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Math and Logic Games. Color Cube Puzzle. Number Frames. Overview Number Frames help students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and one hundred.

Number Frames

Students use the frames to count, represent, compare, and compute with numbers in a particular range. The frames help students see quantities as equal groups of other quantities and in relation to benchmark quantities. This helps primary students move away from one-by-one counting toward more efficient ways of counting and computing. Thermometre interactif. Bibliothèque virtuelle en mathématiques. Super Teacher Tools.

Ecco come funziona Mathpix, l'app che fotografa un'equazione e la risolve. È un’app gratuita che riconosce le equazioni matematiche (scritte a mano) e le risolve in pochi secondi Pubblicato Più che un’evoluzione di una calcolatrice grafica è una sorta di Shazam del calcolo.

Ecco come funziona Mathpix, l'app che fotografa un'equazione e la risolve

135 : Cahiers virtuels numériques interactifs. Let's start with this...a total of 12 points. Elementary Math. Use Minecraft to teach math. ◣ Pythagorean theorem, Perigal's proof ◣ Teorema di Pitagora, Dimostrazione di… Gravitational waves – your questions answered. The final piece of Einstein's general theory of relativity, which has stubbornly evaded detection since his predictions a century ago, has been detected.

Gravitational waves – your questions answered

Scientists announced today at a press conference they’ve successfully picked up gravitational waves, formed during the cataclysmic collision and fusion of two mammoth black holes 1.3 billion light-years away. Not only does this confirm Einstein’s predictions, it gives astronomers a new method of “seeing” the Universe. Nailing down gravitational waves – ripples through the fabric of space-time – has not been an easy task. Even Einstein was pessimistic about finding the miniscule vibrations. Indeed, in 2014 the astrophysics world was elated with the announcement that the Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarisation (BICEP2) telescope at the South Pole had picked up faint echoes of the Big Bang, only to have those hopes dashed when the signal turned out to be dust in our own galaxy.

What Does E=mc2 Truly Mean? What does E=mc2, the most famous equation in history, mean?

What Does E=mc2 Truly Mean?

(Image Credit: PBS Space Time) Albert Einstein remains one of the greatest minds in history. His contributions to the fields of cosmology, physics and mathematics are unquantifiable, but arguably, the most important works were his theories of general and special relativity. Ultimately, they shed light on the intimate workings of the universe—from the nature gravity itself, to the outermost edges of black holes. Somewhere along the way, he proposed what is now one of the most famous equations of all time: E=mc². If most people were to sum it up, they would say that the equation deals with the Mass–energy equivalence, which tells us that energy and matter are fundamentally the same thing. Over the course of a single year, we compile thousands of articles, and generate dozens upon dozens of high-quality videos and infographics. January 22, 2016 In today's post, we have curated for you some of the best Math apps for middle school students.

We included apps for both Android and iPad. The apps cover different mathematical skills and will definitely help students enhance their math learning and consequently perform better. Check them out and as always share with us if you have other suggestions to add to the list. OLogy for Kids. MATEMATICAS DIVERTIDAS. Mirage – réalité augmentée pour le numérique éducatif. Qu'est ce que la réalité augmentée ?

Mirage – réalité augmentée pour le numérique éducatif

La réalité augmentée permet d’incruster des objets virtuels sur des marqueurs, qui sont des figures géométriques imprimées sur du papier. En pointant un smartphone ou une tablette vers ces marqueurs, l’utilisateur peut observer un objet (un bâtiment, une molécule, de l’information, des indices, …) sous tous les angles. Qu'est ce que la réalité virtuelle ? La réalité virtuelle permet d’immerger l’utilisateur dans un univers réel ou imaginaire, afin de simuler une situation problème à résoudre. Qui développe Mirage et dans quel but ? Mirage est développé par Marc Aurélien Chardine, professeur de sciences physiques au lycée Pierre Corneille à Rouen.

Vous êtes professeur ? Les applications Mirage apportent de nouveaux outils pour les professeurs de toutes matières afin de rendre leur enseignement plus attractif. Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers.

Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom

This is a guest post from Bethany Mager. I have been teaching high school math for 12 years and I currently work to help teachers integrate technology in our 1:1 high school using Google Apps. I often find that math teachers are reluctant to use Google Docs in a math classroom, but Google Apps has completely transformed the way I teach.

I will share some of my best practices and tips to get you started. Math Wizard. Fraction Games. Matific. Biblioteca de problemas. Times tables test. Wolfram Alpha lanza su generador de problemas para que los estudiantes practiquen la búsqueda de soluciones. Ya hace semanas que ha comenzado un nuevo curso escolar, y como era de esperar, las nuevas herramientas tecnológicas siguen avanzando para seguir facilitando la comprensión de las materias a los propios estudiantes.

Wolfram Alpha lanza su generador de problemas para que los estudiantes practiquen la búsqueda de soluciones

Halloween's origami. 10 páginas imprescindibles para estudiar Matemáticas en Primaria. Para muchos alumnos, estudiar Matemáticas no siempre es una tarea fácil.

10 páginas imprescindibles para estudiar Matemáticas en Primaria

En esta ocasión, hemos querido hacer una selección con las diez páginas web fundamentales que los profesores de Primaria pueden incorporar al aula para que esta asignatura resulte más amena y entretenida. Matific.