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Equity and Social Justice Report | King County. The Determinants of Equity Report |King County. Equity Petal | Living Building Challenge. One Planet Communities. Puget Sound Sage. Clean & Safe Environment Puget Sound Sage and its allies are building a broad-based constituency for a sustainable, equitable, and clean energy economy in the metro Seattle region. We are dedicated to ensuring that our region’s growing green economy will create quality jobs, career opportunities for workers who need jobs the most and healthier and safer communities.

This is a triple bottom line for the planet and for regional equity. Sage is approaching the new, green economy as an opportunity to simultaneously lift families out of poverty and provides a cleaner environment for all communities. Triple-bottom line outcomes can be achieved in many sectors that provide the foundation for a cleaner economy, including: Sage is currently working on two campaigns that will benefit the environment and low-income communities. Our community’s health and environment is an important frame that connects to every issue Sage works on. Environmental Justice 2020 Action Agenda | EPA. Background EPA is seeking input on its draft EJ 2020 Action Agenda framework (PDF) (5 pp, 162K). EJ 2020 will help EPA advance environmental justice through its programs, policies and activities, and will support our cross-agency strategy on making a visible difference in environmentally overburdened, underserved, and economically distressed communities.

Strengthening our collaborations with the communities we serve, our governmental partners and all other interested stakeholders will be key to achieving meaningful outcomes in these communities. EJ 2020: over next five years, EPA will focus on Deepening environmental justice progress in EPA’s programs to improve the health and environment of overburdened communities Collaborating with partners to expand our impact in overburdened communities Demonstrating progress on outcomes that matter to overburdened communities EJ 2020 is a strategy for advancing environmental justice ... Top of Page Building on Plan EJ 2014 Plan EJ 2014 Accomplishments. King County Equity & Social Justice Initiative Plan. Executive Constantine has announced an initiative—called Best Starts for Kids—that will provide the resources needed to prevent negative outcomes in the community and put every child on a path toward lifelong success.

He has also framed his policy agenda for meeting the key challenges facing our region. Best-run government Being the nation's best-run government is really about people; what our employees do to effectively serve the public and make our communities the best places to live. Building equity and opportunity We must do better to ensure that King County remains a place where everyone has an opportunity to succeed, regardless of where they started out in life.

It’s not just an issue of fairness—we are more competitive in the global economy when everyone is able to contribute. Confronting climate change We can see the impact climate change is having right here in King County. To the west, Puget Sound keeps rising. Priorities: Infographics [view, share, and download]: Race & Social Justice Initiative Outcomes. Welcome to ROSA, a searchable database of the City of Seattle’s work on the Race and Social Justice Initiative. Seattle City departments’ focus their RSJI work plans on nine Equity Areas: Education, Equitable Development, Criminal Justice, Health, Housing, Jobs, Environment, Service Equity, and Arts and Culture. ROSA lets you view City departments’ 2015 work plans by department, Equity Area, and neighborhood. Work plans list the Equity Areas that each department is addressing and the neighborhoods that are impacted, along with specific actions and due dates.

Click on the names of City departments (left on this page) to view their work plans. Click on Equity Areas (right on this page) to view the work on that topic undertaken by different departments. Click on Seattle neighborhoods (bottom right on this page) to view City departments’ work plan items organized geographically. Equity Areas Equity Areas are social and economic cornerstones of successful thriving communities.

Translations: Race & Social Justice Initiative | Seattle & King County. Race and Social Justice Initiative - RSJI | The Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) is the City’s commitment to eliminate racial disparities and achieve racial equity in Seattle. When RSJI began ten years ago, no U.S. city had ever undertaken an effort that focused explicitly on institutional racism. Since that time, Minneapolis, Madison WI, Portland OR and our own King County, among others, have all established their own equity initiatives. Across the United States, local governments are acknowledging that race matters.

By 2017 the City of Seattle will: Ensure racial equity in City programs and services to make tangible differences in people’s lives.Work with community-based organizations to support the movement to end structural racism.Help lead regional and national networks for racial equity through partnerships with other governments and institutions, the private sector and philanthropy. The movement for racial equity includes grassroots community, organizations, philanthropy, governments and other institutions. 2014 State of the County Address | King County. Infographic - Building Equity & Social Justice | King County. Equity & Social Justice Strategic Plan | King County Executive Order. Sustainability Ambassadors Library Links Equity doc.