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Futures Studies by Sohail Inayatullah, Ivana Milojevic and global futurists. Toilet Futures: Sustainability, Scenarios and Climate Change Futures. Macro-prospection: thinking about the future using macro- and Big History. On Good Demand. In the economy, consumer demand is hugely important.

On Good Demand

The term ‘consumer’ capitalism acknowledges that economies are largely defined by what people want; by how they use their money. Governments carefully track how much demand there is – and panic when there isn’t enough. They sometimes move directly to stimulate consumption. For example, in December 2008, the Australian government gave a ‘present’ of $1000 or more to almost every family in the country, encouraging them to go out and spend so as to avoid recession.

Fluctuations in the the total amount that people are spending each month have direct consequences for employment, consumption tax revenue and investment confidence. Currently, the focus is very much on the quantity of demand: how much money is being spent. Yet, clearly in other ways it does matter what we spend our money on. 1 per cent of the world will own more than half its wealth by 2016, Oxfam report says. Updated More than half the world's wealth will be owned by the richest 1 per cent of the population by next year as global inequality soars, according to a new report from Oxfam.

1 per cent of the world will own more than half its wealth by 2016, Oxfam report says

Oxfam is warning that global inequality gap has exploded in the last four years and is calling on world leaders to urgently address this at the World Economic forum in Davos, Switzerland next week. In a report released ahead of the forum, Oxfam said the top tier had seen their share of wealth increase from 44 per cent in 2009 to 48 per cent in 2014. On current trends, it will exceed 50 per cent in 2016. Putting the figures in perspective, Oxfam Australia chief executive officer Dr Helen Szoke told the ABC that inequality was growing at an alarming rate. Los Angeles, the City in Cinema: Blade Runner (Ridley Scott, 1982) Perspective- A Reference Source To The Year 2020 by P.s. Rothbein. Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email Perspective- Tomorrow's News Today.

Perspective- A Reference Source To The Year 2020 by P.s. Rothbein

Cold Antarctic water probable cause of dead fish washed up on Ninety Mile Beach, EPA says. Updated Tue 17 Jun 2014, 2:28pm AEST Thousands of dead fish washed up on Victoria's Ninety Mile Beach were probably killed by cold Antarctic water, according to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

Cold Antarctic water probable cause of dead fish washed up on Ninety Mile Beach, EPA says

Many beachgoers had reported the dead fish between Seaspray and Marlo in Gippsland, identifying mainly the leather jacket species and also trevally. The EPA said it was investigating but test results did not indicate water pollution was the cause. It said the fish were most likely killed by cold Antarctic waters moving up the east coast.

The fish prefer warmer waters. Large numbers of dead fish have also washed up on Tasmania's east coast. Building Mobile Games with Stencyl. Developing a cool game generally requires advanced programming skills.

Building Mobile Games with Stencyl

Stencyl provides a platform for creating games on iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, Mac or Linux without writing a line of code. It provides a simple drag and drop interface that will get you creating ideas faster. Breathing - Home. What could we create through foresight & strategy? Social Engineering and a Design-led Plan to “Govern” This post is about futures.

Social Engineering and a Design-led Plan to “Govern”

The futures of our children, our teenagers, our young workers. It’s about the Australia we choose now, to live in during a future not so much unfolding, but into which we are being consciously societally designed, and herded at a great speed. Unconditional Basic Income is the answer to our increasingly unequal present and our technologically unemployed future. University Futures.

An American in Denmark: Close encounters with European bicycle culture. Power to the people> Swinburne Magazine. Story by Kristin Alford View articles in related topics: Sustainability & The Environment, Energy left to right: Associate Professor Lachlan Andrew, Professor Ryszard Kowalczyk and Dr Bao Vo at swinburne’s energy management Research centre The option to switch on a light and turn on the television is a ritual taken for granted in most households. But as energy prices and fossil fuel emissions continue to rise, our dependence on electricity and our capacity to control our household power consumption is becoming an important economic and environmental issue.

About us. Our mission We aim at being a reference research and training institute on the future of the World of Work as it impacts corporations and their strategies.

About us

Founded in 2004, the Boostzone Institute stemmed from the will to understand and forecast how the evolution of the World of Work and in particular the emergence of Network-Centric Management is going to bring a sea change in the management of organizations. Its founding members are all professionals of Human Capital management, Networks and Community management, Technology management and Strategic management. In essence, the Boostzone Institute is a community of managers and experts who believe that globalization and collaboration technology are transforming the economy and the society in fundamental ways, that networks and communities are becoming the central driving force of business, and that all managers should strive to have a deeper understanding of how networks and communities can be governed. George Church outlines a pathway to indeterminant lifespans via Synthetic Biology. George Church is a giant in gene sequencing, synthetic biology and DNA science.

George Church outlines a pathway to indeterminant lifespans via Synthetic Biology

In the October, 2012 Discover Magazine, George Church teases with some ideas he has for achieving physical immortality (indeterminant lifespans) via Synthetic biology. George's idea is to bring in sections of DNA from exotic organisms or genes that are rare for humans to enable all people to have desired genetic capabilities. He describes capabilities such as immunity to all viruses and cellular immunity to radiation and creating immunity to diseases. They are working to sequence and determine the genetic basis for long lived animals and humans and determine how to engineer longer lived people. They are working on approaches to rejuvenate different kinds of cells including the neurons of the brain.

Besides myostatin inhibition for lean muscle, there is also rare genes for very strong - nearly unbreakable bones, genes for lower heart disease risks. The foresight epidemic. Strategic Foresight > Our programs > Executive Education > Swinburne University of Technology. About the program The playing field is changing.

Strategic Foresight > Our programs > Executive Education > Swinburne University of Technology

System turbulence and rapid change are the 'new normal' in the world of key decision-makers. Each day decisions must be made and plans devised for an ever-changing and often uncertain future. For those charged with leading and navigating through such uncertainty, success can prove problematic. Strategic foresight challenges leaders to engage with complexity as part of their leadership practice. This program will develop your understanding around how foresight, leadership and organisational culture intersect to help guide the decision making and planning within your organisation. In two days you will learn how to identify external indicators of potential opportunity and challenge and how to embed these learnings into your leadership practice. You will also learn how to incorporate strategic foresight principles and techniques to inform your views of the future. Dr Peter Hayward. Future Work Skills 2020.

Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills we will need to be productive contributors in the future.

Future Work Skills 2020

This report analyzes key drivers that will reshape the landscape of work and identifies key work skills needed in the next 10 years. It does not consider what will be the jobs of the future. Many studies have tried to predict specific job categories and labor requirements. Consistently over the years, however, it has been shown that such predictions are difficult and many of the past predictions have been proven wrong.

Rather than focusing on future jobs, this report looks at future work skills—proficiencies and abilities required across different jobs and work settings. Future of Humanity Institute - Publications. Foresight Engine. The Search for Foresight. An AU-perspective on the first ever Future Day - creating change. Delivering Tomorrow - Logistics 2050. History of WFSF. Tuesday, 11 March 2008 10:11 WFSF.


Theories & Insights. FERN. Transhuman/futurism. Shaping Tomorrow. The World Future Council: WFC - Home. Future of Western Civilisation. Polly Higgins - Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet by ianmackenz. Accelerating Future. There isn’t enough in the world. Not enough wealth to go around, not enough space in cities, not enough medicine, not enough intelligence or wisdom. Not enough genuine fun or excitement. Not enough knowledge. Not enough solutions to global problems. What we need is more . The GFF.

Prospective-Foresight. Prospective institute & think tank. Welcome to Communities of the Future.