebrate World Teacher Day. 2.

This board is a powerhouse collaboration among twenty teachers and tech lovers guaranteed to give every educator ideas to tech-up the classroom. 3. Named after nineteenth century illustrator Ralph Caldecott, the Caldecott Medal for Children’s illustration is one of the most prestigious awards for children’s literature. 4. 2012 Summer Camp: The Best of the Common Core Resources. Cooltoolsforschools - home. Kathy’s Katch.

6 Great Note-Taking Tools for Students and Teachers. One of the best things about education technology is that it has allowed students and teachers alike to turn to online annotation and records, making hastily scrawled, illegible scribbles and coffee-stained pages a thing of the past.

6 Great Note-Taking Tools for Students and Teachers

From university students keeping track of lectures to young students making plans and mind maps, there is an online note-taking tool to suit everyone… 1. Study Blue. Provenzano's GPS Tech Guide. We’re ‘imagineering’ our K-4 Computer Lab into a STEM experience. Join our journey. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to re-invent your classroom?

We’re ‘imagineering’ our K-4 Computer Lab into a STEM experience. Join our journey

I have. For quite a while. Years, in fact. What would you do? Will. Weblogg-ed. Steve Hargadon. Free Technology for Teachers. © 2010-2011 edtech digest.