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5 Priceless Missing Treasures (That Are Waiting To Be Found) Burying a treasure and leaving a series of obtuse clues reads like the setup for an adventure novel, which is exactly what Max Valentin was going for.

5 Priceless Missing Treasures (That Are Waiting To Be Found)

The pseudonym of a puzzle designer, Valentin commissioned a 33-pound silver and gold owl statue worth about 150,000 Euros, as well as a bronze replica that's buried somewhere in France. He also commissioned 11 paintings which, when accompanied by his text, form the riddles of his book On The Trail Of The Golden Owl. It was published in 1993, and Valentin anticipated that it would take no more than a year or two for someone to solve the riddles and be led to the replica, which entitles one to possession of the real deal. It has not yet been found. » Baen: Accepting Manuscript Submissions. Baen is one of the best known publishers of Science Fiction and Fantasy books.

» Baen: Accepting Manuscript Submissions

They are one of the few established publishers that will accept full length manuscripts from authors that do not have an agent. They do not need to see any history of publication either. As long as your book is Science Fiction or Fantasy they will consider publishing it. If you are a genre writer, you have likely read many books that Baen has published and therefore have a good idea of what they are looking for. They are most interested in Science Fiction stories with “powerful plots with solid scientific and philosophical underpinnings are the sine qua non for consideration for science fiction submissions. They prefer to publish books with a clean unobtrusive writing style. Baen prefers books to be between 100,000 – 130,000 words in length but they will consider books that are short than that. It takes them between nine and twelve months to respond to submissions because they receive such a high volume.

DAW - Penguin Books USA. The Knight Agency - Our Submission Guidelines. Contra Grant On Exaggerated Differences. An article by Adam Grant called Differences Between Men And Women Are Vastly Exaggerated is going viral, thanks in part to a share by Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg.

Contra Grant On Exaggerated Differences

It’s a response to an email by a Google employee saying that he thought Google’s low female representation wasn’t a result of sexism, but a result of men and women having different interests long before either gender thinks about joining Google. Grant says that gender differences are small and irrelevant to the current issue. I disagree. Grant writes: It’s always precarious to make claims about how one half of the population differs from the other half—especially on something as complicated as technical skills and interests.

The meta-analysis Grant cites is Hyde’s, available here. Suppose I wanted to convince you that men and women had physically identical bodies. Episode 249: Lost in Translation by Afalstein Kloosterman. • Narrated by Alasdair Stuart • Audio production by Jeremy Carter • A Cast of Wonders original!

Episode 249: Lost in Translation by Afalstein Kloosterman

• Read along with the text of the story. • Discuss this story on our forum • For a list of all our stories, authors and narrators, visit our Wikia page • Come visit us on Facebook and Twitter Listen above or download here. Show Notes Afalstein JD Kloosterman is a sometime teacher, sometime writer, from the great state of Texas. Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: Self-Publishing. Self-publishing is on the rise, and with its growing popularity comes an increase in information.

Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: Self-Publishing

(Sometimes, there can even be too much information.) I've listed below my most helpful articles on self-publishing, including marketing and promotion (the bane of every self-published author's existence), advertising free days on KDP Select, getting reviews, tools such as ISBNs and free graphics programs, and contests. I've also posted self-publishing success stories. Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: 17 US Children's Book Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly From Writers. If you are a children's or young adult author, you have the option of submitting your work directly to a number of publishers without needing a middleman.

Publishing ... and Other Forms of Insanity: 17 US Children's Book Publishers Accepting Manuscripts Directly From Writers

While most of these are small to mid-range publishers, some are big names in the industry. As always, go to the publisher's website and read their list to see if your work would be a good fit. Read their submission requirements very carefully. If you don't follow their submission guidelines to the letter, they will not read your manuscript.

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Literary Journals. About self publishing. Courtly Love Resources. Machinations resources. Author Central. This topic contains frequently asked questions about search results, plus information on categories.

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Search Results FAQs Why is the wrong edition showing up when I search for my book? In order to show our customers more choices in their search results, we typically display only one edition of each book on the Search Results page. The edition is chosen based on a set of business rules designed to provide the best customer experience. For example, newer editions are generally preferred over older editions. If you have further questions about the edition of your book that is appearing in Search Results, contact us.

On the Contact Us form: Under "Select an issue," select My Books.Under "Select details," select Update information about a book.In the fields that appear, select Update something else, and then I want to update search results for my book or for my name. Why doesn't my book appear in the search results? The best way to search for your item is to use the Advanced Search form in Books. Custom Bookbinding. Advantage Book Binding, Inc. - Glen Burnie, MD. Bound Books. { atelier coulthart } Art by Frank Hong: Concept art, Environments, and designs.