Boost Converter

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FCA47N60F 600V N-Channel MOSFET, FRFET - FCA47N60F-102699.pdf. How to build a DC-DC boost converter | Since somebody was cool enough to actually ask this question in the comments on my YouTube video, I figured I'd take the time to explain how to make a boost converter.

How to build a DC-DC boost converter |

For a better discussion by someone who actually has an EE degree, I highly recommend looking at ladyada's page, here. It is awesome and she's awesome. The project listed there is a little different, and the boost converter is built in a different way from mine, but it's essentially the same idea. Problem with Boost Converter Circuit. DC-DC HV Boost Converter.

How Does A Boost Converter Work?

DC-DC HV Boost Converter

Basic Principal: A boost converter works in two stages, ON and OFF. In the ON stage the Semi-conductive Switch is conducting and current builds up in the inductor producing an electromagnetic field, this field stores energy. Make a simple boost converter.