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Marketing Ebooks. Editing. How to Succeed with Your Blogged Book or Booked Blog Project by Nina Amir. By Nina Amir As a blogger, you are uniquely suited to become an author. If you have a successful site, meaning one with a large and engaged readership, you have set up yourself to produce bestselling books. You can use your blog effectively to transform yourself from blogger to author. Either blog a book or book a blog. (I wrote about how to turn your blog into a book-production machine in this post.) While the idea of writing a book intentionally post by post on your blog—blogging a book—or repurposing previously published posts into a book—booking a blog—might seem simple enough, many bloggers find the process overwhelming. After all, blogging a book is not much different from writing a book. Plus, most bloggers skip the most important step: preparation.

This post gives you the information you need to succeed at blogging a book or booking a blog. The Number One Reason Blog-to-Book Projects Fail Most bloggers want to book their blogs. Those who want to blog books make a similar mistake.