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Scénarios pédagogiques intégrant les TIC.


Les intelligences multiples de Howard Gardner. 10 Emerging Education and Instructional Technologies that all Educators Should Know About (2012) Naturally, as author of EmergingEdTech, I’m always keeping an eye out for education and instructional technologies that are emerging from the seemingly endless array of tools and concepts that are out there – which applications and ideas are rising to the fore and best positioned to enhance engagement and impact learning?

10 Emerging Education and Instructional Technologies that all Educators Should Know About (2012)

This year I’ve also been working with constituents at The College of Westchester to develop a Strategic Technology Plan for the next 3 years, so it’s never been more important for me to be aware of those impactful education technologies and concepts that are on the horizon or are already in use and pulling ahead of the pack. Since this listing is more pointedly focused on emerging technologies and looking out over the next few years than the list I published at this time last year, it should not come as a surprise that there are a lot of new entries here (edging out six technologies that remain prevalent and potent, but are more ‘established’ than ’emerging’). Revue internationale de pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur. CAPE. Dossier du formateur (portail skoden)


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