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Weblogs recipes collections. Foodsaver Bags & Rolls. Chocolate! Cupcakes and Macarons. San Francisco Restaurants. Paris FOOD, Restos. Quick Pickling with a Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Quick Pickling Vegetables with a Chamber Vacuum Sealer. After much ogling, I finally took the plunge and purchased a VacMaster chamber vacuum sealer when I caught an irresistible deal for an older model on Craigslist.

Quick Pickling Vegetables with a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

I had known for a while that my FoodSaver was woefully inadequate at sealing wet foods for sous vide, but after witnessing how much of a workhorse the chamber sealer is at the Modernist Cuisine lab, I knew it was an essential missing piece of gear for my own kitchen. These are the results of my first real experimentation with the chamber vacuum sealer: “quick pickling.” A chamber sealer pulls a much stronger vacuum than a FoodSaver – so strong, in fact, that it will boil water at room temperature. When you apply this ultra-strong vacuum pressure to plant foods, you can physically change their cell structure in a way that causes the foods to quickly absorb liquids that surround them. Modernist Cuisine explains the phenomenon best: The cells of plant tissue contain pockets of air and water called vacuoles.

Tomatoes. Party Passion. Food & Drink. Food & Drink. Desserts. Food Porn. Hydroponics Videos. Aquaponics. Food preservation and storage. Survivalism. Cooking/Food. Cooking/Recipes. Culinary. Organic. Cooking techniques/web goods&products. Places - Travel. Prepping & Survival. Self Sustaining / Survival. Free Ebooks: Cooking, Canning, Preserving & Food Topics. The most popular talks of all time. The Pantry Journal. Record keeping notebook for the home preserver. A Canning and Preserving Notebook Keeps you Organized Organization is your best friend you know!

The Pantry Journal. Record keeping notebook for the home preserver.

Organizing a Garden and Pantry Journal is a great idea for convenience and a wise idea for improved production. Get a three ring notebook and dividers for the materials included. The first time I decided to keep a canning record it was VERY simple. I had a piece of notebook paper that I wrote down the date and what I canned that day. At the end of the season it was kind of fun to count up how many jars I canned. NEW! However I am aware that in this computer age, many folks like to keep it all electronically. If you plan on using the pantry journal as an electronic record keeer, I suggest you save a copy as your master copy. This way next year you can save the master copy again as Pantry Journal 2015. 101+ Canning Recipes for Food Storage - Mom with a PREP. Canning season is getting into full swing around most of the country, so here are 101+ canning recipes to help you preserve your garden bounty!

101+ Canning Recipes for Food Storage - Mom with a PREP

If you are interested in Dehydrating food for long-term food storage, check out this post: 101+ Dehydrator Recipes. This is not the be all and end all of recipes as there are more than anyone can count, but this is a good basic resource on how to can the most of what you produce or stock up on. There are many recipes for doing things several ways, so if the ketchup recipes here don’t inspire you, go to Pinterest – it’s an awesome source to find things quickly. Chickens 101 - Your Guide To Raising Chickens In Your Backyard. Creating Nirvana: Can Me Up: Over 50 Canning Recipes. Canning Dried Beans, pinto, black, navy and more.

First things first.

Canning Dried Beans, pinto, black, navy and more.

If you are canning dried beans you MUST process in a pressure canner. Click here for general pressure canning step by step instruction. Beans are so easy to store in their dried state that it is easy to just leave them there and use dry. GardenGirltv. 20 free things to do in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city blessed with cultural attractions, bars and life-changing Catalan cuisine.

20 free things to do in Barcelona

Yet this ‘having fun’ business can come with a hefty price tag, as all those entry fees and tapas bills add up. 7 ways to experiment with travel – Lonely Planet blog. First coined by Joël Henry in 1990, ‘experimental travel’ turns travel into a game. In an era of mass travel where it seems that there are few places left unexplored, it’s a great way of turning a well-known destination into unmapped territory. A few years back, Henry, director of the Laboratory of Experimental Tourism (Latourex), collaborated with Lonely Planet to put together a book of travel tests.

Here are some of our favourite experiments. Do not try them at home: 1. Image by pixelchecker Travel to your chosen destination, arriving in the evening. 2. Image by Bracketing Life. 10 of the best foodie destinations in Ghent. Volta It is well worth the 10-minute walk out of the city centre to discover Volta, a cool restaurant housed in a vast converted turbine hall.

10 of the best foodie destinations in Ghent

The kitchen is run by genial young chef Olly Ceulenaere, who prepares a fabulous seven-course tasting €59 menu in the evening, with surprising dishes such as crunchy white cabbage topped with smoked eel and parsley root.• 2b Nieuwe Wandeling, +32 9 324 0500,, mains €32-€40.Open Tues-Sat noon-2pm, 7pm-9pm Newly opened JEF typifies the changes going on in Flemish cooking. Chef Jason Blanckaert abandoned the Michelin-starred cuisine of the chic but classic C-Jean restaurant to open his own casual, minimalist diner.

It's what the chef calls "real food": hearty portions of slow-cooked veal and belly of pork and oven-braised cod with shellfish and pumpkin. De Vitrine. Know your apples: The spectrum of apple flavors. Anonymous said...

Know your apples: The spectrum of apple flavors

Saved to my iPhone for future reference. THANKS! July 20, 2010 at 4:39 PM the only one i like is granny smith ha ha.. August 11, 2010 at 4:48 AM granny smith for the win! August 11, 2010 at 5:22 AM.