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A Thought For Food » where ideas are brought to simmer. Wine and food Tours - Italy Spain Portugal - Luxury travel designer - Alacarta Tours. This Gadget Will Soon Revolutionize The Way You Boil Water. When designers Nils Chudy and Jasmina Grase of the Copenhagen-based design studio Chudy and Grase set out to redesign the standard electric tea kettle, they didn't expect their outcome to be a game-changer.

At first, the pair was more concerned with aesthetics than function, but their research showed that the minimum fill line for the majority of kettles is approximately 500ml, while one single cup serving of hot water is about 250 ml. That meant half the energy required to boil the kettle is often wasted. With the question "how can we change people’s habits of overfilling electric kettles in order to save energy? " as the backbone of their project, Chudy and Grase created Miito, an induction system that heats only the amount of liquid one needs at any given time.

Miito works with any vessel (mug, bowl, tea pot), and any liquid too: milk, soups, broths. Besides its energy-saving benefits, we're also big fans of the system's sleek, minimalist design. More design finds on Food Republic: Love Quotes: 17 Irresistible Quotes About Love & Food. Food and tv series: tasty quotes dished up. Television series are a source of great wisdom: fans of American tv shows already know this truth. It may not surprise you to know that even in matters of food some TV series dish out much advice.

Culinary selfishness, vindictiveness against vegetarian food, a love for dessert and a passion for alcohol: we have delicious tv quotes for all of these topics. FRIENDS Out of all the characters of Friends the most morbidly attached to food is undoubtedly the penniless Joey, an Italian­American actor who has provided us with more than one maxim on the food. What should you say to that friend who always wants to taste food from your plate? This, for example: Or what is the solution when the refrigerator breaks down suddenly? PARKS AND RECREATION Ron Swanson is the gruff character of Parks and Recreation, a comedy that follows the story of a fictional American town, Pawnee. Here’s an example on the topic of breakfast: As well as in the 60's, this quote could easily use it even today:

Lick Me I'm Delicious: The Wonderful World of Delicious Edible Inventions - Home. Negocio rentable para inversores de la restauraciónFranquicias Eat Out. TWO GIRLS ONE MUG. Uroš Mihić " Non ho assistenti perché non ho uno studio. Lavoro dove vivo. In questo momento, però, non ho nemmeno una casa. " Paper folder, serbo, ha 28 anni e vive in Italia dal 2004. Colazione Non faccio mai colazione. Piano A Da piccolo volevo fare il postino e la mia mamma, ancora oggi, mi prende in giro. Mio padre è architetto e mio nonno scenografo. Mi sono innamorato molto presto del disegno grafico, poi mi son perso. Dopo il liceo ero indeciso se proseguire i miei studi in architettura o design. O forse ero troppo creativo per tutte quelle regole. L’origami è arte pura, ma io non mi ritengo un artista, ragiono come un bambino.

Piano B Di tanto in tanto mi chiamano per tenere dei corsi nelle scuole di design, ma non credo diventerò mai un insegnante. Il mio piano B è la conseguenza diretta del mio piano A. 8 Food Tumblrs You Can't Miss. Tumblr is a magical place: the depths of this social network bring to life diverse blogs and a style of communication that is mostly visual and/or ironic. From television series to celebrities, from design to photography, no topic, especially food, remains untouched.

So which blogs should you be following if you are passionate about food? We’ve gathered some of the most fun and interesting Tumblrs, those so magnificent we wish we would have invented them ourselves. Food is commonplace in Japanese anime and there’s lots of it. Our worship for Japanese cuisine wouldn’t be complete without the okonomiyaki cooked by Mambo in Ai shite Knight, now would it?

Television aficionados are probably familiar with House of Cards, a show in which an unscrupulous Kevin Spacey plans his ascent to the White House. What lies behind the best American food trucks? Tumblr is a social network that isn’t as protected as Facebook or Twitter, thus you’ll often come across “hot” images. Sex in the kitchen. Parabere Forum | Forum 2015. English PARABERE Forum will bring together top opinion-shapers from corporations and civil society in a two-days meeting to take place on 1st. and 2nd.

March 2015 in Bilbao (Spain). Debates and speeches will include opinion leaders, food activists, international scientists, farmers and top women chefs and sommeliers from 5 continents. The Forum, which will gather some 300 participants, will focus on generating more input from women on key topics. If our societies are to evolve towards greater sustainability, more fairness, stronger growth and increased social progress, women must be able to take their rightful place. Currently, it’s obvious that there’s a deficit of women representatives in the gastronomy.

We are convinced that the more women we have sharing stories, successes and problems, the faster we will close the gender gap in the gastronomy sector. Let’s meet in Bilbao in March 2015, let’s network and exchange ideas. Empowering women is a pillar for a better world. Castellano. Food and Brand Lab. The D.I.T. (Do It Together) Approach to Food Startup Branding.

Guest post by Food Startup Branding 101 instructor Julia Wu. If there is one thing I’ve discovered in my years of creating marketing strategies for clients, it’s that there is nothing harder than doing it for yourself. This is especially true for startups. While founders are driven by an internal vision for their company’s future, they’re often standing too close to the business to effectively translate this for customers. I co-created the Food Startup Branding 101 course with this exact problem in mind: we strive to help companies understand what goes into building a brand and give them the tools they’ll need to navigate the process. We have often said that our workshops offer a “DIY” approach to branding, but I’ve lately thought that perhaps the term “DIT” (Do it Together) is even more appropriate. Let me start by saying that the team behind Feasted is AWESOME, and so fully committed to their vision of bringing nutritious meal kits to families in food deserts.

Vinos para vegetarianos, por José Hidalgo - Bodega Urbana. El ajonjolí | The Gourmet Journal. Semillitas diminutas en tamaño pero gigantes en propiedades, es hora de incluirlas en la rutina de alimentación Ajonjolí o sésamo También conocido como sésamo, el ajonjolí es la semilla de una planta llamada sesamun Indicum originaria de India y África, rica en ácidos linoleicos y usada popularmente en el área gastronómica para hacer dulces y preparaciones de panes. La semilla llega a América transportada por los esclavos que la usaban para otorgar sabor y espesor a las preparaciones culinarias. Estas semillas a pesar de tener un reducido tamaño, cuentan con una gran cantidad de proteínas, minerales y aceites insaturados, que las hacen un recurso de mejora del organismo. Ofrecen la alta elevación de energía en el cuerpo, mejora la concentración, estimula la vitalidad física y relajación.

Para aprovecharse totalmente los beneficios del ajonjolí es indispensable tostar las semillas y molerlas, pero sin llegar a deshacerlas por completo, ya que sería indigesto. Y tú, ¿cómo lo utilizas? 50 of the World’s Best Breakfasts from Around the World. – Written by Victoria Philpott Not quite had your fill of breakfasts just yet? Check out our beautifully visual list of the 30 best breakfasts from around the world. Plan your next culinary adventure or just get a little adventurous with breakfast at the weekend. Salivating. That’s the only way to describe me after looking at all this food porn. If you’ve got a tasty recipe for a breakfast you’ve made in a hostel kitchen, let us know. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Phew, and that’s it! Follow me on Twitter @VickyFlipFlop and let me know what you think of them all… And if I’ve inspired you to travel the world to sample them, remember you can always book your cheap hotels with us at Thanks to everyone for the images from Flickr. Related posts. 25 Bakeries Around The World You Have To See Before You Die. Best food and travel apps. Thanks to technology and great minds, food lovers can find and share unique, local and delicious meals and eateries nation- and worldwide. These helpful apps are perfect to take along on your next foodie venture. Flavour If you're traveling to New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco, download Flavour for free to discover some of the best places to grab a bite. The simple design is easy to use and the app's recommendations are filtered by trusted critics, foodie experts, bloggers and locals.

Travelers can use the "Collections" feature to gather and share personal finds, or uncover those from the people at Flavour and city tastemakers. Venue Vibes The creators of Dash, a restaurant mobile payment platform, have recently brought Venue Vibes to New York and Chicago. Foodspotting While most apps take to reviewing restaurants, Foodspotting rates specific dishes to help with cravings, detailing what's good and where to find it. EatWith SEE MORE: Meal sharing services NoBreadNYC Gogobot. The Most Famous And Greatest Food Quotes Of All Time. The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it. And we've all done our fair share of that -- us food editors especially. But there are some people who love food so much, who think about food in just the right way, that they articulate what we've always felt but haven't been able to eloquently put into words. Those people -- like M.F.K.

Fisher and Julia Child -- are heroes, not only for the good work they've done, but for the great quotes they have left behind. Check out our favorite food quotes and share yours in the comments below. “If you're afraid of butter, use cream. " “First we eat, then we do everything else.” "Life is uncertain. "Age and glasses of wine should never be counted. " "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.

" "Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures. " "You don't need a silver fork to eat good food. " "I cook with wine. "Cooking is like love. Tastemade | Tastemade. Pride And Prejudice: For Latinos, Tamales Can Taste Of Both. Panamanian tamales stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bijao leaves — one of hundreds of interpretations of the dish found throughout Latin America.

iStockphoto hide caption itoggle caption iStockphoto Panamanian tamales stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bijao leaves — one of hundreds of interpretations of the dish found throughout Latin America. iStockphoto This Christmas Eve, many Latinos will celebrate the holiday by unwrapping delicious little presents: tamales. At its essence, a tamale consists of masa (dough made from corn or another starch) that's been wrapped in aromatic leaves, then steamed or boiled.

Indeed, Latin America has hundreds of interpretations of the tamal (that's the Spanish singular, though Americans often say tamale). This is the fourth in a series of stories exploring the rich diversity of Christmastime edibles around the world, and the stories behind the food. But which version is best? "Do you want me to get in trouble with my wife? Eric Seals/MCT/Landov. History of Gingerbread Houses and Christmas Cookies. There is no scent, nor any taste, that evokes Christmas quite like gingerbread. Along with apples and cinnamon, sugarplum fairies, candy canes and stockings hung by the fire, gingerbread men, cakes and flavored lattes bring holiday cheer to the family and mingle in the air beside the scents of roasted chestnuts and crackling wood in the fireplace. So with winter rearing its head, and the east coast of the United States snowed in, it’s time to get cooking, right? But slow down. What is the history of gingerbread?

The first recorded appearance of a bread baked with ginger came at a specific date, and through the hands of a specific person: in 992, with the Armenian monk Gregory of Nicopolis. From France gingerbread made its way to farther points in Europe and Scandinavia through the Middle Age. When it comes time for me to dive into my own gingerbread making extravaganza, I decided on its two most common forms: human-shaped cookies and a cake-like loaf. LSN : Seed : Ace idea: Hotel launches pre-batch cocktails for room service. Presentación de la tercera edición de "Culinary Zinema: Cine y Gastronomía" El Basque Culinary Center, el Festival de San Sebastián y el Festival Internacional de Cine de Berlín han presentado hoy, 22 de julio, la programación de la sección “Culinary Zinema: Cine y Gastronomía”.

En la rueda de prensa han participado Thomas Struck, responsable de la sección “Culinary Cinema” del Festival de Berlín, Joxe Mari Aizega, director del Basque Culinary Center, y José Luis Rebordinos, director del Festival de San Sebastián. Este año son siete las películas programadas que tienen la gastronomía como tema y, como ya es habitual, todas las proyecciones irán acompañadas por cenas temáticas preparadas por un selecto grupo de cocineros y restaurantes. La programación de este año incluye siete películas: seis estrenos y la recuperación del clásico Como agua para chocolate, un film dirigido en 1992 por Alfonso Arau. Bushi no Kondate / A Tale of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story Yuzo Asahara (Japón) Como agua para chocolate Alfonso Arau (México) Final Recipe Jadoo. LSN : Seed : Colourful bites: Mycoocoon brings chromotherapy to the dining experience. Untitled. WikiFoods, Inc. has developed a revolutionary, plastic-free food and beverage packaging technology that delivers Triple Good.

Called WikiPearls™, they're good for you, good for the environment, and just plain good. Imagine for a second the skin of a grape or a coconut. WikiPearl skins are inspired by the way nature packages fruits and vegetables. These skins are delicious protective coatings against water loss and contaminant entry, and potential carriers of effective and functional nutrition.

The WikiFood technology protects the wrapped food or beverage without exposing it to unnatural materials or chemicals while also delivering benefits of health, convenience and a food experience like nothing else. Galería | LUESMA & VEGA. 8 Carbs You Should Be Eating. A recent study showed that eating a low-carb diet could help people lose more weight and cut heart risks better than a low-fat diet. But before you completely swear them off, keep in mind that we couldn't survive without carbohydrates. They're essential fuel for our bodies -- and brains -- especially when participating in any kind of physical activity. But our bodies also need carbs to regulate mood and to keep our intestines moving. Plus, keep in mind that not all carbs are created equal. In fact, even on food labels, you'll see the total number of carbohydrates in a packaged food is broken down into different types, usually sugars and fiber.

Fiber's the good stuff: Often stripped from processed grains like white bread and white rice, it can help keep you full, lower cholesterol, prevent heart attacks and much, much more. You'll want to watch out for sugar, but particularly added sugar. HONEY AND GINGER BISCUIT ICE CREAM. 21 Inventions To Make Your Life Easier. The Last One Is Genius. 36 Clever Gifts For Food Lovers That You'll Want To Keep For Yourself. Pumpkin Desserts. White Pizza Stuffed Spaghetti Squash. Home - Stylist Magazine. The Science of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition.

Food Waste Facts & Statistics. Confession: I've been making butter at home. | Veronica Armstrong. Moscow Russia: Best Food in Russia. Dan Lepard. 8 consejos para llevar una vida sexual eco amigable. Best Cupcake Recipes: Chocolate, Buttercream, Vanilla And More (PHOTOS) Recipes - Food52 - food community, recipe search and cookbook contests. #HC Route | Hunger Culture. 16 Aphrodisiac Foods that Put You in the Mood | Shine Food. Dan Diagram - Recipe for happy pigs | Blue Hill Farm. Creative Food Art By The Plate. Three Desserts You Can Make with a Whipping Siphon. Fresh Breath Foods: What To Eat And Drink Before You Pucker Up. 10 People Who Gave Their Name To Food. 10 Foods To Make You Happier. Enrique Olvera as Guest chef in the Ikarus - Hangar-7. MadridFusion. 6 Cocineras con Estrella frente al Cáncer de Mama. Nueva pestaña. 34 Insanely Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes.

The Best New Way to Bring Your Lunch. Sugar glass : Fernando Laposse. Fine Dining Lovers: the fine dining magazine for foodies by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna. S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2012: Meet The Chefs Of 2012 Cooking Cup. The Minimalist Playlist. Sushi Roll en el espacio. Foodtrailersaustin.