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Fan-Fiction: Worth a Writer’s Time? To many writers fan-fiction, stories about fictional characters written by fans, is an uncharted and unnerving realm that lies off-page and in a murky grey area that’s part creativity, part copyright-taunting.

Fan-Fiction: Worth a Writer’s Time?

It lives and breeds on the internet at sites like, remaining a textual mist that never condenses into anything very meaningful. They’re never professionally published and are grandly classified by academics as ‘transmedia texts’. They’re a distinctly modern branch of creativity which is at best harmless entertainment, and at worst pornographic and nigh on incomprehensible. To some writers fan-fiction just feels… well, wrong. Jasper Fforde, author of the popular Thursday Next novels, has this to say about fanfic: 6 Ways Handwriting Can Benefit Your Brain. We are great fans of handwriting.

6 Ways Handwriting Can Benefit Your Brain

Not only it is one of the most pleasurable activities we can think of – and that’s why we celebrated World Handwriting Day with a global call-to-create through pen and paper for the 3rd year in a row – but science has proven that writing by hand can benefit our brain in a lot of ways. 1. It boosts memory Taking notes by hand helps you remember them better, and longer. A guide to fanfiction for people who can't stop getting it wrong. What is fanfiction?

A guide to fanfiction for people who can't stop getting it wrong

That’s the question magazine articles and TV segments have been attempting to answer for upwards of 40 years now, usually without doing much actual research into the topic. Maybe this was a valid question back when folks were still sliding Kirk/Spock zines under the tables at Star Trek conventions, but in the era of Fifty Shades of Grey (look, we had to namecheck it at some point) and Amazon’s licensed, for-profit fanfic publishing service, you’d think that fanfic explainer articles would be on the way out. Most millennials are at least vaguely aware of what fanfic is, and their parents can presumably just Google it like anyone else. Unfortunate Implications/Literature - All The Tropes.

"Korea" by John McGahern. 1Midway through a public reading at Colgate University in New York State in 1996, John McGahern announced that, because someone had requested it of him, he would now read his short story, “Korea.”

"Korea" by John McGahern

A hushed anticipation rippled across the audience: a master was about to read a masterpiece. In that same semester, McGahern taught an Irish literature course at Colgate. He’d tried to insist that the course be titled “Irish Poetry”, despite the fact that the course syllabus was almost exclusively novels and stories. To McGahern, poetry was less about form or genre than it was about how the language was used, how the rhythms and imagery of the written word combined to make a work of art.

50 Sophisticated Words You Should Start Using Instead. Are fan fiction and fan art legal? A problem still remains in the whole question of fair use of copyrighted material by fans in this era of electronic media.

Are fan fiction and fan art legal?

The Harry Potter Lexicon website was considered to be fair use (and was used extensively by Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Scholastic, and even Rowling herself during the creation of the books, films, and games) while it includes plenty of direct quotes from Rowling's material. Rowling even blessed the website with a "Fan Site Award" in 2004, so she and other entities were obviously aware of the site's content.

100 Most Essential Words In Anime. A couple of years ago when I first started to read manga in Japanese, I really wish I had access to a list like this.

100 Most Essential Words In Anime

Watching anime over the years had allowed me to pick up at least a partial vocabulary of common expressions. Having subtitles helped, but by the time I started learning Japanese formally and practicing with manga, I ran across a problem. Most Japanese classes focus on formal, "proper" language and tend to discourage colloquialisms. This is for good reason. The "polite" forms in Japanese are necessary in learning grammar and word order, especially for beginners where more plain forms of the language can be confusing. Inspiring Famous Quotes Illustrated With Minimalistic Posters.

52K views 13 days ago by Yabadada Toronto-based web and graphic designer Ryan McArthur gave inspiring quotes by some of the most brilliant minds of our time a second life with his minimalistic poster designs.

Inspiring Famous Quotes Illustrated With Minimalistic Posters

Humorous, inspiring and strikingly insightful, these quotes take some twisted turns into our minds with McArthur’s playful illustrations. Some of these designs were created with specific quotes in mind, but others found their literary equivalents only after the illustrations were done. Synonyms for 95 Commonly Used Words - A Mini-Thesaurus for Writers. Synonyms for 95 Commonly Used Words in the English language Source for Comic Source for Synonyms Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa.

Synonyms for 95 Commonly Used Words - A Mini-Thesaurus for Writers

To find out about Writers Write - How to write a book, or The Plain Language Programme - Writing courses for business, email Twain's Rules of Writing. 1.

Twain's Rules of Writing

A tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere. 2. The episodes of a tale shall be necessary parts of the tale, and shall help develop it. 3. The personages in a tale shall be alive, except in the case of corpses, and that always the reader shall be able to tell the corpses from the others. SO MUCH TO TELL YOU: the 100 club. Synonyms for words commonly used in student's writing. Amazing- incredible, unbelievable, improbable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary Anger- enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, exasperate, inflame, madden.

Synonyms for words commonly used in student's writing

100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjections. Unusual Words. Unusual Words. Funny-chart-synonyms-words-fear-anger.jpg (JPEG Image, 426 × 487 pixels) Nerd Paradise : How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in Under a Day. Posted on: 10 Cado 7:0 - 5.27.29 So you've procrastinated again. You told yourself you wouldn't do this 2 months ago when your professor assigned you this. But you procrastinated anyway. Shame on you. Guide for Writers: Latin Phrases. It’s a matter of taste and style, but not long ago American writers attempted to demonstrate their credentials to the world by including Latin and French phrases within works. A dash of Latin was expected of the moderately educated throughout the Western world. annus mirabilis - wonderful year arbiter elegantiae - judge of the elegant; one who knows the good things in life bona fides - good faith; credentials carpe diem - sieze the day; enjoy the present.

I Write Like. CALLIHOO Writing Helps. Character Feelings. Exercises for Fiction Writers - Page 2. DarkCopy - Simple, full screen text editing - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Ink - Quotes about writing by writers presented by The Fontayne Group. Writing "I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark. " Henry David Thoreau "Writing is an adventure. " Intellectual Property. The Bloggers' FAQ on Intellectual Property addresses issues that arise when you publish material created by others on your blog. Questions About Copyright I found something interesting on someone else's blog.

- StumbleUpon. Cure writer's block with writing prompts - StumbleUpon. Online Defamation Law. The Bloggers' FAQ on Online Defamation Law provides an overview of defamation (libel) law, including a discussion of the constitutional and statutory privileges that may protect you. Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles. A Beautiful Mess.