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14 Things a Professional Organizer Says You Must Have in Your Home Office. Capital - France’s battle against an ‘always-on’ work culture. Few of us are likely to be bored enough to tot up just how long we spend sifting through our emails.

Capital - France’s battle against an ‘always-on’ work culture

Fabien Mathy was far from bored when he did it, but what he discovered was a revelation. He spent at least 600 hours a year reading, writing and sorting email messages while at work He calculated that he spent at least 600 hours a year reading, writing and sorting email messages while at work. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in All 50 States. If "vegetarian cuisine" conjures images of flavorless tofu slabs and rubbery meat substitutes, you’ve been led astray.

The Best Vegetarian Restaurant in All 50 States

Stop by one of these 50 vegetarian restaurants from across the country to learn just how vibrant (and filling!) A meatless diet can be. Location: Dothan, Alabama When chef Kerry Brownlee opened Eve's Garden in Dothan, Alabama, three years ago, it functioned as a raw food take-out prep kitchen, with customers stopping by weekly to pick up their prepared foods. The Best Diner in All 50 States. Diners have played a big part in the history of American dining, but they’re not just a relic of the past.

The Best Diner in All 50 States

Today’s diners serve tasty, inexpensive food that hearkens back to a simpler time. From greasy spoons in small towns to famous restaurants in bigger cities, here are some of the best diners in all 50 states. Location: Homewood, Alabama. Stitching the fashions of the 19th century. “Poverty must, above all things, avoid the appearance of poverty,” the author ‘Sylvia’ warned her readers in How to Dress Well on Shilling a Day, a book published in 1876.

Stitching the fashions of the 19th century

Of course, ladies who had a shilling a day (or £18 5s a year) to spend on clothes were certainly not poor by 19th-century standards. Many women – governesses, ladies’ maids, dressmakers and the wives of tradesmen, for example – were expected to dress respectably on a fraction of that sum and were equally anxious to “avoid the appearance of poverty”. Outfits had to fit and flatter, demonstrate to the world the social position of the wearer – or at least the position to which they aspired – without being unnecessarily gaudy or showy. At the same time, they had to conform to the latest fashion as illustrated in a host of magazines and fashion plates, while giving the impression that the wearer was not so shallow as to be overly interested in what they wore; it was a careful balancing act.

À la mode. On Flipboard. 8 Random Maps That Make You Go Hmmm. One of my favourite subreddits on reddit is /r/mapporn (sfw).

8 Random Maps That Make You Go Hmmm

It’s billed as ‘the place for beautiful maps’. Below you will find 8 interesting maps from the last 12 months. Nurturing Intrinsic Motivation and Growth Mindset in Writing. The Global Learner Infographic. 2017 – Five Ways to Construct Your Global Competency and (In)Form Your World View. Education Week. Why Leadership = Storytelling – The Mission – Medium. Leadfully (a service of SYPartners) recently published this Q&A about my work helping CEOs and leadership teams achieve better results through strategic storytelling.

Why Leadership = Storytelling – The Mission – Medium

I’m reposting it here with their permission. LEADFULLY: Why is storytelling a must-have leadership skill? RASKIN: Leadership is the art of inspiring others to make a story come true. Untitled. One Classroom, One World: Lowering the Schoolhouse Walls through Global Partnerships. Pittsburgh eco-fashion seamlessly pairs sustainability with style. It’s no secret that the fashion industry has its dark side.

Pittsburgh eco-fashion seamlessly pairs sustainability with style

High-end designers and off-the-rack retailers alike have come under fire for using sweatshop labor, polluting waterways in communities and overproducing low-quality goods that quickly end up in the trash. Not surprisingly, these practices have consequences—last year, so-called fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 were put on blast for being among the world’s major polluters. Iceland's Ring Road: Best Family Trip. Iceland is one of the warmest cold countries you’ll find—especially so toward children.

Iceland's Ring Road: Best Family Trip

It seems everywhere you look there are pram-pushing moms and blond-haired kids swarming the capital of Reykjavik. The big hit for children (and adults) will be the city’s 18 mostly open-air geothermal pools (82–109°F); most also have slides and fountains. History Proves Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Have Too Much Power. Creating global diplomats, locally – United Nations – Medium. In October of 2015, in celebration of United Nations Day, the NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs announced the launch of NYC Junior Ambassadors.

Creating global diplomats, locally – United Nations – Medium

Titled. 11 April 2017 – With global leaders heading to the United Nations for a major conference in June on the protection and sustainable use of the planet’s oceans, the UN today announced that the inaugural World Ocean Festival will kick off the week-long event, with activists and enthusiasts taking to the streets – and waterways – of New York City to raise their voices to reverse the declining health of our oceans.


At a joint press briefing at UN Headquarters today, Penny Abeywardena, the Commissioner of the (New York City) Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, joined Peter Thompson, President of the UN General Assembly, to announce the first-ever Festival which will be held on Sunday, 4 June, the day before the opening of The Ocean Conference, which will run from 5 to 9 June. An opportunity to address major woes humanity has put upon the ocean Mr. 5 Things You Need to Know about USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures 5 Things You Need to Know about USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures. Throughout the year, we get a lot of questions about Development Innovation Ventures (DIV).

Prospective applicants want to know more about the application process, DIV support, and the relationship between grantees and DIV post award. To help them better understand the DIV program, we created a DIV 101 Presentation (downloadable on our Resources site), which we recently presented to a group of potential applicants in Kenya. Below are the five things you need to know about DIV: 1. The Basics. Louise Bannister Vic. UpPrize awards $550K to winners of social innovation challenge. Last Thursday, a crowd of more than 400 guests gathered at the Heinz History Center to see who would win this year’s UpPrize Social Innovation Challenge.

During the community showcase event, five of the 10 finalists came away with a chunk of the total $550,000 in prize money. That’s on top of the $10,000 gift and six months of mentoring that the candidates already received. Created through a partnership between The Forbes Funds and BNY Mellon of Southwestern Pennsylvania, UpPrize calls on local startups and innovators to find solutions to issues faced by Pittsburgh-area nonprofits and vulnerable populations. While the competition previously focused on tech, they added a Healthy Food Access category to address food insecurity across the region. She adds, “Leveraging our region’s collective strength offers exciting new ways to solve entrenched challenges facing nonprofits and to improve the region at a neighborhood level. Design Thinking Can Change The World; And You Don't Have To Be An Interior Designer To Do It - On Flipboard. Overview : 103 Orchard. World War I – Best of History Web Sites.

Stories of a Lifetime: How to join this global story project! – Enabling Environments. ASCD K-12 Leadership Brief. Part 2 - The Manhoff Archives - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. The recently discovered Manhoff Archives contain no written record of Martin's personal thoughts of his time in the Soviet Union. On Flipboard. World War I: American Artists View the Great War. May 7, 2016–August 19, 2017 Heeding the call from artist Charles Dana Gibson to “Draw ‘til it hurts,” hundreds of leading American artists galvanized public interest in the Great War (1914–1918). Although the United States participated as a direct combatant in World War I from 1917 to 1918, the riveting posters, cartoons, fine art prints, and drawings on display chronicle this massive international conflict from its onset through its aftermath. On Flipboard. 20 Best Google Fonts for Headings and Body Text. UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project.

NCHE. Why I Use Skype to Teach World Geography and Cross-Cultural Competency. Download 437 Issues of Soviet Photo Magazine, the Soviet Union's Historic Photography Journal (1926-1991) Women in Protest Photography, Allegories For Our Discontent. Foreign Language Virtual Field Trips: A Travel Guide… March 24, 2017 Like many educators, I teach students cultural literacy in order to cultivate compassionate global citizens. #EmpowerHer: Combining technology and the creativity of youth to promote the economic empowerment of women in the Maghreb.

In common with many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Morocco and Tunisia have a huge untapped source of human talent. Underperformance of labor markets over the years has left many people, especially young men and women, with a sense of exclusion. In the Maghreb, women still are unable to compete on an equal footing as the limited economic opportunities that do exist generally go to men. The World Bank gender strategy aims to help countries remove constraints for more and better jobs for women and remove barriers so that women have access to finance, technology, land and other productive assets. Russia: From Gorbachev's Freedom to Putin's War. The Guillotine's Namesake Was Against Capital Punishment. Timeline. Postwar Disillusionment and the Quest for Peace, 1921–1929. Exhibition Overview - Echoes of the Great War: American Experiences of World War I.

Reacting to the Past. Timebound App Lets You Relive Historic Events in Real Time. Digital Public Library of America » DPLAfest 2017 Travel & Logistics. How to Find Alternative Souvenirs - Life is Suite. Integrating Technology and Literacy. Link of the Day: Archive of the Digitized Issues of 'Soviet Photo' - Bird In Flight. 6 things young people can do to change the world. What is an IB education? Lori on Instagram: “what?! @DianeHCline has a video intro about social networks! This is the coolest.” DiRT Directory.

Picturing Women: Gender, Images, and Representation in Social Studies. A Young Couple's Boston-Area Kitchen Overhaul with Bosch Appliances - Remodelista. Smithsonian Institution. The Re-Imagined Spring of the French Revolutionary Calendar. New App Takes You Inside the Edinburgh of the 16th Century. Teaching Critical Thinking In History Reduces Belief In Pseudoscience. WLS Director ED Job Description. On Flipboard. How Speech Writing for Michelle Obama Teaches Storytelling. Reflect & Resist — Women's March on Washington. 15 Resources on Sparking Student Creativity. A feminist glossary because we didn't all major in gender studies. Smart Cities: What is the Secret to Pittsburgh's Innovative Mindset? On Flipboard. 6 Children's Authors Who Also Teach Writing: Online Research Sources for Writers and Teachers.

History on Film/Film on History (History: Concepts,Theories and Practice) (9781408282557): Robert A. Rosenstone: Books. Shopkow591. Transcribathon.


Idea pad. Orwell and 1984. Teaching with Digital History. Global Programming. Pecha Kucha. Design Thinking. Professional. Digital History. Global Leadership. History Department. Rubric Design.