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Turn Photos of People into Line Art -Photoshop Tutorial Tutorial Links: Page 1 | Page 2 Line Art Tutorial Recommended for Intermediate Level Photoshop Users First up I’d like to ease your mind and let you know that you don’t need to know how to draw to complete this tutorial. It’s basically tracing, except that tracing is alot easier in Adobe Photoshop. Creating line art with this technique will take several hours to do a good job…if you want a tutorial that just applies a couple of filters, then this tutorial is not for you! You will need to know how to use the PEN TOOL for this tutorial. I suggest you read through the entire tutorial first, before you begin.

BOUNCE Download FREE mp3 songs or Softwares or ebooks,Movies,Games ringtones and almost anything Convierte cualquier imagen en un dibujo a lpiz con AKVIS Sketch plugin Por defecto AKVIS Sketch convierte cualquier imagen en un dibujo a lápiz en blanco y negro. Pero si la foto original tiene colores, es posible añadirle color de la imagen original al dibujo a lápiz. Paso 1. Abra una foto a color en su editor de imagines preferido. Paso 2. Reduzca el valor del parámetro Intensidad de tonos medios para reducir la intensidad del sombreado en lás áreas claras y uniformes de la foto (ej. el cielo). Paso 5. Paso 6. AIRDROPPER FILESHARING Free Software for College Students If you’re in college, check out these eight lesser known, but still indispensable software applications for your computer. We bet these will be as useful as Dropbox and Evernote! Photo by Samantha Decker. 1. Connectify lets you share your laptop’s internet connection with others nearby. The app shows up in the system tray once you install it. 2. Panda USB Vaccine completely disables autorun on your computer. In addition to disabling autorun, the tool can also create a dummy autorun.inf file on removable drives, thereby “vaccinating” them from getting infected. 3. WordWeb is free and does one thing really, really well. WordWeb works when you’re offline and it could obviously help you improve your vocabulary. 4. If you frequently come back to your dorm room just to take back that pen drive you missed, Pen Drive Reminder is a must-have. There’s also a countdown timer that pops open a notification after the counter reaches zero seconds. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Convierte una imagen en un dibujo a lpiz con AKVIS Sketch plugin Para el primer ejemplo demostrativo de como funciona AKVIS Sketch, hemos seleccionado una fotografía sencilla: una flor en primer plano y un fondo borroso sin ningún detalle claro. Paso 1. Abra la fotografía en su editor de imagines preferido y llame al plug-in AKVIS Sketch. Haga clic en el botón para procesar la foto con los parámetros por defecto. La imagen se convertirá en un dibujo a lápiz. Paso 2. Paso 5.

PADILICIOUS Creating and delivering content for the iPad HOW-TOs Step-by-step instructions on how to enable a web-app to be displayed fullscreen on the iPad. Step-by-step instructions on how to automatically deploy your iPad web-app to your MobileMe sites folder so it can be viewed by others. Now you can easily enable web page elements to respond to single-finger swipes on the iPad. Now you can make your webpages automatically adjust the page layout and design based on the way the user holds the iPad. Step-by-step overview of how to create a basic image slideshow with dissolves as the transition between images. Create a single-page of scrollable text, optionally including an image, audio clip, or video, from text copied to the clipboard. Create a photo web-app for the iPad using images selected in Aperture, iPhoto, or the Finder. Automatically turn text files into digital books for reading in iBooks. Create a multi-column article web-app using the currently selected text in any document. - Anima tus retratos con emociones nuevas! PROJECT ROME Project ROME is an all-in-one content creation and publishing application that lets virtually anyone at work or home inject the power of graphics, photos, text, video, audio and animation into everyday projects. From printed materials and presentations to digital documents and websites, you can go from start to finish within the simple, creative Project ROME environment. Project ROME is a Software-as-a-Service offering, and works as both an Adobe AIR® desktop application and as a browser-based web application, leveraging the power of Adobe® AIR® and Adobe Flash Player® technology. Although Project ROME has been retired, it will remain free to the public on this blog. Help Topics Download Project ROME Getting Started Editing Media Objects Output Output channels

Turn any Picture into a Cartoon without Photoshop 17 Jun 2008 Befunky is an online app that can turns your photographs into interesting cartoons without requiring expensive software like Photoshop. couch mode print story Befunky is an online app that can turns your photographs into interesting cartoons without requiring any software. Just upload the image from your computer or capture one live using the webcam and the cartoon image is ready for download. Befunky Cartoonizer – Also features a Wrap tool to distort an image. Related: Create Caricature Drawings, Youtube for Cartoons tutorials — how-to guides — turn any picture into a cartoon without photoshop

DROPBOX TIPS 29 Jun 2015 How to Update Files in Google Drive without Changing the Link Learn how to replace an existing file in Google Drive with a new and updated version but without changing the shared link of the file. 22 Jun 2015 How to Let Others Upload Files to your Dropbox Account You can designate a common folder in your Dropbox account and anyone can upload files to this folder from the browser without even requiring a Dropbox account. 04 Apr 2015 Download WhatsApp Photos via Dropbox ow to automatically download WhatsApp Photos from the phone to the computer for printing. 18 Jun 2014 Sync Any Folder on your Mac with Dropbox Learn how you can easily sync any folder on your Mac computer with Dropbox or Google Drive without having to move the files to any particular folder. 03 Apr 2014 Print Files on Linux Remotely using Dropbox Learn how you can send print jobs to a printer attached to a Linux computer using your mobile phone or a remote computer. 07 Oct 2013 31 Aug 2013 30 Oct 2013 19 Jun 2013 07 Jun 2013

Select a photo effect or try goodies application Photo Editor Need to crop, resize, or add a frame to your photo? We’ve got your back. Photo Effects A photo without effects is like a unicorn without a rainbow. Collage Maker Photos get lonely too sometimes, which is why we have the amazing BeFunky Collage Maker! COMIC CREATOR