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Français. Arduino Serial Servo Control. Can you move over? The 74HC595 8 bit shift register. OK, so say you have this crazy cool idea where you need to control a ton of LEDs (I know, I know… LEDs).

Can you move over? The 74HC595 8 bit shift register

You looked at the multiplexer article, and that was great, but this idea is so cool, you need individual control of each LED, and turning them on one at a time just won’t do. Well again, we are here to help, and now it’s time to introduce you to the Shift Register. Not just any shift register, the super cheap, incredibly awesome 74HC595 8-bit Shift Register! S1D13700 Library, Schematic, and Example Code. Example S1D13700 Graphic LCD Breadboard Set-up This is some example code written specifically for the Powertip PG320240WRF-HE9 320×240 Graphic LCD but it should work with any S1D13700.

S1D13700 Library, Schematic, and Example Code

Much of the code is based upon work by Radosław Kwiecień originally found at . Each zip file contains a schematic demonstrating how to connect it to the microcontroller. The Arduino zip file contains the Arduino compatible library, an example sketch, and documentation. You can also view the online version of the documentation Here . CIRC-05 (74HC595 Shift Register) « .:oomlout:. /* ——————————————————— * | Arduino Experimentation Kit Example Code | * | CIRC-05 .: 8 More LEDs :. (74HC595 Shift Register) | * ——————————————————— * * We have already controlled 8 LEDs however this does it in a slightly * different manner.

CIRC-05 (74HC595 Shift Register) « .:oomlout:.

Rather than using 8 pins we will use just three * and an additional chip. * * */ //Pin Definitions //The 74HC595 using a protocol called SPI (for more details //Which has three pins int data = 2; int clock = 3; int latch = 4; //Used for single LED manipulation int ledState = 0; const int ON = HIGH; const int OFF = LOW; /* * setup() – this function runs once when you turn your Arduino on * We set the three control pins to outputs */ void setup() { pinMode(data, OUTPUT); pinMode(clock, OUTPUT); pinMode(latch, OUTPUT); } Circuits@Home. Arduino Family : Open Source Store Electronic Arduino Wholesale, Wireless Motor Sensor Robot Parts Free Shipping.

Arduino. I have finally taken the plunge and released Servo Tools For Maya to the world!


Servo Tools For Maya is a Python Plugin that sends rotational values over USB the the Arduino Micro Controller. These values are then converted in to Pulse Width Modulation which is used to control multiple Hobby RC Servo Motors. Applications for the plugin are only limited to your imagination. Some popular examples could be to drive complex animatronic puppetry or kinetic sculpture art installations. Rh_count. Relative Humidity Measurement using the Humirel HS1101 Sensor Arduino, BasicX BX24 and PICAXE-18X copyright, Peter H.


Arduino Home Control. What started out as a simple way to open my garage door from my iPhone turned into what you see here.

Arduino Home Control

As of this writing it can be used to open/close the garage door, check the status of the garage door, arm/disarm my security system, and send email alerts. The heart of this system is (obviously) an Arduino, but no ethernet shield was used. The Arduino is controlled via serial commands from a php script running on my home web server. That same server has a python script running that listens for serial data and saves the status of the door and security system to text files for displaying on the website. Arduino — CMD-c && CMD-v. Using an Arduino + acceleromter to monitor sleep June 20th, 2010 — Arduino, C, Code, Hardware, Python, Software I have heard that a trip to a sleep doctor entails hooking up a bunch of sensors to you and they tell you things like how many times you woke up in the night.

Arduino — CMD-c && CMD-v

Make: Arduino. Cheap Arduino Wireless Communications. I was looking for a way to handle wireless communications between two Arduino boards.

Cheap Arduino Wireless Communications

Other options like Xbee or Bluetooth were going to cost $50 to over $100. Then I found a cheap RF transmitter and receiver at Sparkfun. The total cost is only $9! Here are a few limitations to RF solution: Scooterputer. I spend a fair amount of time zipping around town on my scooter, and thought it would be cool to add a voltage monitor to warn when the battery might need recharging.


Waiting until the electric starter no longer works is somehow lacking. So after an evening with an Arduino Duemilanove, I had a simple programmable voltage divider with 3 LEDs indicating battery low, good, and charging. Done. That's when I saw Liquidware's very cool TouchShield Slide OLED display with touch screen. Arduino hacks. Electronic Service Nancy - Magasin d'electronique à Nancy (54) - TV, Hifi, lumiere... vente et réparation.

Cooking Hacks - Let's Cook - Community Hacks - Temperature Cromatic Sensor.


LCD ARDUINO. 20x4 Blue Backlit LCD with HD44780 controller [LCDModule_20X4_BlueWhite] - £11.99 : Mnet:Hardware - Arduino, LCDs, LED Matricies, Shields and Free Delivery!, Fueling Embedded Design. LED Matrix - LEDMS88R. [PoBot] Capteur d'humidité résistif. Bildr. Processing (fr) DS1307 RTC tutorial. Base PC USB-XBee autoalimentée. Dirt cheap wireless « CHEAP, FAT and OPEN. Looked around on the shiny shiny internet, and thanks to this thread in the arduino fourm (and my advisor david mellis) i made this neat little wireless connection: its super simple (and CHEAP!).

dirt cheap wireless « CHEAP, FAT and OPEN

Super nice thing is that you can block the signal with your hand (mirrors? Google Traduction. ARDUINO. View Edit Attributes History Attach Print Search ACCUEIL | ARDUINO > S'INSTALLER > DEBUTER > APPROFONDIR | PROCESSING | MECATRONIQUE | MATERIEL | OUTILS | TESTS | Plus...

|Python > Shell > ATELIERS Python + Qt > PyQt apps > PyQt+Arduino | Mes Robots | RepRap | Mes lib'Arduino | Mes shields Arduino | Mes distros | Les Mini-PC | ATELIERS ARDUINO| VIDEOS | COMPRENDRE | REFERENCES | CODER | TECHNIQUE | GNU/LINUX | LIENS | Rien à voir | Arduino Ethernet and Pachube: remote sensors & web-control. Coding and the API For code and programming questions, pose them to the Xively community on Stack Overflow. Many of our engineers actively participate in responding to questions there, alongside topic experts in various programming languages and hardware platforms under the 'Xively' tag.

It's a great place to troubleshoot code you’ve been working on, and look for related questions. Gobetwino: Arduino talking to Excel « the open source student. Arduino « Le bac de Wismie. Antoine Villeret » Archive du blog » Arduino sends temperature & humidity to Google spreadsheet. Futurlec, The Electronic Components and Semiconductor Superstore. P6170013. It - Software. Arduino RF remote LCD display of Temparature & Humidity. Aim of Project :- Transmit via RF remote values of Temparature & Humidity to a LCD display.

Why:- because i have always dreaded sending floating point values to a LCD display and wanted to carve it in stone for other projects i have lined up. & Why :- RF Links are just so cool 8-P 500ft range is not to be sneezed at...... Basic Setup :- Arduino IR Remote Control with do-it-yourself info. Cours d'électronique et documentation. Super Simple Camera Flash Trigger. In this project we will be making a trigger for a camera’s flash. This flash trigger will be controlled with a microcontroller like Arduino. Today, I’m just covering how to trigger a camera flash with a microcontroller. Most likely you will also want to attach a sensor to a different port on the microcontroller and use that sensor to activate this flash trigger. Some people might claim that using a microcontroller is overkill for a project like this, but I don’t think so.

There are several advantages to using a microcontroller over one of a circuit like this. Arduino:tutorial [DokuWiki] Les conditions. An Arduino universal remote: record and playback IR signals. I've implemented a simple IR universal remote that will record an IR code and retransmit it on demand as an example for my IR library. Handling IR codes is a bit more complex than it might seem, as many protocols require more than simply recording and playing back the signal. To use the universal remote, simply point your remote control at the IR module and press a button on the remote control. Then press the Arduino button whenever you want to retransmit the code. Playground - InfraredReceivers. Ethernet Shield. How to build an analog internet meter out of an Arduino Ethernet Shield. Arduino meets processing - PUSHBUTTON.

My Arduino. DIY Planet : Made in Fr. Roboter teile. Alevita Electronique - Alevita Electronique. Sensors. Controlling an Arduino with an iPhone. Shop. Arduino Shield List. Spooky Projects – Introduction to Microcontrollers with Arduino. Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY. .:oomlout:. Arduino & DIY Electronics and kits in the UK. The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge. Protolab / TutorialFlashSetup2009. PachubeCient. WebServer. Arduino Sensor Shield V4.0 - Nintendo DS touch screen controlling a Processing app. TinkerSoup. Ou acheter ce composant électronique : fournisseurs. Electronics. La Fabrick interactive» Archive du blog » Arduino #1 : fabrique ta (presque) wiimote! Fade. Tutorials. 4d-Micro-USB - Dontronics. Adresse pour fabriquer un pcb multicouche ou double face ? Wiki Sand Box. OpenEnergyMonitor. Xbee Adapter - wireless Arduino programming.

Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials! LED Cube 3x3x3. LCD tutorial. Ayez les bons outils ! Welcome. Tutorials. Ethernet shield. Domotique e-Home. PCB manufacture :, Arduino Freeduino projects. Arduino related products PCB boards LCD Ethernet shield. Carte relais ethernet.

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