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- Clasificación, Terminología y Listas de Criaturas Míticas del Agua (Water spirit)

Mitologia Catalana: Les dones d'aigua en la tradició popular. Un dels personatges de la mitologia catalana que més ha perdurat en la memòria de la nostra gent, juntament amb serpents, follets i bruixes, és la dona d’aigua, coneguda també amb altres noms segons l’indret del país on es trobin: goges, aloges, paitides, janes, fades, encantades, elfes…

Mitologia Catalana: Les dones d'aigua en la tradició popular

Sísifo dichoso. El mito de Sísifo (Albert Camus) Los dioses habían condenado a Sísifo a rodar sin cesar una roca hasta la cima de una montaña desde donde la piedra volvería a caer por su propio peso.

Sísifo dichoso

Asopo. Asopo es el nombre de varios ríos de Grecia.


Asimismo es el nombre de los dioses que representaban dichos ríos. Los ríos[editar] Había cuatro ríos en Grecia con este nombre, siendo los dos primeros los más conocidos y a los que se refieren las historias mitológicas que hablan de Asopo: Asopo en la mitología[editar] Encyclopedia of Spirits and Ghosts in World Mythology - Theresa Bane. Entre Cantos y Llantos by Studio Visual. Belphégor todas las hadas tienen su lago.


Clasificación. Terminología y Generalidades. MITOS Y CULTOS MEDITERRANEOS. El concepto del alma en la antigua Grecia Bremmer Jan pdf. Dioses del agua. Mitología Ibérica. Paganism. Recurring themes in mythology. El tiasos marino. PBP: Miasma, katharmos and preparing for the Gods. Way back when, when the medical world hadn't discovered how diseases like the plague, cholera and chlamydia spread, the spread of these diseases was contributed to miasma.

PBP: Miasma, katharmos and preparing for the Gods

Miasma (Μίασμα) literally means 'pollution' and although the theory concerning miasma and diseases was discredited, it still plays a vital role in Hellenismos. Within Hellenic practice, miasma describes the lingering aura of uncleanliness in regards to a person or space through which contact is made with the Gods. Next to piety, being ritually clean is one of the most important things to adhere to within Hellenismos. Miasma occurs whenever the space or person comes into contact with death, sickness, birth, sex, excessive negative emotions and bodily fluids. It also comes from a lack of contact with the Hellenic Gods. Miasma is an incredibly complicated and involved practice and it's often misunderstood--like karma.

Our Gods are immortal and are sometimes called the Deathless Ones. Genius Loci. Ego, the Living Planet "Something about this place feels... alive.

Genius Loci

" Some people are places. A Genius Loci is a location with a mind. Reencantar la geografia. PLACENESS, PLACE, PLACELESSNESS. This clipping from a pamphlet about petroforms (patterns on the the ground laid out with stones) in the Province of Manitoba in Canada captures nicely the idea of spirit of place as an aspect of sacred space and a gateway to the supernatural.


The idea of spirit of place has echoed through the ages. It derives from an ancient and widespread belief that particular bits of the world are occupied by gods, or spirits who have to be propitiated. This was a key element of Roman religion. Genius loci is the Latin for the spirit or guardian deity of a place and is a phrase that has been adopted in English and into other languages and achieved a broad degree of popularity. A quick Google search for genius loci brought up links to a recent art exhibition featuring the work of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and others, an American kickstarter campaign for a book on tales of the spirit of place, the name of travel company specializing in Italy, and an art project in Weimar in Germany.

J.C. Genius loci. Genius Loci. Clark Ashton Smith (1893–1961) From American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the PulpsPrevented from going to high school by various psychological ailments, young Clark Ashton Smith pursued his studies on his own while living with his parents in their remote cabin in Auburn, California.

Genius Loci

In 1912, when he was nineteen, his writings attracted the attention of San Francisco poet George Sterling, who helped him publish a debut poetry collection, The Star-Treader. Smith’s third volume of verse, Ebony and Crystal, appeared in 1922 and elicited a fan letter from H. P. Lovecraft, beginning a life-long correspondence and long-distance friendship between the two authors. Although Smith enjoyed a brief moment in the limelight as the latest boy wonder of the Bay Area, he abandoned his career as a poet and published little for the remainder of the decade.

I have done another tale since writing you, to round out my third year of professional fictioneering. GENIUS LOCI: Tales of the Spirit of Place by J.M. Martin. Risks and challenges The risks of this project are the usual: money and fulfillment.

GENIUS LOCI: Tales of the Spirit of Place by J.M. Martin

Even the most carefully-plotted Kickstarter springs hidden costs on the creators all the time, from shipping rate increases to damaged product needing to be replaced.

Genios Femeninos DIOSAS / DAMAS DE AGUA

Transpersonificación. Genios masculinos DIOSES DEL AGUA. ZOOMORFOS E HIBRIDOS / MONSTRUOS BESTIARIOS / ESPÍRITUS Y ANCESTROS. Naturolatría Guardianes Espíritus de la Naturaleza 4 elementos / Genius loci / Chamanismo Brujeria. Asustaniños y espantos / Animas y espectros. El Zurron del Pobre. PROSPOGRAFÍAS. Iconografía mitológica. Oráculos, Profecías, Invocaciones, Ofrendas y Ritos. GENIOS DEL AGUA DE OTRAS MITOLOGÍAS. Iemanja; Mapa Mental de La Diosa y Reina del Mar; Mae Iemanja. Mouros, ánimas y demonios - Mar Llinares García. Prosopografías comparadas. Alberto E.

Prosopografías comparadas

Martos García Eloy Martos Núñez Légendes africaines: Mami-wata. Mami-wata,principale « divinité maritime » de la tradition ancestrale Africaine MamiWata vient de « Mother water », vite transformée en « Mommy Water », puis en « Mammy water », et enfin en « MamiWata ».

Légendes africaines: Mami-wata

Mamiwata est la Mère des eaux, mi-femme mi-poisson, mi-terrestre mi-aquatique, déesse du culte vodun au Togo et au Bénin, esprit de l’eau craint par les pêcheurs du Nigeria et du Ghana, mangeuse d’Hommes qui erre dans la nuit africaine sous les traits d’une revenante, sainte patronne des prostituées de Kinshasa. Mamiwata est une divinité qui est l’objet d’autant de cultes que d’adeptes. Héroïne de contes lacustres et de légendes urbaines, elle recouvre autant de symboles que de cultures, et incarne autant de vertus que d’espoirs, autant de maléfices que de peurs.

Cette sirène est l’une des rares déités de la mythologie africaine à être représentée, picturalement parlant, sous des traits et une forme récurrents. Raoul KESSE. De la sirène d'Europe à la Mami Wata, sirène africaine. Cela fait longtemps qu'en rêvant à mon sciapode, emblème et logo que je me sens davantage que d'autres (les éditions Zoé en Suisse par exemple) fondé à brandir, étant donné mon patronyme, cela fait longtemps que je me dis que si je devais trouver une épouse à mon sciapode, son pendant féminin ne saurait être autre qu'une sirène. Sirène de M.René Jenthon, autrefois installée dans son jardin de silhouettes en tôle peinte et découpée à côté de St-Pourçain-sur-Sioule (Allier), coll.privée, ph.Bruno Montpied Cela recoupe mon histoire sentimentale, j'ai connu il y a des lustres une femme, désormais disparue, qui était fascinée par ces mêmes sirènes, ayant été sans doute l'une d'entre elles dans une vie onirique parallèle.

Elle avait commencé une esquisse de collection sur ce thème. Cela n'avait pas été loin. Maison de viticulteur à Rauzan (Gironde), ph.B.M., 2008 Ce rapport aux sirènes connut un épisode posthume assez merveilleux. Aphrodite Joins Yemaya & Mami Wata. It’s 30 months ago that I wrote this post about goddesses and my immersion again in studies of the collective unconscious and mythology. I had no vision of a GlamTribale jewelry collection when I joined Aphrodite and Mami Wata in a cohesive vision of female sensuality and its place in the male unconscious mind. Writing just now about Lais Ribero as a Bahia beauty in L’Officiel Netherlands as ‘Toda Menina Baiana’ (strut your stuff), Mami Wata appeared and asked to have her story reshared once again. There’s a bit of hell tp pay that she wasn’t first in line in Benjamin’s goddess essays.

Mami W was not persuaded, but she has forgiven me. After a long and difficult journey for me — which is nothing compared to Mami Wata’s journey and suffering on the slave ships across the Atlantic and into Haiti and on to South America — the GlamTribale goddesses are here. The first known mermaid stories appeared in Assyria, ca. 1000 BC. All sea goddesses inherit the sea’s qualities. Aphrodite and Venus. IRISH LITERATURE, MYTHOLOGY, FOLKLORE, AND DRAMA. Irish Writers OnlineIrish PlayographyStudy Ireland: Poetry - BBCIrish Women Writers - M.

OckerbloomIreland Literature GuidePoetry Ireland / Éigse ÉireannEarly Irish Lyric Poetry - Kuno MeyerSonnets from Ireland - E. BlomquistColum's Anthology of Irish Verse - Bartleby.comBREAC - Digital Journal of Irish Studies Medieval Celtic ManuscriptsThe Book of KellsCarmina GadelicaCELT Irish Electronic Texts Irish Writers OnlineIreland Literature ExchangeBibliography of 19th-c. 4217 9352 1 PB(1) Trickster. Serpientes y Dragones.

Ojos Luz

Prado de asfodelos. Las mariposas / abejas hadas /almas. Paracelso y las ninfas. LA CULEBRA QUE CANTA. El secreto de las caracolas. Mitología de las abejas y las mariposas. Bosques sagrados. El Cazador Negro. Monosandalismo.